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The best part about
working with Probus is
being able to introduce the
benefits of insurance and
change customers lives for
the better.
Thank you, Probus! For
giving me an opportunity
to help people create a better
future for themselves

Mrinal Jyoti Sarmah


It's really exciting to help people secure their future. I love that we are encouraged by our company and given
the opportunity of a lifetime! This is how we strive to follow the 'Aapka Saathi, Aapka Saarthi' motto, our ultimate goal.

Minati Paul

West Bengal

You would think the best part of working at Probus is the great work culture, team and incentive program.
As thankful as I am for all of these benefits, the best of my job is the smile on my customers faces after knowing I’ve helped them secure their
medical needs for a worry-free future!

Sanchit Kansal

Utter Pradesh

What I value the most about working at Probus is the dedication towards
our customers’ satisfaction. My team is filled with amazing individuals who are committed and dedicated to
the satisfaction of every customer's queries, no matter how big or small they may be!

Tumpa Dutta

West Bengal

Insurance is a challenging but emotionally fulfilling and rewarding industry. I am thankful to have been
given the opportunity learn about it and take part in these workshops that help me better serve my clients by delivering excellent service with emotional support from management!



I am a part of the team that helps insurance customers by providing
them with excellent service. We prioritize customer satisfaction above all, which has enabled me to build up
great relationships and receive amazing rewards for my hard work!



I truly enjoy working in Probus’s customer- oriented environment. For me, it is a long-term relationship with Probus and my clients.