Student Travel Insurance

Student Travel Insurance

As a student, going to study abroad is one of the most exciting events that happen in life! It is an enriching adventure to leave home and live outside your home country as you immerse in a learning experience.

While applying and getting accepted at a university is daunting and exhausting, as is getting the student visa and preparing to live in a new place, the travel part is a stressful component. To secure yourself against any troubles and unforeseen situations, it is highly recommended that you get yourself a travel insurance plan.

Travel insurance, also known as overseas mediclaimpolicy, secures you during your travel and can sometimes be extended for a short duration if it is a short visit/trip. If, however, you are a student traveling to study at university, you will need local health insurance upon settling down, and you must ensure that your travel insurance lasts a couple of days until you get adequate coverage.

Let us look at the salient features and benefits of a travel policy:

Loss of checked baggage: One of the worst nightmares of any traveler is not receiving baggage on arrival at the destination, or delay or damaged baggage. In case of delayed baggage, you get reimbursed for essentials needed until the luggage is received. In case of loss of baggage or damaged baggage, the value of the loss is replaced.

Hospitalization: Medical emergency treatment and hospitalization at international locations are covered in unforeseen situations of needing emergency hospitalization.

Cashless facility at hospitals: If you use a hospital that is impaneled with the insurance company, you can most likely avail of a cashless facility, wherein the claim is settled between the insurance company and the hospital, thus saving you from the hassle of making an exorbitant payment and subsequently filing a claim for it.

Trip adversities:Trip delay or cancellation of trip due to various circumstances are covered under trip adversities.

Missed flights and flight adversities: Among the things that can go wrong during an international trip, missed flights, missed connecting flights and any other unforeseen airline or airport emergencies are something to watch out for. These are covered by insurance, thereby enabling you to reach your destination without incurring a huge additional burden.

Emergencies: Sometimes, natural calamities or other emergencies may arise in the country being visited, and the insurance will cover any losses arising therefrom.

Loss of passport: You get covered for loss of passport and related expenses until you receive a replacement passport if the old one cannot be found.

Medical evacuations: Sometimes, if you visit remote locations or are on a cruise, then a medical emergency evacuation by airlift may be needed to the nearest medical facility.

Personal accident: loss of limbs, sight, or permanent disablement caused due to accidents is covered under the personal accident cover.

Loss/theft of personal belongings: This will ensure that the value of loss of personal belongings due to theft or other reasons at the international location or during travel is replaced.

Conclusion The host of benefits available under travel insurance makes it abundantly clear that it is prudent to invest in an overseas mediclaim/ travel policy to ensure financial security against so many unforeseen circumstances. Especially for students, who are already saddled with hefty fees and travel expenses, the student insurance is available at a fraction of the travel cost yet covers many unpredictable financial and other losses that may be incurred during foreign travel.

Family Travel Insurance

A Guide To Family Travel Insurance

Going on a trip with your family is supposed to be a relaxing time when you get to spend quality time with your loved ones. If, however, you face any emergency while on the trip, you not only suffer inconveniences but financial losses too. That is why, when traveling with your family, a family travel insurance policy should be your preferred choice.

What is family travel insurance?

Family travel insurance is a policy that covers the financial losses faced when you are traveling for leisure with your family. The plan covers both domestic as well as international travel. When you travel internationally, having an overseas mediclaim policy is recommended to cover the considerable expenses which would arise if you suffer any financial emergency.

Features of family travel insurance plans

Here are the features of a family travel insurance policy –

  • -> A single policy covers all the members of your family traveling with you
  • -> Members covered under the policy include you, your spouse, and dependent children
  • -> If your senior citizen parents also travel with you, you would have to take a separate senior citizen travel insurance plan to cover them
  • -> The sum insured ranges from USD 50,000 to up to USD 500,000
  • -> The policy duration coincides with your trip duration. Coverage starts from the date you leave for the trip and ends on the day you return
  • -> Optional coverage extensions are also offered under family travel insurance plans allowing you to customize your policy

Coverage under family travel insurance plans

A family travel insurance policy allows coverage against the following types of contingencies –

  • -> Medical emergency including medical evacuation and repatriation
  • -> Delay or loss of checked-in baggage
  • -> Loss of passport
  • -> Hijack distress allowance
  • -> Accidental death or disability suffered while traveling as a passenger in a common carrier
  • -> Personal liability suffered from causing physical injury or property damage to a third party
  • -> Trip delay
  • -> Trip curtailment or extension
  • -> Cancellation of trip due to unavoidable situations
  • -> Theft or loss of personal belongings
  • -> Emergency cash advance

Importance of family travel insurance

A family travel insurance policy is a valuable addition to your trips because the plan provides financial security if you face any crisis when traveling. The importance of a family travel insurance plan can be ascertained from the following points –

  • -> Emergencies cannot be predicted, but you can be financially secured when you are insured against such emergencies. A family travel plan provides this security and makes your trip worry-free
  • -> In case of sickness or injury, the medical costs incurred in international countries can be considerable. The family travel plan covers such medical costs and even allows cashless treatments, thereby saving you from the financial trouble of a medical emergency
  • -> Family travel plans allow a comprehensive scope of coverage against very low premiums
  • -> A single policy covers every family member, ensuring that if any member faces an emergency, the policy will come to your aid

So, if you are planning a family trip, do invest in a family travel insurance policy to enjoy a secured trip, free from financial worries.

Travel Insurance

Travelling to an unknown place is fraught with risks. You can fall sick and need treatments or lose your baggage while on the trip. These and other emergencies might result in additional expenses which might ruin your trip. In such cases, a travel insurance policy comes in handy.

What is travel insurance?

A travel insurance policy is one which covers the financial losses that you might face when you are on a trip. The policy insures your trip and provides financial assistance in case of emergencies.

Features of travel insurance

A travel insurance policy has the following salient features –

  • -> The policy covers you from the trip start date till the trip end date. The tenure of the policy, therefore, coincides with your trip duration.
  • -> You can cover all your family members travelling with you on the trip.
  • -> The policy is available both for international as well as domestic travel.

Types of travel insurance plans

Travel insurance plans come in different variants. These variants are as follows –

  • -> Individual travel insurance plans

These plans cover a single individual under the policy.

  • -> Family travel insurance plans

These plans cover you, your spouse and dependent children under the scope of the policy.

  • -> Senior citizen travel insurance plans

These plans are specifically designed for senior citizens, i.e., individuals aged 60 years and above.

  • -> International travel insurance plans

These plans cover trips taken outside India and are also called overseas mediclaim plans. These plans can be further subdivided into different plans based on the destination covered. There are worldwide coverage plans including and excluding USA & Canada, Asia-specific plans, Schengen plans, etc.

  • -> Domestic travel insurance plans

If you travel within India, domestic travel plans are designed to cover such trips.

  • -> Student travel insurance plans

These plans are specifically designed for students who go abroad for higher education.

  • -> Single trip plans

These plans cover one single trip taken for a specific duration.

  • -> Annual multi-trip plans

These plans are suitable for frequent flyers who travel often in a year. The plan is issued for one year and covers multiple trips taken within the year.

  • -> Group travel plans

These plans are designed for a group of members travelling together. The plans are usually offered if a minimum group of 10-25 individuals is travelling together to the same destination.

  • -> Corporate travel plans

These plans are designed for businesses where employees travel for business purposes.

Coverage under travel insurance plans

Travel insurance plans offer a comprehensive scope of coverage so that any possible financial eventuality gets covered by the plan. Some of the common coverage benefits found under travel insurance plans include the following –

  • -> Medical emergencies suffered while travelling and the associated cost of treatments.
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains.
  • -> Loss of checked baggage.
  • -> Delay of checked-in baggage.
  • -> Loss of passport.
  • -> Hijack allowance. 
  • -> Accidental death or disablement while flying as a fare-paying passenger.
  • -> Trip delay, extension, or curtailment.
  • -> Personal liability for third party losses.
  • -> Cancellation of trip due to unavoidable and unforeseen reasons.
  • -> Loss or theft of personal belongings.
  • -> Missed flight connection, etc.

Exclusions under travel insurance plans

There are some instances in which the coverage under the travel insurance policy is not available. These instances are called exclusions and the common ones include the following –

  • -> Medical emergencies suffered due to pre-existing illnesses.
  • ->Travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner.
  • ->Travelling to avail medical treatments.
  • ->Participation in hazardous sports and activities.
  • ->Pregnancy and its related complications.
  • ->Attempted suicide or self-inflicted injuries.
  • ->Contingencies suffered under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other intoxicating substances.
  • ->War, nuclear threats and related perils, etc.

Importance of travel insurance

Medical emergencies suffered in an international country can be financially challenging since medical costs overseas are quite high. Besides medical emergencies, other emergencies might also disrupt your trip and cause you financial losses. A travel insurance policy acts as a financial cushion which helps you meet the financial losses incurred so that you can enjoy your trip without worries. You can also avail cashless treatments in international hospitals through your travel insurance policy and in Schengen countries, having an overseas mediclaim coverage is necessary. So, if you are planning a trip, invest in a travel insurance plan too for financial security in unforeseen situations.

Why it is important to have travel insurance?

a person plans for a trip to abroad, he or she spends maximum time in finding
the best deals for hotel bookings, sight-seeing and shopping, but they seldom
think of buying a Travel Insurance. There are very few people who plan for
unpredicted situations like delay of flight, personal accidents or a hospital
stay in a strange unknown place. It’s always better to take the wise call by
opting for Travel insurance since it provides you complete coverage while you
are planning your holiday so that you may stay away from anxiety over these
unforeseen events.

all is covered under Travel Insurance policy?

comprehensive travel insurance will provide cover for medical emergencies,
death, disability, losses incurred due to unforeseen cancellation, personal
liability, luggage or when having to cut your trip short.

are the benefits associated with the plan?

insured person gets the following benefits by opting for a optimum travel
insurance plan:

Travel Insurance provides financial recovery for medical expenses that are
incurred because of accidents and illness. The insured person can reimburse the
total expenditure spent on medical treatment.

In case there is a delay in the airline timings, the insured person receives a
certain amount each day as a compensation for the delay.

Passport is mandatory while travelling. But what if you lose your passport
during your travel? Well, you need not worry if you have a travel insurance
policy since it compensates for the loss of luggage or theft of baggage.

Curtailment – This policy also covers
unexpected return journey such as termination of trip midway due to the medical

Accident Coverage
The insurer also provides
accidental death coverage which means if the insured person dies due to an
injury caused during the travel, a planned amount is offered.

for a reliable insurer with an optimum plan can help drive maximum benefits
from it. The travel insurance not only takes care during your travel but also
secures the most valuables of your home while you are traveling. There are few
policies which also provide coverage if there is an incident of burglary and

addition to this, the insurer also offers cover for
legal liability which includes legal expenses for bodily injuries or damage to
property of other persons as a result of a claim made against you. Suppose, if
the traveler loses his or her credit card or if it was stolen on a trip, the
traveler will be reimbursed for any costs to replace the credit

are the eligibility criteria for a travel insurance plan?

it comes to eligibility for the travel insurance plan, it covers all kinds of
age group ranging from senior citizens to youngster, married couples, solo
travelers, family etc.

table shows the coverage for different types of travel insurance plan based on
the age groups:

Type of Travel Insurance No. of adult covered Age of adults No. of children covered Age of children
International 2 Up to 60 years 2 Up to 21 years
Senior Citizen Up to 85 years
Family 2 Up to 60 years 2 Up to 21 years
Student Students who wish to travel abroad for
further studies
between 16 and 34 or 40
Schengen Up to 70 years Newborn over 90 days

does the cover start?

travel insurance cover starts from the time the insured person boards the
conveyance to leave for onward journey or the Contracted Departure Date as per
the policy whichever is later, subject to receipt of premium by the insurer.

documents need to be submitted to the insurer while making the claim?

insured is provided with the policy terms and conditions together with a
certificate detailing the insurance coverage details. This is emailed to the
insurer when he or she buys the policy. A soft copy of the policy document is
sufficient for the insured to make a claim.

is the cost of the premium?

cost of the premiums depends on various factors such as:

·         Age ( As the age increases
the policy premium also increases)

·         Duration of the travel
(Long trips might shell out more money for your premium)

·         Destination (Few countries
such as Japan, The US or Canada would have higher premiums)

·         Plan Coverage (single trip
requires a lower premium than a multi-trip cover)

Travel safe and informed

Travelling has many aspects to it. It starts from deciding on the location to the type of travel – back packing or organised , to safety tips and handy apps for the traveller on the go.

Few pointers while traveling-

Travel practical tips 

  1. Keep handy all the contact numbers of emergency services at your destination. The same goes for the embassy numbers of your country which should be at fingertips.
  2. Always keep your first aid box with you in your back pack. also carry enough stock of your prescribed medications, so that you don’t end up with health conditions due to non availability of your regular medicines.
  3. With globalisation , travel luggage is no longer unique to a person. Every 2nd person has the same shape and size of luggage. So to differentiate yours from the rest, always tie a ribbon , unique tag or write on your luggage to make it stand out and you don’t end up spending time at the luggage counter figuring it out .

Travel insurance Travel insurance is a must when you travel , specially on foreign trips. Some countries insist on travel insurance while some don’t . But its important to know the value of the insurance facility.

Important reasons –

1. Medical exigencies While travelling aboard , one cannot rule out medical emergencies . Be it accident , or sudden health ailment . these may require simple outpatient treatment or can range upto hospitalisation and surgery . these can cost a life time’s savings if not planned by way of travel cover .

2. Emergencies can also include being stranded at an airport due to bad weather conditions and having to spend on food and stay till you get another flight out. You might also find that the airline has lost your luggage and without insurance, you never know when you’ll get it back.

3. Its very economical as the cost of insurance is very negligible when compared to the benefit, comfort and peace of mind it provides . It’s also easier to buy travel insurance online, which can be done even at the last moment before leaving for the trip.

Technical advancement in travel- Today technical advancement has made it possible to feel like a local in far-flung locales. Apps made especially for smartphones and tablets offer insider details about activities, events, eating out, and getting around that used to require a residency or an amazing tour guide to learn. Few apps like Spotted By Locals, is a series of city guides written by local “spotters. Spotted By Locals skips the obvious tourist traps, focusing instead on bars, restaurants, shops, and spots that residents love.

Then there is a free app Eventseeker app which is like hanging around a Time Out editor who knows your tastes by heart. When you connect a Facebook profile to the app, its algorithms learn from your likes to suggest concerts, sports games, performances, and cool events you’d likely want to attend.

Travel Insurance – Few important aspects

Travel insurance is much more than just medical protection. When planning a trip, nobody wants to think about what might go wrong, but the reality is that things can go wrong even with the most meticulously prepared trips. The plans cover you when your flight is cancelled; luggage is lost; or  when injuries occur. It’s all-purpose emergency coverage and is the single most important thing you should get but hope to never have to use.

Do you have a plan for those less-than-perfect vacation moments?

To make sure your vacation isn’t completely derailed in case something does come up, you may want to consider purchasing a travel insurance policy. It’s a quick and inexpensive way to protect your family and finances, so that you can enjoy your travel in a worry-free manner.

Travel Insurance Advice When you start looking for a plan,  make sure there is a high coverage limit for medical expenses as a basic requirement. Second, make sure your policy also covers emergency evacuation and care that is separate from your medical coverage. Additionally, evacuation also should mean from the hospital to your home country.

A great policy will always include the following provisions:

  • Medical coverage
  • Emergency evacuation/repatriation of remains
  • Accidental death and dismemberment coverage
  • Last-minute trip cancellation
    • due to illness, inclement weather, etc.
  • Delayed or lost baggage insurance
    • including reimbursement for the replacement of essentials
  • Flight delay/cancellation insurance
    • If your travel plans are delayed for several hours, the insurance company will cover hotel accommodations and meals while you wait, and make new travel arrangements on your behalf)
  • Trip interruption coverage
    • If inclement weather, illness, or injury cuts your trip short, you’ll be reimbursed for the unused portion of your trip
  • Replacement of travel documents, belongings and money that is lost or stolen.
  • Legal assistance.
  • 24-hour concierge service
    • to help you find medical care, change travel plans, etc.

Do You Need It?

This type of insurance may seem like an extra until you consider the problems that could arise while you’re traveling. Consider these examples:

Problems that Can Come Up – Why You Need Travel Insurance

Your son comes down with a flu, the day before you’re scheduled to depart on your family vacation    When you cancel the trip, get back the non-refundable cost of the trip

Injured while on a trek and can’t get the care that you need. Help arranging medical evacuation and related expenses

You hurt your back while out site-seeing in a non English speaking country Help locating an English-speaking doctor

Your wallet and passport get stolen Emergency money and help replacing your passport and credit cards

A hurricane forces an evacuation of the beach you’re staying at. Need a refund for the unused portion of your trip, and help making travel arrangements.

Your luggage is lost along with your prescription medication Help locating your luggage and help getting your prescription filled quickly

Making a claim

  1. Remember to take your travel insurance policy number and emergency contact telephone number with you when you travel.
  2. If a problem happens while you are away on a trip, keep receipts for everything you need to buy, to support your claim.
  3. If possible, get your insurer to agree to medical treatment before its carried out.

Top 10 Reasons why one must opt for travel insurance before planning for a vacation?

Travelers usually spend a lot of money on planning a perfect vacation. They put on all the possible time and effort required to plan out the best trip ever, but often overlook the importance of a good travel insurance policy.

It’s always an ideal choice to invest few bucks in a good travel insurance policy rather than wiping your bank account if something unforeseen situation happens during your travel. A travel without insurance is not worth the risk, if something wrong happens you can end up losing a lot of money and at the same time face a lot of inconvenience.

We usually opt for two wheeler insurance while buying a bike, car insurance while buying a car, so why not travel insurance?

Here are top 10 reasons why you must opt for travel insurance:

1.    Financial recovery for medical expenses that are incurred because of accidents and illness. The traveler can reimburse for the total amount of money he/she has to spend on the medical treatment.

2.    You receive a certain amount each day as a compensation for the delay due to your airline change of plans.

3.    In case you lost your passport or your luggage is lost or stolen, the insurer compensates for the loss of luggage or theft of baggage.

4.    The travel insurance is designed to address convenience of all kinds of travelers including senior citizens, youngster, couples, family or frequent travelers. One can opt for suitable policy to drive maximum benefits from it.

5.    It secures your most important valuable that is your home while you are traveling; while few policies also cover burglary and fire.

6.    In case of queries or to clear any of your doubts, you can also be in touch will your travel insurerthrough 24/7 call services or through email.

7.    An insurance policy also covers unexpected return journey (such as termination of trip midway due to the medical crisis).

8.    The insurer also offers accidental death coverage which means if the person dies due to an injury caused during the travel, a planned amount is offered.

9.    Moreover, the insurer offers cover for legal liability including legal expenses for bodily injuries or damage to property of other persons as a result of a claim made against you.

Planning for a trip? Opt for the best travel insurance companies in India

Planning for a trip? Opt for the best travel insurance companies in India

Travelling is one of the most wonderful experiences as it rejuvenates your senses and makes you an explorer who sees life beyond horizons. Travelling leaves behind amazing sweet memories for all kind of travelers, may it for a newly married couple or an elderly duo, teenager or a millennial, family or a solo traveler. It is one of the best times that they spend with their loved ones. People invest a lot of time and money in planning out the best trips but usually ignore buying a travel insurance plan. However, one should also pay seldom attention to buy good travel insurance since it is always wise to invest few bucks in a good travel insurance policy rather than wiping your bank account if something unforeseen situation happens during your travel. Selecting the suitable plan is a daunting task owing to the confusing variety of options available in the market.

Many insurance companies offer exciting travel plans at a competitive insurance price. Therefore, travelers need to be aware of the right pick and must know about the finest benefits that are covered under the policies before buying one. Because of the huge available options, policy seekers are usually in an uncertain stage to decide which one is best for them.

We have made your task much simpler by filtering out the best five travel insurance companies in India. Without a doubt, there are more insurance providers available in India which might fulfill your insurance expectations that are not added to this list.

Below mentioned are the top 5 insurance companies in 2018 (in India):

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance

The HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance plan covers the emergency medical expenses, dental expenses and also provides with the personal accident coverage. Besides the medical cover, the HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance also provides non-medical covers for loss of checked baggage, delay of flight, passport or flight hijack.

This plan comes with various options such as individual travel insurance, annual multi-trip travel insurance, student and family floater travel insurance along with various sum insured options from which a customer can choose the optimum plan which suits them and meet his or her requirements for travel safety.

Any individual who is a resident of India and is aged between six months and up to 70 years can avail for this travel insurance plan.

Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance 

One of the topmost insurance providers in the country, Bajaj Allianz offers various travel insurance plans to meet the travel security needs of families and individuals. The Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance plan covers expenses of hospitalization, loss of baggage and other incidental expenses. Moreover, it also provides coverage to the customers against the trip cancellation, burglary of the customer’s home and trip curtailment.

Below mentioned is the list of Travel Insurance plans offered by Bajaj Allianz:

·         Bajaj Allianz Individual Travel Insurance Policy

·         Bajaj Allianz Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Policy

·         Bajaj Allianz Family Travel Insurance Policy

·         Bajaj Allianz Student Travel Insurance Policy

In addition to the above-mentioned policies, Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance comes with various plans for customers, from which one needs to pick the best plan which suits them.

Tata AIG Travel Insurance 

When it comes to optimum travel insurance plan, the Tata AIG Travel Insurance plan offers complete protection throughout the trip and even provides reimbursement or compensation in case of emergency. Any resident of India who is aged between 6 months and up to life can avail this insurance plan while travelling abroad for leisure or business purposes. The four Travel Insurance plans include:

·         Travel Guard Plan

·         Asia Travel Guard Plan

·         Student Guard Plan

·         Domestic Travel Guard Plan

This insurance supports the customers by providing medical assistance, medical evacuation in time of emergency. It also provides the facility of repatriation.

Additionally, this plan also covers the accidental death or dismemberment. Travel Insurance by Tata AIG also provides non-medical support like emergency cash transfers and advances, legal assistance, various pre-departure services, general assistance and assistance in case of loss of luggage or passport. Loss of personal liability, passport hijack cash benefit, or trip delay or cancellation of the trip is also reimbursed under this plan.

Religare Explore Travel Insurance

Religare offers travel Explore travel insurance plans keeping in mind various regions. The best part about Explore travel plans is that there is no upper age limit and it doubles the insured sum by default in case the insured person is hospitalized because of an accident.

Religare offers six kinds of travel insurance policies. This includes Explore Asia Travel Insurance Plan, Explore Europe Travel Insurance Plan, Explore Canada+ Travel Insurance Plan, Explore Gold Travel Insurance Plan, Explore Africa Travel Insurance Plan and Explore Platinum Travel Insurance Plan.

Apollo Munich Travel Insurance

Apollo Munich Insurance Company Limited provides a range of products to customers that suit their situation and fulfill their needs. The Apollo Munich Easy Travel insurance plans provides protection to the insured person against various types of risks such as illnesses, theft and any occurrences when the person is travelling alone or with family. It comes with five policies namely Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Asian Region. Also, it offers two types of claims such as cashless claim and reimbursement claim.            

The bottom line is each insurer provides a different coverage, so when it comes to decide for a plan you must be sure enough that the plan you have opted for offers the optimal insurance protection at the best insurance premium.

Importance of Domestic Travel Insurance !!

Strap: Even if policyholders have life and health insurance, they need to have travel insurance while travelling in India.

Unlike Life Insurance or Health Insurance, Travel Insurance is not bought frequently in India. However things have started to change for the better, many people have started buying International Travel Insurance, while Domestic Travel Insurance is still at nascent stage in India. With recent events like, a person losing his life after stone hit him in Kashmir or numerous road accidents we hear and read every morning in the paper, Domestic Travel insurance have become must for people travelling in India.

Many people think that having a Life Insurance or even Health Insurance plan is enough to cover any unfortunate event if they travel within India. But it is always advisable and beneficial to also have a Personal Accident Policy and Travel Insurance policy so that family gets the money when it needs the most in-case of death of any family member due to the accident. Importance of travel insurance can be also seen by the intent of government, wherein people travelling in Indian railway can buy Rs 10 lakhs cover for just under one rupee.

Travel Insurance not only helps when there is some accident, but can also help when baggage goes missing. For a traveler, baggage is one of the most important possessions that they carry and for belongings like this, one needs insurance-whether its domestic or international travel. Even many airlines and online ticket aggregates give an option for insurance for just few hundred rupees.

Whether travelling internationally or domestically, unusual things can occur at any moment and buying a domestic travel insurance which comes anywhere between Rs 300-500 will not pinch the pocket.There are several reasons to buy Travel Insurance but most important are for the flight delay and investors not having health insurance.

There are many people who don’t have health insurance and for them Domestic Travel Insurance could be helpful. In case of any mishap, policy will take care of hospitalization expenses, medical treatment for injuries, ambulance fees and even for the Medical evacuation advantage in case of emergency and ticket expenses if you miss the train or flight due to an accident.

We always see flight delay or cancellation due to numerous factors, domestic travel insurance cover would compensate even in such situation. One can claim the reimbursement for your flight cancellation, accommodation from the insurance companies. All in all, its better to have travel policy whether you are travelling abroad or in India.