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Be a POS with Probus Insurance

Are you POS?

At Probus, Point Of Sales Person (POS) gives self-sustainability for an individual by allowing him to design own source of income and live independently being an agent.

At Probus, we give you the flexibility to engage and expand your growth without any limitation. Be a POS today.

What is POS Person?

A Point of Sales Person (POS) is a mediator between the customer and the company.  The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) ensures its root to diversify the growth of all insurance-related activities, hence POS.

A POS who wish to dive in the depts of being an advisor or an agent is most greeted and is permitted to go ahead and expand their level of growth by introducing insurance policies to the customers.

Today’s enlarging market has inculcated the culture to buy an insurance policy as the basic necessity to secure oneself and also the loved ones, which gives the agent the advantage to be a POS

Hence you are not far away to be the next POS.  


What are the products that can be sold by POS?

Analyzing the great scope and opportunity that is available in today’s market a POS agent can sell the most required essential policies.

Travel Insurance policy

Travel Insurance policy

Everyone travels this day and one needs to be protected from unforeseen circumstances.

vehicle insurance

Vehicle Insurance

Is one of the mandatory insurance policies for all Vehicle owners.

health insurance policy

Health Insurance Policy

The cost of living has skyrocketed and it becomes heavy on pockets for medical expenses.

home insurance policy

Home Insurance Policy

We all look to protect our asset and our home is the greatest asset.

 term insurance policy

Term Insurance Policy

Securing our loved ones is crucial.

personal accident policy

Personal Accident policy

No one is safe from accidents today. You might take precautions to avoid but unfortunately, things happen.

Benefits of becoming Probus Point Of Sale Person (Insurance Agent/advisor)

POS caters to provide you with following

Unlimited earning potential

There is no bar limit set to your income. Your earnings will be in the form of commissions from every policy that you sell. The best part is being a POS we offer you the best commission structure.

Entitlement for rewards

Being a productive POS will entitle you to earn through rewards which are set periodically and also make you win accolades.

Grow your Career

We provide you with multiple options to grow in your career, based on your performance. You can build your team of agents and master up your sales.

Instant replies

Ease of working

We allow you to be working at ease and enjoy the freedom to work from home or office.

More efficient

Convenience to work

Being a POS we give you the liberty to make use of technology and tools that will help is easy calculations and improvise sales.

Sales Platform

As in the world of digitalization we provide you with fast track service of processing insurance policies over a few clicks throughout portals. Hence you don't make trips to customers and office.

Valuable Product

Our products are crafted to meet the basic requirement of the customer that will cater to their needs and goals in every stage of their life.

Customer awareness and education

Assurance of Training and Development

We take all the needful measures to ensure that POS is aware and well equipped with the latest products that will help you to achieve your goals.

24/7 support

Managerial Support

you are not alone to sell the policies, to ensure you are on the right track you will be coordinating with a dedicated supervisor who will assist you at every stage.


Track your services

Backend support system will ensure that you get the right award thus, maintaining transparency in records.

Eligibility criteria to become a POS for Probus Insurance / Who can be an Insurance Agent?

If you have to urge to be a POS you need to qualify the criteria set by IRDAI regulations to appoint an Insurance Agent.

Why is POS the best career?

• POS keeps exploring multiple opportunities and possibilities to achieve greater goals.

• POS is entitled to engage with multiple insurance companies to compare the best policy and deliver it to the customer. This entitlement is open for all policies approved under IRDAI.

• POS provides an easy use online portal for faster delivery of services to customers.

• There is no need for underwriting with POS.

• As a single point of contact between the customer and company, you can improve and maintain customer relationships for renewals.

Why is POS the best career

A POS agent is authorized to propagate any insurance policy which is approved under IRDAI.


Most frequent questions and answers on POS

Under the claim settlement, POS is responsible for the customer if misled while selling the policy. However, if there is a broker or entity involved in the matter than the broker/entity is responsible to settle claims in case of complaints.

The POS has crucks of all the policies available within the company and hence will ensure that you get the right policy. POS builds a bond with the customer hence it is always beneficial to buy a policy from POS as you are assured of immediate services.

If you want to purchase a Health Insurance plan separately for yourself or your spouse or your parents, then such comes under Individual Health Insurance plan.

POS is trained to the fullest extent to ensure that the right service is provided to the customer. In case the POS is unable to resolve or provide the right solution, POS will take assistance from their immediate supervisor who will assist in giving the right solution.

POS cater to any new leads, who are looking to secure themselves under the provision of and insurance policy. They have no limitations across regions.

POS are trained by the company for selling their internal products while Insurance brokers work as a financial consultant with multiple clients.

POS sell products over the counter that are approved by IRDAI, whereas Insurance broker deal with risky policies mainly for corporates.

Yes. There is a very nominal fee to be paid while giving the exam, which can be ruled out in your commission of 1st sale.

The company will capture the Aadhaar or PAN number of POS under each policy sold. Thus, this will curb the point of misselling of policies.

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