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Insurance Claim

If we come across an accident, we foresee huge bills and at this time the Insurance policy comes handy. 

The process of claiming insurance can be lengthy. One can file claims for hospitalization expenses in the event of accidental injuries and permanent or partial disability.

You will be required to file a copy of FIR or the report from inspections officers, with original bills and report from the surveyor estimating the cost of repair. 

Only once you are confirmed that you are not guilty of the accident you can claim for Insurance. So, the court has to announce the decision in your favor. 

Such claims move on a snail pace hence to avoid all the hassle and await many opt to carry on the repair and bear the cost. 

There are two types of insurance claims: Cashless claim settlement or Reimbursement claim. In the cashless claim, you do not need to pay as the repairs are done at the authorized garage whereas in reimbursement you pay first and then set you to claim with the insurance company by submitting the bills. 

In Case of Theft

In the event your bike has been stolen you can rest be assured that you will get the Insured Declared Value of the vehicle.

What do I do? It is surely the question which runs in our mind. Well, these easy steps will help you to file a claim process in case of theft.

  • File an FIR: The most important thing is to go to the nearest police station and file a complaint and get a copy of the FIR.
  • Claim for Insurance: intimate the insurance company of the incident and complete the set formalities as given by your insurance provider.
  • Keep the RTO notified: It is mandatory to keep the RTO notified soon after the FIR
  • Document submission: You will need to submit the respective documents as required by the insurance company.

ü The claim settlement request form duly signed or attested.

ü The original copy of the FIR

ü A copy of the vehicle’s registration certificate

ü A copy of the policy documents

ü A copy of your driver’s license

ü Duly signed transfer papers from the RTO office

ü The original keys of the vehicle

In Case of Third-Party Property or Liability

In the event of a Third-party property or liability claim

  • The third-party can apply to insurance company against the owner
  • It is then necessary to file an FIR to the nearest police station along with the needful details of the vehicle in the event. Collect the name, license plate number, address’ etc.
  • Post this you need to file a case in the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal who is responsible and authorized for claim request.
  • Submit all the documents deemed necessary.
  • After the Motor Tribunal takes its final decision the claim settlement is initiated.

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