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Learning Licence(Sarathi) in Haryana

To learn how to drive, you need to have a learning licence. Only then the authority will allow you to drive on the roads of Haryana. When you have a learning licence, you can learn how to drive from a driving school. It takes a process to obtain a learning licence. Let us check on what are the procedures to get your learning licence.

Different Types of Learning Licences in India

Haryana learning licences are of many types. Let us take a look for what type of vehicles can you have a learning licence in Haryana RTO.

• Motor cycles with gear
• Motor cycles without gear
• Light motor vehicles
• Medium passenger vehicles
• Medium goods vehicles
• Heavy passenger vehicles
• Heavy goods vehicles
• Invalid carriages
• Motor vehicle of any sparticular description

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Avail Driving Licence in Haryana?

To avail the Learning Licence, you need to have the eligibility required by the Haryana RTO. let us be acquainted with the eligibility criteria for availing learning licences from Haryana RTO.

• An individual who is more than 16 years old can apply for learning licence to learn driving motorcycles with capacities not more than 500cc.
• A person above 20 years can apply for commercial learning licence if he holds a permanent DL permitting him to drive light motor vehicles.
• A person above 18 years of age can apply for learning licence that would allow him to drive light motor vehicles.
• Every individual who would apply for learning licence must be cognizant of traffic rules.

How to Apply for Learning Licence in Haryana?

To get the learning licence from Haryana RTO and become a sarathi, you need to be at least 16 years of age. If you are not above 18 you cannot avail a permanent Driving Licence. So you need to apply to the Haryana RTO for getting your learning licence. The process to make the application is easy. You have to fill up the form either online or offline. In case of offline application, you have to submit the documents required for becoming a sarathi according to Haryana RTO.

Procedure to Apply for Learning Licence in Haryana?

To become a sarathi and get your learning licence, you need to follow a certain procedure. According to your choice, you can go for online application or offline application. In both the case you need to follow the procedure rigidly. It is important that you need to get the learning licence to drive legally on the roads of Haryana. So without wasting time let us look at the procedure of online and offline application procedure.

For applying online, you need to follow this:

• You have to visit the website of Ministry of Road Transport and Highway: –
• Then you need to click upon online services
• Next, you have to choose ‘online driving license related services’
• Once you do that you will have to enter the name of your state. So you must enter the name of Haryana
• Then you must choose to apply online and
• Then you will see the option of ‘new learning license’. Choose that.
• Fill out that form that appears on your screen
• Choose ‘submit’ to submit it.
• Upload all the required documents and photographs
• Then you need to book your slot of your choice to appear in the LL SLOT Test.
• After that, you need to appear in the LL test on the pre-scheduled date and time
• When you pass the test, you will receive the learning licence and be on the way of becoming a responsible sarathi.

For making the application offline you need to follow this procedure

• Visit your nearest regional RTO under the Haryana RTO
• You need to collect the form for learning licence application form. Alternatively, you can download it from the website
• You need to fill up the form
• Once you complete filling it up, submit it to the regional RTO. Don’t forget to attach the documents required and the photographs of yours.
• Book the slot of your choice so that you appear for the LL SLOT Test.
• You need to make the payment of application fee
• Appear in the LL Test on your chosen date and time
• Pass the test if you want to become a sarathi.

What Are the Documents Required to Apply For Learning Licence in Haryana?

If you have the eligibility to apply for learning licence, you can do so. For doing that you need to apply to Haryana RTO. There are some documents that you will need while applying for the learning licence. Once you follow this list closely and comply with it while applying to be a sarathi. The documents you need to provide are

• Application Form 2
• Application fee of around Rs. 150
• Rs. 50 for the learning licence test fee
• Age along with address proof documents. It may be the passport or Aadhar Card or PAN card, the school certificate or birth certificate, etc.
• Passport size photographs
• ‘Medical and physical fitness certificate’ in Form 1 or Form 1A


Most frequent questions and answers about Learning Licence in Haryana

1. For how long is the Haryana learning licence effective?

Your Haryana learning licence gives you the chance to learn how to drive. It is valid for 6 months after which you must appear for the Driving Test.

2. Can I obtain the Haryana learning licence for a light motor vehicle if I am 17 years old?

It is not possible to apply for a learning licence for the light motor vehicle category below 18 years.

3. What is the validity of the Haryana learning licence?

The Haryana Learning Licence is valid for a period of 6 months.

4. How can I check my learning licence status in Haryana?

You can check it through the website just enter your unique application number along with DOB, the site will display the status.

5. When can I apply for a permanent driving license in Haryana?

You can apply for the same once 30 days are completed. You just have to apply within the time span of 180 days.