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student travel insurance

Student Travel Insurance

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Student Travel Insurance

The dream of every student is to get the best of education which will give a chance to make a bright future. Not every student in India is lucky to go abroad for further studies. Hence it is very important to ensure that the dream opportunity is well protected. Going to any country for a young person comes with a decent amount of risks. The solution to ensure these risks are mitigated a student travel insurance is a must for every student who is going abroad. Some of the important coverage which is offered by student travel insurance is accidental injury emergency medical care, hospitalisation due to sickness, lost luggage or passport, stay disruption, disability etc.

What is the need for student travel insurance?

Student travel insurance protects you against financial risks which may happen due to many unfortunate incidents while you are studying abroad. It can disrupt your studies and get you and your family into grave financial crises as most students take a bank loan for studies abroad. Hence a student travel insurance is strongly recommended for every international student to secure themselves and their family from any unfortunate situations.

What are the inclusions of student travel policy?

The following are the inclusions of student travel insurance policy

Medical Coverage

1. Emergency medical expenses

If there’s a medical emergency, then the student travel insurance will come to rescue and will cover for the medical expenses and care.

2. Emergency dental expenses

The dental treatment in some of the foreign countries can put you out of pocket. If you get in an accident and require emergency dental care then you can rely on your student travel insurance.

3. Medical evacuation

If you need to go to the hospital in an emergency then your student travel insurance will also take care of medical evacuation expenses.

4. Hospital daily cash allowance

There are a lot of petty expenses that can eat your trip money. If you get hospitalised the medical expenses will be covered but you will also get hospital daily cash allowance to take care of petty expenses.

5. Medical & Body Repatriation

If the insured dies on the trip then the expenses to bring the mortal remains to the home country is covered in the student travel insurance.

6. Permanent Disablement

If an accident on your trip causes permanent disability then the student travel insurance will pay out lump-sum compensation.

7. Accidental death

If an accident on the trip is fatal then the insured nominee or family will receive lump-sum compensation from the insurance company.

Baggage Related Coverage

1. Loss of checked-in baggage

It is not uncommon for airlines to lose the checked-in baggage. Hundreds and thousands of baggage are lost everywhere. You can also fall the victim to this blunder. With individual travel insurance if the insured loses the check-in baggage then the insurance takes care of the replacement of items lost.

2. Delay of checked-in baggage

If there is a delay in getting the baggage to you then the insurance will reimburse you for the essential required till the time you get your baggage. This will ensure that you start your classes with the help of emergency fund provided in your student travel insurance policy

Stay Related Coverage 

1. Personal liability

If an accident causes damage to the third party then the student travel insurance will compensate for the same and keep you away from getting into any legal trouble.

2. Bail Bond 

If the insured student is arrested or gets into a legal problem then the student travel insurance policy will help out paying the bail bond money.

3.Study interruption 

If the insured gets hospitalised for a long period and can’t attend the course then the insurance company will refund the tuition fees.

4. Sponsor Protection

If you sponsor dies unexpectedly then the insurance company will pay the tuition fees on his or her behalf.

What are the inclusions of student travel policy?

If the insured student is hospitalised for more than 7 days then the insurance company will pay for immediate family member visit.

Loss of passport

In a student life abroad, many times he or she has to change accommodation. This can lead to misplacing of some important documents like passport. But worry not the student travel insurance will help by paying to replace a stolen or lost passport.

What are the Exclusions of student Travel Insurance policy?

The following are the exclusions of student travel insurance policy.

Breach of Law

If the insured has an accident or health issue due to breach of law then claim will be void.

Consumption of illegal drugs

If the insured gets ill or dies due to the consumption of illegal drugs or substances then the claim on the policy will be rejected.

Pre-existing diseases

If the insured gets ill from a pre-existing disease then the coverage of the same is not included in the travel insurance policy

Obesity or Cosmetic Treatment

Any cosmetic surgery or obesity treatment has taken on the trip is not covered by the travel insurance policy.

Adventure Sports

Any accident caused due to participation in an adventure sport remains uncovered in the travel insurance policy.

Self-Inflicted Injury

Any self-harm or suicide is not covered by the travel insurance policy.

Student Travel Insurance FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about Student Travel Insurance

The student travel insurance policy is an insurance policy which is customised especially for students who are going abroad for higher studies. It protects the insured student against many risks and perils that he or she may get into, unfortunately. The student travel insurance policy protects the student from getting into a financial mess and help complete the academic course successfully.

The age eligibility to purchase a student travel insurance plan is usually from the age of 16 to 35 years.

The student travel insurance plan needs to be purchased before going abroad. It cannot be purchased once you have left the country.

The coverage of a student travel insurance policy starts when the student leaves India to go abroad for higher studies and ends on the policy expiry date or till the date he or she returns to India whichever is earlier.