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Domestic Travel Insurance-Boon for Policyholders


Strap: Increasing number of accidents and flight delays might help individuals who have bought such policies

In the month of July, nearly 60 people have lost their lives after vehicle fell into gorge in Uttarakhand. On 2nd July, 48 people were killed and over dozen injured after private bus fell into gorge in Uttarakhand’s Pauri district, while on 19th July state run bus fell in similar situation in Tehri district. Uttarakhand is among one of the top destinations for travelers across India, specially for Haridwar, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Rishikesh and Gangotri among other pilgrimage places.

Going to such historic places for pilgrimage is one of the many wishes of the people in India. But unlike travelling to international destinations, individuals dont give importance of buying insurance for domestic travels. Having said that, individuals have started buying accident cover which most travel portals give as an option while buying their tickets. But before starting the family vacation or journey, one should ensure and have comprehensive travel insurance.

Such policy is useful in case flight is delayed or baggage is lost in transition. Majority of general insurers provide accident cover, cancellation or damaged baggage cover in the policy. Before buying such policies, one should look at exclusions and inclusions like in every other insurance policy.

Apart from this, one of the major attraction of domestic travel insurance is of covereing during medical emergency or even having permanent total disability during the travel. Policyholders can take additional covers like, personal liability, delay and loss of checked baggage, adventure sport benefits and even home burglary insurance.

Few of the insurers don’t cover individuals having pre-medical conditions and complications. But one has to go through what exactly is covered in the policy and later buy after being satisfied that all the points are covered. Another biggest advantage is that, individuals can buy such policy online and are very cheap and are available even for a few days. So next time you are preparing for your domestic travel or vacation in India-don’t forget to buy domestic travel insurance.

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