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Family Travel Insurance

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Family Travel Insurance

Summer vacations in India see a lot of families go for a holiday as the schools have 2 months of holiday. In the last two decades, more and more families are travelling to domestic and foreign destinations for holidays from India. Going on a holiday with the family is fun and a lot of memories are created but it also comes with the added responsibility to ensure security and safety of the whole family. Any unexpected incident or situation can ruin the much-awaited holiday for the whole family. This is where family travel insurance comes into the picture. Family travel insurance secures the whole family by taking care of many risks that exist when travelling like emergency medical care or hospitalisation due to accident or sickness, loss of baggage, flight delays or cancellation, loss of personal belongings, loss of passport etc. The importance of travel insurance is such that if you have to go to Schengen countries which cover most of the European countries you need to have travel insurance as a mandatory requirement.

What is Family Travel Insurance?

Family travel insurance is a travel insurance type which covers the entire family in a single policy. A family in travel insurance is defined as two adults below the age of 60 years and two children below the age of 21 years. The policy provides coverage to all the people in the policy on an individual basis and it is cost-effective to purchase family travel insurance than insuring every member individually.

What are the inclusions of the family travel Insurance policy?

The following are the inclusions of family travel insurance policy

Medical Coverage

1. Emergency medical expenses

If there’s a medical emergency, thwill cover for the medical expenses en the family travel insurance will come to rescue and and care.

2. Emergency dental expenses

The dental treatment in some of the foreign countries can put you out of pocket. If you or your family member gets in an accident and require emergency dental care then you can rely on your family travel insurance.

3. Medical evacuation

If you or your family member needs to go to a hospital in an emergency then your family travel insurance will also take care of medical evacuation expenses.

4. Hospital daily cash allowance

There are a lot of petty expenses that can eat your trip money. If you or your family member gets hospitalised the medical expenses will be covered but you will also get hospital daily cash allowance to take care of petty expenses.

5. Medical & Body Repatriation

If the insured member dies on the trip then the expenses to bring the mortal remains to the home country is covered in the family travel insurance plan.

6. Permanent Disablement

If an accident on your trip causes permanent disability then the family travel insurance will pay out lump-sum compensation.

7. Accidental death

If an accident on the trip is fatal then the family travel insurance policy will pay-out lump-sum compensation to the nominee.

Baggage Related Coverage

1. Loss of Passport 

If the insured member loses baggage or important travel document like passport then it can create panic and spoil the trip for the whole family. With family travel insurance the cost to get a duplicate passport is compensated ensuring complete peace of mind for the whole family.

2. Loss of checked-in baggage

It is not uncommon for the airlines to lose the checked-in baggage. Hundreds and thousands of baggage are lost everywhere. You can also fall the victim to this blunder. With family travel insurance if the insured loses the check-in baggage then the insurance takes care of the replacement of items lost.

3. Delay of checked-in baggage

If there is a delay in getting the baggage to you then the insurance will reimburse you for the essential required till the time you get your baggage.

Journey Related Coverage 

1 Personal liability

If an accident causes damage to the third party then the family travel insurance will compensate for the same and keep you away from getting into any legal trouble.

2. Financial Emergency Assistance

Tourist are easy victims to a robbery in a foreign land. If the insured member gets robbed then the family travel insurance will provide emergency cash.

3. Hijack Distress Allowance

Hijack can be extremely stressful and if the insured flight gets hijacked then the insurance company will provide appropriate compensation for the same.

What are the Exclusions of family Travel Insurance policy?

The following are the exclusions of family travel insurance policy.

Breach of Law

If the insured member in the policy has an accident or health issue due to breach of law then claim will be void.

Consumption of illegal drugs

If the insured gets ill or dies due to the consumption of illegal drugs or substances then the claim on the policy will be rejected.

Pre-existing diseases

If the insured gets ill from a pre-existing disease then the coverage of the same is not included in the travel insurance policy

Obesity or Cosmetic Treatment

Any cosmetic surgery or obesity treatment took on the trip is not covered by the travel insurance policy.

Adventure Sports

Any accident caused due to participation in an adventure sport remains uncovered in the travel insurance policy.

Self-Inflicted Injury

Any self-harm or suicide is not covered by the family travel insurance policy.

Family Travel Insurance FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about Family Travel Insurance
You should check out the features of different family travel insurance policies and select the one which fits ideal for your family preferences. The comparison of the travel policies can be done online by using online comparison tools.
Yes, there are two types of family travel insurance policies, single trip family travel insurance policy and multi-trip family travel insurance policy. The single trip insurance policy covers only for that particular trip and multi-trip travel policy covers for multiple journeys taken annually.
If for any reason you have to cancel your trip then you can get a refund for the travel insurance provided you cancel it before the trip starts. Different insurance companies have different cancellation rules. Normally the policy premium amount is refunded after deducting the admin or cancellation fees.