How To Change Nominee Name in Car Insurance Policy

How To Change Nominee Name in Car Insurance Policy?

Having car insurance makes perfect sense because purchasing a car is typically a significant financial commitment. This coverage will provide a policyholder with cash protection in the event of an accident, a natural disaster, or theft while preventing emotional worry. Additionally, auto insurance can help them out when they require money to pay for the damages or legal responsibilities associated with the vehicle. Policyholders can protect themselves from the monetary hardship that may come from unanticipated occurrences involving their car by making a small premium payment.

A personal accident cover is included in a full motor insurance policy (car/bike insurance). If an accident causes injuries, impairments, or even death, this personal accident insurance policy will pay up to Rs. 15 lakhs in coverage. When this occurs, the nominees—the policyholder’s dependents—whom they must designate when purchasing auto insurance online are paid the compensation.

Continue reading to learn more about nominees and how to modify their names in car insurance policies.

Who is a Nominee in Car Insurance?

The person designated by a policyholder as the nominee will be in charge of all administrative activities relating to the vehicle insurance policy until a legal heir can assume their proper role. Although it is typical for convenience’s sake, customers are not required to name a family member or a direct legal heir as their policy nominee. The idea is to choose someone they can entrust with their possessions in case of illness or after their passing.

Can The Nominee Be Changed in Motor Insurance Policy?

The nominee need not be a legitimate successor, as was previously mentioned; anyone can serve as the nominee. This means that a nomination made in the car insurance policy may occasionally be amended. By using the endorsement option, a policyholder can change the nomination quickly and easily. They can modify other insurance information, like address, phone number, any modifications to their vehicle, and other details using this endorsement option in addition to the nomination.

Who Will Be the Nominee to Motor Vehicle Policy as per Natural Succession?

Who is eligible to be a nominee in insurance is now quite clear. However, choosing a nominee is a legitimate concern if they do not nominate a legal successor or close relative. They must prove their insurance interest to the policy provider in such a situation. If they are unable to provide a valid justification, the nominee’s permission will be denied because it is unusual to insure someone who is not a family member.

The following relationships, however, are eligible to inherit the car insurance legally if a policyholder passes away due to natural succession.

  1. Spouse

If the policyholder is married, the surviving spouse would inherit the policy immediately upon the former’s passing. Thus, the husband or wife would inherit the car insurance coverage through natural succession. The policy transfer is made simpler if the nominee is one of the names listed in the vehicle insurance policy documentation.

  1. Child

If a policyholder is a single parent, ownership of the insurance will pass naturally to the kid at the death of the former. If there are several children, the transfer will be based on the legal heir information provided by the policyholder in the will or through other comparable procedures. If just one child out of several children is named as the nominee, the transfer to that child will be conclusive.

What is the process of changing the nomination using an Endorsement Facility?

The endorsement in a Car Insurance Policy

A policyholder will need to obtain their motor insurer to approve an endorsement if they want to change the nominee under the car insurance policy. At the beginning of the policy year, midway through the year, or when the policy is being renewed, they can ask their respective insurer to approve an endorsement. When requesting modifications to their insurance, policyholders may occasionally need to provide supporting documentation as proof. To update the nominee name or any other nominee data under the policy, however, they do not need to submit any documentation.

This is because it is entirely up to them whether or not to select a candidate for the auto insurance policy. In some cases, adding endorsements to the auto insurance policy can raise their rate. For instance, the insurer will be more responsible for their car if they put a CNG kit in the fuel vehicle. The insurer will consequently increase their car insurance price. A name change for the car insurance nominee won’t affect the cost, though. Thus, even after the endorsement, their premium won’t change.

Assume for the moment that a customer bought a policy from the insurance provider and that he/she later decided to change the nominee.

  1. From the website of the insurance carrier, download and complete the nominee change form. Mail the necessary paperwork, including a copy of the auto insurance policy, to the insurance provider.
  1. Call the insurance provider’s customer care line and let them know they want to amend the nominee’s information. They will email them a link to a form that they can fill out online and upload any necessary files.
  1. Select the nominee update option after logging into the insurance company’s portal. Once the updating process is complete, complete all the necessary fields and download a new policy.

Considerations while changing the nominee in car insurance policy

  1. Trust the Person: First, make sure anyone can rely on the candidate the policyholder is nominating to act honestly and morally.
  1. Should be Agreeable: Second, make sure that the person a customer is about to nominate has agreed to be the nominee of the policy.
  1. Fill in Accurate Details: Third, make sure they have the complete and correct information regarding the nominee’s name and address. If the policyholder’s and nominee’s addresses are different, this is crucial.
  1. Know Their Rights: Fourth, if the legal heir and nominee are different people, make sure they are both made aware of the circumstance, as well as their respective duties and rights.


As a result, a policyholder can use the guidelines above if they wish to modify their nominee at any time. From the comfort of their home, they can easily update the nominee on their car insurance policy online. Before choosing a choice, make sure to thoroughly weigh the options. Then, to change the nominee on the policy, follow the above-mentioned steps.

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