CarInfo and Probus Insurance Brokers: Driving Digital Transformation in Used Car Dealerships

In a groundbreaking partnership, CarInfo, a revolutionary vehicle management platform with over 5 crore downloads for its consumer app, has joined forces with Probus Insurance Brokers to catalyze the digital evolution of used car dealerships. CarInfo’s consumer app has already become a one-stop-shop for vehicle owners, and with the merchant app – CarInfo for Dealers, it’s now the all-encompassing platform that bridges the gap for brick-and-mortar dealers looking to make a digital leap.

This dynamic collaboration delivers manifold benefits for car and bike dealers. It empowers them to flourish in the digital realm by offering a suite of indispensable tools. Dealers can now seamlessly verify the vehicles they purchase, make well-informed buying decisions, post their inventory on CarInfo, and efficiently reach potential customers through leads. However, the partnership goes even further by allowing dealers to provide motor insurance as part of the transaction.

In addition to motor insurance, CarInfo and Probus are gearing up to address other critical aspects, such as extended warranties, financing solutions, and inspection certificates.

Probus, with a network of 45,000+ PoSPs offering insurance products to the citizens of India, brings a wealth of experience to this partnership. Probus’s hallmark is a seamless single sign-on flow integrated into the CarInfo app. This enables verified dealers to step into the realm of selling motor insurance with the support of more than 20 insurance providers in the background.

The goal of this partnership is clear – to empower the used car industry to embrace the digital revolution. This sector is experiencing explosive growth, and the products developed through this collaboration are poised to have a profound impact. For both customers and dealers, the aim is to streamline transactions, making them smoother and more efficient.

CarInfo, a product developed by Appflix Studio LLP, with its registered office in New Delhi, is at the forefront of this transformation. As the automotive world evolves, CarInfo remains committed to facilitating an ecosystem where both dealers and vehicle owners benefit from the technological advancements that enhance their experiences. With 500+ registered dealers across Delhi and Bengaluru on their dealer app, the impact is already evident, and the journey towards a more digital future continues.

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