Definitive solution to financial woes: Cancer Care Plans

Strap: Standalone plan can cost you as low as Rs 10 per day

In the matter of few months, life of our family friend Mr Alok Mathur changed upside down. Few months ago, I was in Jaipur to attend wedding ceremony of his daughter and now I get news that he has sold his house. One would assume that, he might have sold his house to buy another big house. But it came as a sudden shock that he was forced to sell his home to cover heft cost of dreaded disease called cancer.

Even as he had a Mediclaim policy, his family fell short of Rs 15 lakh to cover the cost of mouth cancer. One should understand that, a Mediclaim policy is limited to hospitalization expenses while a disease-specific health insurance plan such as cancer, provides a cover beyond in-patient hospitalization. Cost of cancer treatment in India can be anywhere between Rs 10-20 lakh depending upon the stages of the cancer.  Also, treatment can be further expensive if the illness if diagnosed late or not detected properly in the initial stages. Nowadays its easy to buy standalone cancer plans directly from the website of the insurance companies or from online platform like ours. Even premiums are in the range of Rs 2,000-5,000 for 35 year old with sum assured of Rs 20 lakh. Most of the plans are available online. Online cancer plans not only offer discounts but is a great way to save time. A cancer plan will not replace your existing health insurance but will compliment it perfectly to ensure that both your hospitalization and out of hospital expenses are taken care of, Incase you are diagnosed with some cancer. However before buying, one should look at all the features and exclusions in the plans.

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