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Get the Umbrella of Personal Accident Insurance This Monsoon and Stay Protected


Monsoons come with heavy clouds that respite from the sweltering heat with revitalizing freshness and cool showers. Although this season is a welcome change from the hot spell of the summer, it is also a time when maximum accidents and unforeseen situation occur.

The monsoon is meant for heavy showers along with the battle of the people for the rising casualties or mishaps on the road. One wise way to prepare one selves for the coming months is to get the reliable personal Accident Insurance Cover.

Under the Personal Accident Insurance Cover, the policyholder gets the benefits of compensation in case of injuries, death or any disability caused due to accident or any misfortunes.

According to the Chevrolet India Survey Conducted by Nielsen in the year 2016, it was concluded that driving during the monsoon is considered to be one of the worst driving scenarios in Mumbai. Even this year also witnessed heavy jamming, accidents, submerging and damaged vehicles and other property due to heavy rains. It is seen that the rate of accidents increases every year. So it becomes very essential for the commuters or travelers to take the precautionary measures.

Personal Accident Insurance is not similar to medical insurance or health insurance plans or even vehicle insurance. Unlike auto insurance, in which a payout is also triggered by accidents, Personal Accident Insurance only covers the insured individual with a sum assured which is quite high and not a function of the actual financial damage incurred.

The additional and the most important thing that Personal Accident Insurance features is the fact that the age and state of health are typically not relevant when it comes to accidents. Moreover, when one buys an accident insurance, he/she is not required to go for any pre-policy health check-up. In addition, the premium that you pay does not usually depend on your age. Also, it comes with many value-added services.

We can’t always avoid rains by seating at home to save ourselves from any accidents, we have to step out and make sure that if something goes wrong the impact is minimized and the recovery is hastened.

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