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Process to Claim for Insurance When a Natural Calamity Hits

Natural Calamity is a traumatic environmental event that takes place naturally. It is also known as “Acts of God” which can occur any time at any place without prior notice or alert. It is the disaster that takes place naturally and is out of control of the human. This natural disaster causes catastrophic damages and affects a large area and a huge number of the populace at the same time.

You can experience any kind of natural calamity wherever you live in this huge country. These natural calamities could be a serious flood drenching walls and home appliances to destructive earthquakes leveling homes to the foundation; The Holy Earth has some power up her sleeves that can alter life in seconds.

People spend sleepless nights and tiring days and work really hard to buy their dream house or flat. So the question is what you would do if you see your dream house or flat drowning in the flood or earthquake that is crashing down and damaging your property. Your first step would be to keep your family secure and if you own property insurance with an adequate natural calamity cover, you are perhaps a bit better off even in times like this. It is always better to prevent the bad from getting worst by stepping towards a wise decision of taking insurance policy beforehand.

What must be done under such disturbing situation?

In such situation, it is very hard to maintain the mental peace and sometimes you even go out of mind because of the sudden impact of the incident. However, it is recommended to keep calm and be thankful to God for the safety of your life and your loved ones. Moreover, there could be heavy loss of material objects and belongings that can be recovered even later.

It is always advisable to keep the property insurance documents safely. However, with the elevation of the digital transformation keeping this documents or its copy in a bank locker is an outdated idea. Digital Lockers are the best options in such situations where you can keep all the important documents safe on a cloud-based platform.

Also, if you get a landline or handy phone at this time do not forget to callthe agent as soon as possible after the damage. In addition, take some pictures of the damages caused before cleaning up. Try to recover some small objects if possible, as it behaves as a proof of loss. In case your house is under an inhabitable condition, it is always recommended to save all the lodging and boarding receipts.

Let your surveyor have an idea of all the items of your house and provide with the maximum accurate information as much as you can.

Just purchasing any health insurance plans / medical insurance or life insurance is not adequate; you need to be conscious enough to think about safeguarding yourself from natural calamities as well. Also, it is significant to carry out enough research before buying the policy that suits your needs and takes into account the risks in your areas

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