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Financial Planning

Financial Plan word speech bubble illustration on white background.

It is important to not only be careful with money but also be disciplined. This means you need to have a financial Plan of Action for all your earnings and income. Either you can read up on all the financial planning information available across publications, track investments and then decide your financial goals. Alternatively, if time and understanding of financial products is a barrier, then its better to engage a financial planner. This will help you in realising your goals and guide you on how to save and invest for them.

Research and find a financial planner and start off on need analysis and goal setting. Participate actively in each discussion to decide your goals. For instance, while you are building a fund for your daughter’s education/ higher studies, you can take a call on not allocating any funds for her marriage.

When your goals are chalked out, and the money invested properly, you feel less insecure.

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