6 Facts About Health Insurance For Newborn

A newborn's health insurance takes care of themedical expenses incurred for the hospitalisationof the baby, in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Critical Situations

Newborns can either be covered under the maternity health insurance plan or family floater insurance plan

Two Option For Newborn

Maternity cover is helpful to cover thenewborn once he or she is born and they cover the necessary medical treatments and vaccinations.

Maternity cover has an edge

A child born within the policy tenure can be added to an existing family floater plan once he or she has completed 90 days

90-day cooling off period

A newborn cannot be covered under an individual health insurance policy as it is meant to cover a single individual

Can't be covered under individual health insurance policy

Many insurance companies provide coverage for newborn children as an extension of the family health insurance cover,without any costs whereas others may levy additional cost. 

Additional charges apply

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