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Crop Insurance-A friend in disguise to the Indian Farmers


India is an agricultural land. It is rightly called the “ Land of Farmers ”.

But India is also prone to unseasonal dust and thunderstorm followed by rains in several

places in North and South India. It also has many low lying areas that are vulnerable to

climatic conditions and calamities.

With disturbed weather events becoming recurrent, we have seen extensive damage to

crops. The terrible loss of their only source of earning due to the unwanted, unpredictable

climatic conditions and calamities leads to a group of disheartened poverty struck state of

the farmers in the past few years out of which a few committed suicide and a few gave up all

hopes of living a good life with basic amenities.

Protection of farmers against these risks has always been a primary concern in current

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra  Modi government’s agricultural policy. India’s Agricultural

Insurance schemes have been upgraded and undergone several changes in their

approaches. Mitigating risk in the agricultural sector has a direct implication for productivity

of agriculture and welfare of the farmer community. It also intersects with some of the key

sustainable development goals, such as ending poverty, achieving food security and curbing


Many farmer friendly schemes, propositions and regulations are formulated in order to give

the much deserved fruits of all the efforts put by our unsung field heroes. One such scheme

namely The Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana(PMFBY)the Prime Minister’s Crop Insurance

Scheme was launched in favor of the farmers.

Many experts and organizations working in this area are now recommending the use of

information and communication (ICT) tools to help farmers regain faith in crop insurance

schemes and make them more efficient and transparent.

The recent unprecedented Floods in Kerela have led to a major damage to crops. The

plantations destroyed were worth thousands of crores and compensation of which if insured

will only help gain results of all the efforts put in as compared to the losses incurred. Major

plantations and estates of Rubber, coffee, tea, cardamom had been destructed.

The AIC, which had a sum insured of about Rs 600 million, would pay only 25 per cent. If

damage is during the sowing period, insurance companies are liable to pay only 25 per cent 

of the sum insured under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY).

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