Why Should You Buy Car Insurance Online

Why Should You Buy Car Insurance Online?

Buying a car insurance plan is mandatory, as per the legalities of our country. Besides, an insured car makes your driving experience smooth and tension-free. But for the first-timers, buying a car insurance policy can be a strenuous experience. In order to uncomplicate the process, car insurance companies are coming up with online portals from which policyholders can easily buy their insurance plans. Compared to the conventional offline platform, online purchase of car insurance plans is gradually getting more popular. Want to know why? Here you go!

Top 7 Advantages of Buying a Car Insurance Plan Online

1. Cost-effective car insurance plans that fit well into your budget

If you are looking for economical insurance plans for your newly-bought car, you should get your policy online. A car insurance company that operates online has minimal operational costs as compared to conventional ones. Also, policyholders need not pay a commission to any insurance agent to buy the car insurance plan. Also, online policies involve almost zero paperwork, thereby reducing miscellaneous expenses like stationery etc. Thus, it would be safe to say that online car insurance plans are cheaper as compared to offline ones.

2. Almost zero paperwork

Looking for a smart choice when it comes to buying a car insurance policy? Then you must definitely check out the online mode. It involves minimal paperwork. You can fill out each and every form digitally. During the process, if any error occurs, you can rectify it easily online. For submission of documents, you can scan them and upload the scanned copies on the web. Once your insurance policy has been issued, you will get a soft copy or e-copy of the policy. Thus, there is absolutely no need to maintain piles of papers and documents if you are buying an online car insurance plan.

3. Full-fledged online comparison for a better deal

Before you settle down for any car insurance policy, it is better to compare multiple options. And when you buy a car insurance plan online, this comparison gets absolutely easy. You can compare similar plans and policies on a reliable broker website. During the comparison, you need to keep in mind factors like premium, the extent of coverage, add-ons etc. Offline buying of a plan does not give you so much liberty to compare the plans.

4. Absolutely no need to hire an insurance agent

The job of an insurance agent is to familiarise the policyholders with the complicated jargon of the industry, as well as suggest an apt policy to buy. But the agent charges a commission for this service, thereby increasing your expenses. But when you buy a plan online, you get to check every detail online. There is no need to hire an agent. Online insurance companies keep everything simplified so that buyers can easily make a choice.

5. Instant issuance of car insurance policy

Purchasing a car insurance plan online activates your policy quickly. Unlike the traditional offline approach, there is no waiting period for the online plan to get issued. The policy document will be issued within just a couple of minutes of buying the plan.

6. Soft copy of the policy papers available

For those who often misplace documents, soft copies prove to be a boon. As you buy your car insurance policy online, you get a soft copy of the policy papers mailed in your registered email ID. Thus you can use it anywhere anytime if you have access to a smartphone, PC or laptop.

7. Swift and easy policy renewal

Once the validity period of your car insurance policy gets over, you need to get the plan renewed. In the case of an offline policy, you are required to get in touch with your insurance agent and pay him the renewal charges. But when you buy car insurance online, you can renew your car insurance policy within just a few clicks. Payment can be done through a credit/debit card or UPI. Remember that online policy renewal is safe, secure and seamless.

By now you must have realised that buying your car insurance plan online will give you an edge over those who do it the conventional way. So, if you or any of your close ones is planning to get their car insured, consider buying the policy online. From buying the policy, and paying the premiums, to renewal of policy and claim settlement, everything can be done online within a few clicks.

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