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Travel safe and informed

Travelling has many aspects to it. It starts from deciding on the location to the type of travel – back packing or organised , to safety tips and handy apps for the traveller on the go.

Few pointers while traveling-

Travel practical tips 

  1. Keep handy all the contact numbers of emergency services at your destination. The same goes for the embassy numbers of your country which should be at fingertips.
  2. Always keep your first aid box with you in your back pack. also carry enough stock of your prescribed medications, so that you don’t end up with health conditions due to non availability of your regular medicines.
  3. With globalisation , travel luggage is no longer unique to a person. Every 2nd person has the same shape and size of luggage. So to differentiate yours from the rest, always tie a ribbon , unique tag or write on your luggage to make it stand out and you don’t end up spending time at the luggage counter figuring it out .

Travel insurance Travel insurance is a must when you travel , specially on foreign trips. Some countries insist on travel insurance while some don’t . But its important to know the value of the insurance facility.

Important reasons –

1. Medical exigencies While travelling aboard , one cannot rule out medical emergencies . Be it accident , or sudden health ailment . these may require simple outpatient treatment or can range upto hospitalisation and surgery . these can cost a life time’s savings if not planned by way of travel cover .

2. Emergencies can also include being stranded at an airport due to bad weather conditions and having to spend on food and stay till you get another flight out. You might also find that the airline has lost your luggage and without insurance, you never know when you’ll get it back.

3. Its very economical as the cost of insurance is very negligible when compared to the benefit, comfort and peace of mind it provides . It’s also easier to buy travel insurance online, which can be done even at the last moment before leaving for the trip.

Technical advancement in travel- Today technical advancement has made it possible to feel like a local in far-flung locales. Apps made especially for smartphones and tablets offer insider details about activities, events, eating out, and getting around that used to require a residency or an amazing tour guide to learn. Few apps like Spotted By Locals, is a series of city guides written by local “spotters. Spotted By Locals skips the obvious tourist traps, focusing instead on bars, restaurants, shops, and spots that residents love.

Then there is a free app Eventseeker app which is like hanging around a Time Out editor who knows your tastes by heart. When you connect a Facebook profile to the app, its algorithms learn from your likes to suggest concerts, sports games, performances, and cool events you’d likely want to attend.

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