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Royal Sundaram General Insurance

Two Wheeler Insurance

Buy or Renewal your Two wheeler insurance instantly online and save your time and money

Buy Insurance for Brand New Two Wheeler

Renew Existing Two Wheeler Policy from any Insurer

Comprehensive coverage for your two wheeler, accessories, damages to Third Party property and life

Transfer your No claim Bonus for claim free years and can be freely shifted when you move your insurance to Royal Sundaram from other insurers by making simple online declaration

Claim settlement within 10 working days

Key Benefits & Features

Royal Sundaram Insurance covers Total or Partial Loss/Damage to your Two wheeler due to

Natural Calamities:Fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning, earthquake, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost,landslide,rockslide.

Man made Calamities:Burglary, theft, riot, strike, malicious act, accident by external means, terrorist activity, any damage in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air

Unlimited Liability for Third Party death/ bodily injury Claims. Indemnity for third party property damage up to a limit of Rs. 1 lac. Personal Accident Cover for you upto 1 lac

If you are a member of Automobile Association of India, you can get up to 5% discount on the Own Damage Premium (or) Max of Rs.50.

Transfer of No Claim Bonus (NCB) from other insurance company on renewal with Royal Sundaram’s two wheeler Insurance Policy Online.

Personal accident cover for pillion riders

Terms & Conditions

We request you to carefully read and understand the Terms and Conditions, before you buy the Policy. All claims are processed strictly according to it. Please speak or chat with our Customer Support Team, if you need any clarification.


How to Make a two wheeler Insurance Claim

Claim Should be intimated to the Insurance company immediately with the policy particulars.

No repair before survey of the vehicle

Survey will be arranged on receipt of claim intimation and submission of detailed estimate of repairs from the repairer

Original Registration Certificate and Driving licence to be submitted to the company for verification and return

Duly filled in & Signed claim form to be submitted to the Repairer/Surveyor. For company owned vehicles , company seal and authorised person signature should be affixed in the claim form.

FIR to be filed wherever Third party injury/death/property damage is involved.

Company may ask for additional documents and /or clarification/Information if any, depending on the requirment of the claim.

Cashless facility will be arranged if required documents are in order.

Based on the Surveyors instruction, Vehicle to be produced for re-Inspection on completion of repair works.

Original bill along with Satisfaction voucher for cashless claims is required for processing of the claim.

For Non-cash-less Claims (Reimbursement claims) Original cash bill or Invoice with Cash receipt is required for processing of the claim.

The detailed theft claim process letter will be sent to the Insured’s policy/claim form address through Registered Post offer intimation of theft claim.

Please submit the following information while intimating a claim:

Your Contact Numbers

Policy Number

Name of Insured person

Date & Time of accident

Vehicle number

Make and Model

Location of Loss

Brief description on how the accident took place

Name of Driver

Place & contact details of the Insured Person if the person intimating the claim is not insured.

Car Insurance

Royal Sundaram offers its esteemed customers a comprehensive car insurance policy that helps secure vehicles against any form of damage, resulting from accidents or calamities. You can now avail a free insurance quote online, along with a plethora of other features such as 100 percent insurance cover on your invoice, free road-side assistance and cashless claims from network garages across India.

For the ultimate protection of your car, Royal Sundaram has introduced Car Shield, the unique car insurance policy that offers great add-on covers for the purpose of safeguarding your vehicle. Now you can stop worrying about your prized possession because this policy is specifically created, keeping in mind all your requirements. Car Shield understands your unique needs and in turn provides you superior protection like no other!

What is covered by Car Shield?

This highly beneficial policy ensures overall protection for your car, designed to protect you through most irreversible circumstances such as car accidents and theft. This policy is recommended to safeguard your car from damages caused by another vehicle, including subsequent injuries or damages incurred by 3rd parties. Mentioned below is a list of the coverage offered by the policy:

Covers all forms of damage including theft of parts and accessories of the car

Offers a third party cover up to Rs. 7.5 lakh

You can choose from an array of add-on covers that provide that added protection to your vehicle which includes Depreciation Waiver on metal and plastic parts. This can be obtained in cases of partial losses along with the replacement of your windshield glass without any effect on the No Claim Bonus. You can also receive the total invoice value of the car during cases of irreversible damages and theft

Why Choose our Car Insurance Policy?

Royal Sundaram provides you with the finest deals along with various cash-saving offers that you need to avail right away! Our hassle-free plan includes the following:

Free vehicle inspection at your doorstep along with the facility to purchase the policy online within 24 hours, in case you do not renew your policy on time

You can avail the cashless facility across the country along with 24/7 Roadside Assistance in case of emergencies

A dedicated 24/7 helpline for all claim related enquiries

You can avail the services of a dedicated personal relationship manager who can guide you during turbulent times involving accidents and other issues. The manager is instrumental in supervising you through the claims process

Facility to avail speedy authorization of repairs so that there is no delay

You can avail a Car Insurance Quote within two minutes through the online procedure which does not involve documentation, making it simpler for the customer. Royal Sundaram offers you an all-inclusive coverage for all top manufacturers of India along with an emergency towing service during circumstances when spot repair is impossible.

Key Benefits

Car Shield Key Features

Protection from loss of car or damage to your car.

Unlimited Liability for Third Party death/ injury Claims.

Indemnity for third party property damage up to a limit of Rs. 7.5 lakhs.

Personal Accident Cover for you, your paid driver and the occupants in the car.

Car Shield Extra Benefits

If you are a member of Automobile Association of India, you can get up to 5% discount on the Own Damage Premium (or) Max of Rs.200.

Get a discount of Rs. 100 in Third Party Basic Premium on reduction in Limits of Liability for Third Party Property Damage.

Opt for voluntary deductible of Rs. 15,000 and get 35% discount on Own Damage Premium subject to a maximum of Rs. 2,500.

Transfer of No Claim Bonus (NCB) from other insurance company on renewal with Royal Sundaram’s Car Insurance Policy Online.


Car Insurance Coverage & Discounts: Car Shield our Comprehensive Package Policy covers accidental damage caused to your car and the damage or injury you cause to another vehicle or its driver in an accident or to any 3rd party. Loss of or damage to your car through fire or theft is also covered.

Car Shield Basic Coverage & Discounts: This covers Loss or Damage to your car; liability to third parties and provides personal accident cover to the owner/driver. Get a host of Discounts, No Claim Bonus, Discount for Automobile Association Members.

Car Shield Additional Covers: Get Cover for your Driver, Other Passengers in your Car and your Car Accessories. In addition to Basic Cover, this policy provides option for personal accident cover to unnamed passengers in your car, your paid driver, legal liability to paid driver/employers of the insured, electrical/electronic accessories in your car, CNG kit and Bi-fuel system endorsed in the RC book.

Car Shield Add-on Cover: Get Special Add-on covers for enhanced protection. Along with Basic Cover, you can get extra protection for your car with our 7 optional add-on covers, which can be customized to suit your need. With our add-ons you have the option to cover the plastic/metals parts in your car, replace windshield glass without affecting your No Claim Bonus, get a new car in case of total damage or theft with the full invoice price cover and much more!

Terms & Conditions

Whereas the Insured by a proposal and declaration dated as stated in the Schedule which shall be the basis of this contract and is deemed to be incorporated herein has applied to the Company for the insurance hereinafter contained and has paid the premium mentioned in the Schedule as consideration for such insurance in respect of accidental Loss or Damage occurring during the Period of Insurance.