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Acko General Insurance

Acko General Insurance Company is a new name in the private sector general insurance industry in India. The Acko Insurance company was founded in the November 2016 and it got its license to operate in September 2017 from IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India). The company follows a new age online model of selling insurance policies in India. The insurance products which the company sells so far is Comprehensive and third party private car and two wheeler insurance.

Acko General Insurance Company: Current Status

Acko Partnerships

• Acko General Insurance Company has partnered with OLA cabs has launched a in-trip insurance which is live in 110 cities across India as of now.

• Acko General Insurance Company has also partnered with Amazon India and launched mobile phone insurance on the official retail platform of Amazon India.

Why to Buy Acko Insurance?

• Reasons to Choose Acko General Insurance Company

Affordability – Acko General Insurance Company
is offering one of the lowest insurance quotes for car and bike insurance in
India due to its digital platform advantage.

The convenience of buying online – A customer can buy an insurance policy from Acko General Insurance Company anytime and from anywhere. All they need is an internet supported device which can give access to the website of Acko. The payment of the policy can be done online and
the whole process takes very less time as compared to offline buying of an
insurance policy.

Easy claim process – The company claims that the claim process of the company is very customer friendly and the gives top-notch service in the claim settlement process. In case of an unfortunate accident, the company will take care of third party liability of the customer as well as
own vehicle damage if the customer has purchased the all-inclusive
comprehensive insurance policy.


• Acko Car Insurance Benefits

Affordable car insurance  

Acko offers very competitive and
affordable car insurance to its customers. As there is no involvement of the
third party in between and customer buys the Acko car insurance directly the
prices are less. This also ensures customers are not out of pocket after
renewing their car insurance from Acko Car Insurance. No hassle of pesky paperwork

As Acko deals on a digital

platform, buying car insurance coverage is very hassle-free and convenient for
the customers. Acko car insurance can be purchased anytime day or night and 365
days a year.

Convenient claim free service

Acko car insurance offers very convenient
claim service to its customers. All you have to do is register the claim with
Acko car insurance and everything else from picking the car for repair to
dropping it at your doorstep will be done by the company. Cashless Garage network

The company has tied up with

garages across the country where the car owner can get his vehicle repaired

without paying any cash.

Acko General Insurance Company: All Products & Services

1. Acko Car Insurance

Acko car insurance offers two types of car insurance plan, third party and comprehensive.

2. AckoTwo-Wheeler Insurance

Acko two-wheeler insurance offers two types of two-wheeler insurance plans, third party and comprehensive.

3. Ola Insurance by Acko

Ola Insurance by Acko is for the riders to insure their OLA trip. The Ola Insurance is available in around 119 cities across India.

Acko General Insurance Company: Most Popular Plans

1. Acko Car Insurance

Third Party Liability Cover Plan
Third-Party liability is the basic car insurance coverage of Acko car insurance. The policy would compensate for any damages to a third party person or property. In the event that a policyholder meets with an accident and it causes some damage or injury to third-party properties or individuals, the policy comes into effect. In fact, the third-party liability is the minimum requirement as per the Motor Vehicle Act.

Comprehensive Policy Cover Plan
Acko comprehensive car insurance policy is a more rounded product. It contains the minimal third-party liability cover and builds on the top of it. When you opt for Acko comprehensive car insurance, you get cover against manmade and natural calamities. This means, that you need not spend money out of your pockets in the event of floods, cyclones, landslides, theft, burglary, strikes, etc. A comprehensive plan also offers cover against own damage, again ensuring that your hard-earned money is intact and not spend on your car repairs.

2. Acko Bike Insurance

Third party cover Plan
Under the third party Acko bike insurance cover, you get to have the third party liabilities covered. In other words, if you get involved in an accident and injure a third party or a third party’s property, the insurance provider will compensate the third party on your behalf. This is a massive benefit of these plans, as third-party expenses can exhaust your savings in one go. A third-party cover from Acko bike insurance also pays you for the legal costs that may come up if a third party takes you to court. However, this type of cover does not have any provisions for your own vehicle damage though.
Comprehensive cover plan
The next type of cover available under Acko bike insurance plans is the comprehensive cover. As the name suggests, this type of plan offers a wholesome cover. In addition to all the third-party coverage, you will also be covered for your own bike. Hence you can make claims when your bike is damaged, broken down, stolen or destroyed in a fire or any other natural calamities as mentioned in the insurance coverage of the plan, etc.

3. Acko Insurance Add-ons

Add-ons are extra protection coverage which can be attached to the base policy for extra premium amount. The add-on available with Acko car insurance are:

4. Zero Depreciation

Zeo depreciation also known as bumper to bumper or nil depreciation add-on ensures that the claimant receives full claim amount on the replaced parts after an accident takes place. In general, zero depreciation add-on is provided merely for the first three years after the vehicle has been purchased. Once your car gets older, the premium for the zero-depreciation component gets steeper given this, it is important that you choose this add-on early and wisely.

5. Consumable Cover

Consumables such oil, bolts, nuts, etc are not covered under car insurance. With consumable add-on cover the cost of such consumables will also get covered in the insurance claim.

Acko Insurance Policy Renewal

Acko General Insurance Company Policy Online Renewal

a. How to renew Acko two wheeler/bike insurance online?

The Acko two-wheeler/bike insurance can be renewed online quickly by following the steps mentioned below:

• Go to and click on the Products tab on the homepage
• In the dropdown menu click on Two-wheeler/bike insurance
• You will be directed to a new page which will have a tab “select your bike”
• Select your bike model from the drop-down menu or put your bike name in the box
• You will also need to enter in which year the bike was purchased and the current status of your bike insurance.

• After entering the above information, you need to click on “View Prices”

• You will be able to see the plan options (comprehensive and third party) available for your bike insurance. You will also see the different number of years plans. All this information will be on one screen which makes comparing the plans and its prices easy for the user.


b. How to renew Acko car insurance online?

The Acko car insurance can be renewed online by following the steps mentioned below:


1. Go to and click on the Products tab on the homepage

2. In the dropdown menu you will see two options car comprehensive insurance and car third party insurance.

3. Select the car insurance type best suited for your car type and click on it.

4. You will be directed to a new page which will have a tab “Enter your car number to get started” Here you will need to enter your car registration number.

5. If the system cannot find your car details by registration number then you will need to select the car model or type your car make and model in the tab. You might be asked for your phone number also to proceed and view prices.

6. After entering the above information, you need to click on “View Prices”

7. You will be able to see your comprehensive or third party car insurance quote.

How to File a Claim with Acko General Insurance Company?

​1. How to file car claims in Acko Insurance?

The process to file car claim in Acko Insurance is fairly easy. The following is the claim process at Acko car insurance:

• In case of an accident, the customer will need to register the claim by calling up Acko’s helpline number at 1860 – 266 – 2256. If the damage is major, then Acko Insurance will pick your car from the accident site within 1 hour. If the damage is minor like a loose bumper, broken mirror etc. then the customer can go to nearest garage and get it fixed and the company will settle the appropriate amount with the customer.
• Once the claim is registered with Acko Insurance, a surveyor will be assigned who will survey the car within 24-48 hours and send report to the company
• As per the report, if the claim fits in the scope of the insurance policy then the repair work will be carried out.
• The company claims to get the repair work done within 3 days of claim and if there is a delay then it will reimburse alternative transportation cost in cab vouchers to customers.
• Documents required for claim process:

o RC Book of the vehicle
o PAN card
o Aadhaar card
o Driving license
o Claim information Form
o Policy Copy

2. How to file bike claims in Acko Insurance?

The process of filing two-wheeler/bike claims in Acko Insurance is fairly easy. Following are the steps to file bike claim.

• The customer first needs to register the claim by calling on 18602662256.
• The claim customer service department will guide you depending on the type of damage.
• You will be required to send a photo of the damage to the company.
• Acko Insurance will assess the damage and send the appropriate cost of repair direct to the customer’s bank account.
• The company claims to send the mechanic at the customer’s doorstep for minor damages or get it repaired from the cashless garage nearest to the customer’s home.

3. How to register Ola ride claims in Acko Insurance?

The customer is required to get in touch with Acko General Insurance Company on the below email or phone number to register the claim.


Call: 1860 266 2256

Acko Insurance Review

Acko General Insurance Company is one of the newest general insurance companies in India. It has strong financial backing from key investors and also has taken a contemporary sales model of online selling of insurance policies. The website of the company has been laid out nicely so it is easy to navigate through the website. The information mentioned on the company’s website is easy to understand for a layman. Buying and renewing of the insurance policy are very simple and the user experience is good. The claim process of the company is fairly simple which gives the customer confidence boosts to get the insurance policy from Acko General Insurance Company. The company has so far three categories of general insurance policies and aims to increase it and add more features to existing ones in the near future. The company’s future looks promising as continues to invest in the digital platform which is the future of the insurance industry.

Insurance FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about insurance​

1. How is Acko car insurance?

Acko Insurance offers both the varieties of car insurance i.e comprehensive and third party at very affordable rates. Acko being a new player in the insurance industry has a limited number of add-ons so far which the company plans to increase in the near future. The claim settlement process of the company aims to get the car repaired as soon as possible to avoid inconvenience to the customer.

2. How is Acko bike insurance?

Acko Insurance offers bike insurance at a very affordable cost to its customers. Customers can select the third party only insurance or comprehensive insurance for their bikes. The claim settlement process of the company is very simple and offers quick claim resolution to reduce inconvenience and downtime to customers as much as possible.

3. What is Acko general insurance?

Acko General Insurance is a private Indian Insurance company which offers car insurance, bike insurance and insurance for OLA riders. The company started its operations in the year 2017 and is engaged in digital platform of online selling of general insurance policies.

4. How is Acko general insurance?

Acko general insurance looks to bring change in the insurance industry by selling the policies online directly to the customers. This approach ensures that there is no additional commission and other paper work cost. Hence the insurance policies are sold at a very competitive rates benefiting the customers.

5. What are the benefits of buying car insurance from Acko?

The following are the benefits of buying car insurance from Acko.

• Low quotes for insurance due to online selling of insurance policies
• Convenience of buying the policy from the comfort of home or anywhere and anytime
• No chance of mis-selling as customer makes his or her own decision
• Simple claim settlement process offering quick resolution and low downtime

6. What additional benefits Acko offers at the time of car insurance claims?

The following are the additional benefits Acko offers during the time of car insurance claims:

• One hour pick up – Acko Insurance claims to get the accidental vehicle picked form the accident spot within 1 hour from registering the claim with the company.
• 3 Day Door Step Delivery – Acko Insurance claims to give cab vouchers to the customer for daily commute if the vehicle is not returned within 3 days from the