How Can We Change Address in Car Insurance Policy?

How Can We Change Address in Car Insurance Policy? Let’s Find Out

If you own a car, you may understand how important it is for you to have a dedicated car insurance policy that serves the purpose. But things get potentially daunting when you frequently change your residence. And this brings you to the steps to change your address in your car insurance policy.

Changing your personal information on an insurance policy that has already been registered is a time-consuming and rather stressful task. Additionally, you need a new licence plate if you move from one state to another. It is always wise to alter the address even though the four-wheeler insurance is valid throughout the entire country.

However, it is always advisable to update your policy documentation and notify your auto insurance policy’s insurer of any changes. Why do you inquire? Since it is prudent to cover all possible bases.

Importance of Updating the Address in Your Car Insurance Policy

Here are some more reasons why it’s critical to keep your auto insurance policy updated concerning the address.

  1. Proof of Address

Even while an auto insurance policy might not be your first choice of the document to present as address verification, it can be utilized in specific situations. Having many address proofs on hand is a good idea. Whichever one could be useful is impossible to predict.

  1. Avoid Claim-Related Issues

Substantial address irregularities can occasionally cause major problems when resolving claims. Although it is improbable, there is a chance that the claim could be postponed due to such a pointless worry. To be on the safe side and prevent problems during claim settlement, update the policy with the current permanent address.

  1. Official Correspondence

Although there are numerous ways to get in touch with policyholders (phone, email, etc.), in some circumstances delivering official correspondence by mail or courier may be required by law. As a result, you should keep your address up to date to ensure that you get all official correspondence.

How Does A Change Of Address Affect Your Car Insurance Premium?

Let us explain this with an illustration.

A man named Rohit Meena bought and registered his car in a low-risk semi-urban city when he was employed as a marketing executive by the renowned company Infosys. He is now relocating to an urban area where high-risk events like road rage, natural catastrophes, fires, etc. are common. According to the insurance provider, the likelihood of a claim request would be higher in the city, so he would be required to pay a higher insurance premium. In other words, Mr Meena’s premium will undoubtedly increase if he decides to move from Himachal Pradesh to Delhi at the time of renewal.

Similar to this, car theft is more likely in particular cities. The insurer would also have to take them into account if he relocates to a city where natural disasters like floods, landslides, or cyclones are frequent occurrences.

So, you might have understood how it impacts your premium!

Now, this is something you ought to be aware of. There won’t necessarily be a price increase because of the change in cities. The insurer will reduce the premium cost if you move to a safer city. Or, if you go to a city with a similar danger likelihood, the difference won’t be very noticeable.

How To Change the Address in Your Car Insurance Policy?

Here comes the biggest part! Well, it’s easy to notify your insurance company of a change of address for your car insurance.

  1. Request a change of address on your Registration Certificate.
  1. Notify your insurance provider of your address change.
  1. After that, you will need to submit a written correspondence along with evidence of your revised Registration Certificate and your new address.
  1. Request from your insurance an endorsement or amended policy to reflect your address change. (An endorsement is a modification or addition that alters the conditions or boundaries of an existing insurance contract. If so, it recognizes that you have changed cities and paid the premium difference.)
  1. Just be certain that the change of address is listed on your registration certificate because it will be necessary for you to receive the endorsement.


There are numerous modifications you must make while changing the city. Similar to this, the policy itself or your vehicle insurance renewal must be modified depending on where you are driving. The earliest notification of the address change to the insurance is required to make sure that all bases are covered and to ensure that there are no delays in the approval of claim requests.

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