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PNB Metlife India Insurance Claim Settlement Process

PNB Metlife India Insurance Claim Settlement

PNB MetLife is known for its quick and hassle-free claim settlement process. The insurer provides both online and offline options for settling claims. The company has always handled claims well, as evidenced by its claim settlement ratio of 98.17 percent in the fiscal year 2020–21. Hence, there is no denying the fact that PNB MetLife Insurance works hard to make sure that you or your family receives the claim amount to which you or they are legally entitled, conveniently and comfortably.

How To Make A Claim Against Your PNB Metlife India Insurance?


The policyholders of PNB Metlife can make a claim in just three simple online steps:

  1. Apply Your Claim: The very first step is to apply for your claim, which you can do in various ways. The company allows filing a claim online to make claim intimation easy and quick. Moreover, you can also apply for your claim via email at, send a letter to the nearest branch address, or use Khushi App, which is a self-service mobile app.
  1. Documents Submission: A claimant is asked to submit the necessary papers for claim assessment and review once the claim has been intimated.
  1. Claim Payout: The insurance company pays the claimant the claimed amount after the documents are submitted, the claim is assessed, and a decision is taken.


The company also provides various offline ways to intimate a claim. By submitting written information to PNB MetLife Insurance through an agent, by visiting the closest PNB MetLife branch office, or by calling their customer service number 1800-425-6969, you can submit a PNB MetLife insurance claim easily.

Documents Required For Making A Claim For Your PNB Metlife Policy

Here is a list of the documents that you will require during the claim process:

  • Claim form
  • Copy of valid death certificate
  • Current address proof of the nominee
  • Doctor’s certificate preferably in the standardized PNB MetLife format
  • Photo identity proof of the nominee
  • Canceled cheque/Copy of bank passbook
  • Authorization letter from the claimant (if the claim intimation is received through a third party)
  • Complete medical records for any treatment taken in the past or at the time of death
  • Legal heir/Succession certificate (if the nominee is not present)

How Much Time Does PNB Metlife Take To Settle The Claim?

In circumstances where further investigation is not necessary, the company will process your claim within 30 days of receipt from the date of receipt of the last essential document, once all requisite papers have been received by PNB MetLife.

When an investigation is necessary, it must be finished no later than 90 days after the claim is notified, and a decision must be made about the claim within 30 days of that.

Who Is Entitled To Receive The Claim Benefit Of PNB Metlife?

The following individuals are entitled to receive the claim benefit:

  • The proposer (if the policy is not on own life)
  • The appointee or nominee last stated under the policy (if the policy is on own life)
  • Assignee (if the policy was assigned)
  • The trustee under HUF/MWP policies
  • The life assured (if the policy is on own life for living benefit claims)