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Sabse Pehle Life Insurance

Life Insurance Council along with Life Insurance companies has launched a campaign — "Sabse Pehle Life Insurance" to bring awareness about the importance of Life insurance.
Sabse Pehle Life Insurance

What is Sabse Pehle Life Insurance Campaign about?

It is important to ensure that you bestow a protective cover for the ones who matter in your life so that they can be financially equipped and stay worry-free when you are not around them. One such means of providing financial stability to your loved ones in your absence is by providing them with Life Insurance plan and this should be a crucial part of your financial planning as well.

Why Sabse Pehle Life Insurance?

In order to stress the fundamental need and importance of Life Insurance, all the 24 Life Insurance companies in India have joined hands to educate the people about their responsibility towards prioritizing on buying the life insurance plan. Named as “Sabse Pehle Life Insurance”, this campaign was recently announced by Life Insurance Council and has been launched with both digital and conventional mediums. Along with the aim of raising awareness of Life Insurance plan, this campaign also intends to encourage the investors to buy sufficient life cover for their family. The “Sabse Pehle Life Insurance” campaign is the very first collective mass media drive in India’s insurance industry and draws its inspiration from the mutual fund’s drive (Mutual Funds Sahi Hai) launched by AMFI.

Looking at the statistics and annual reports of the insurance industry, it was found that the penetration of life insurance has shown a downfall since 2009 (4.6%). Also, many people across the country buy Life Insurance for secondary benefits without even knowing how crucial it is in one’s life. And hence life insurance still remains at the back seat while most think it as only an investment option. The “Sabse Pehle Life Insurance” is an imperative step to educate the people about why having a life insurance policy is a must and also re-build the willingness to buy or invest in this long term investment option.

The campaign will be an encouragement factor for individuals to come forward and protect themselves and their family’s financial future. It will also shed some light on the benefits of life insurance policy in a seamless manner and encourage people to buy this plan not just as a tax-saving option but as a primary protection plan.

Do you have a life insurance plan?

If you still don’t have a life insurance plan, then you must surely buy one as it offers life protection to your family in your absence. A life insurance policy will take care of your family’s finances when you are not around.

Apart from the perks of financial security that the plan offers, a term life insurance plan also comes with other benefits of highest life cover for the lowest premium rates, long term protection, tax benefits and other add-on benefits and riders such as critical illness cover, accidental cover etc.

How to get Rs.1 Crore Term Life Insurance Cover?

It is highly recommended to go with a term insurance plan at an early age, as the sooner you buy, the cheaper you get. So, if you are planning to buy a term life insurance cover, it is suggested to go with enough amounts (Rs. 1 crore) that can help your family efficiently in your absence. When it comes to buying a term life insurance cover, there are various insurers who provide a cover of Rs. 1 crore. With the new regulations passed by IRDAI, the price of the premiums has dropped significantly for cover for Rs. 1 crore or more. To get more insights, into which insurer would be an apt option, you can visit the website of various web aggregators or insurance brokers such as Probus Insurance wherein you can compare with the various policies online and find the best which suits your needs.

While looking out for the 1 crore term life insurance plan, the selection might be quite tough, however, meticulously going through details such as plan benefits, inclusions and exclusions can make the task easier. Also, comparing premium rates, riders and claim settlement ratio of various insurers will smoothen up your task of deciding the right fit.

Let’s keep the most important thing, the most important thing: Sabse Pehle Life Insurance

As the campaign says “Sabse Pehle Life Insurance” which means “Life Insurance before anything else”, truly means that one must definitely consider buying a life insurance plan as the top priority investment plan. It is indeed important for the people to understand about this primary protection tool and realize the need to step ahead toward prioritizing life insurance plan as a fundamental necessity in their lives.

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