Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme - CMCHIS

Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme – CMCHIS

The most economically disadvantaged segments of society cannot afford the high expense of quality healthcare. Giving people access to free medical treatment in government hospitals is one method to deal with this. However, district and sub-district hospitals occasionally cannot provide the necessary care. Long waitlists for urgent and life-saving surgeries are another result of the demand for improved healthcare. The Government of Tamilnadu launched the “Chief Minister Kalaignar Insurance Scheme for Life-saving Treatments” on July 23, 2009, to solve these issues and guarantee the accessibility of cutting-edge medical care.

What is Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme?

The Government of Tamil Nadu introduces the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CMCHIS) through United India Insurance Company Ltd, a public sector insurer with its corporate headquarters in Chennai. The program, which is sometimes referred to as Amma Health Insurance, is created to offer low-income families who are less fortunate access to high-quality healthcare services. Those who qualify for the scheme’s insurance coverage can receive cashless care at accredited public and private hospitals, which lessens their financial burden in an emergency. By properly tying into the public health system, the program will assist the enrolled families in their transition to universal health insurance coverage.

Eligibility Criteria

To help disadvantaged families that lack access to healthcare services, the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CMCHIS) has been established. The following requirements must be met to be eligible for coverage under the plan:

  • Tamil Nadu residency is required for the family.
  • The family’s annual income should not exceed Rs. 72,000.
  • The family’s ration card should include a note about the member.
  • The applicant may qualify as a refugee from Sri Lanka if they can provide identification.
  • People moving from other Indian states who have migration permits from the relevant authorities and have lived in Tamil Nadu for at least six months.
  • Orphans of girl children who have been rescued by any organization, whether it is registered or not.

Features & Benefits of Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme

Here is the list of the salient features and benefits of the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme.

  1. Family-floater Plan:

A family-floater health insurance plan is Amma health insurance. An eligible family’s whole registered members may receive health insurance benefits under this plan. When insured by the TN CM Insurance Scheme, one does not need to worry about upcoming medical emergencies.

  1. Cashless Claims:

When receiving care in a hospital that has been accredited, this health insurance plan’s participants are not required to pay a fee. The beneficiary gains a lot from this because they don’t have to worry about making arrangements for financing their care. They can concentrate on the patient’s health.

  1. Frequent Heath Camps:

Health camps must be held at least once a month in hospitals that have been appointed. The recipient is eligible for regular free follow-up exams and treatments.

  1. Coverage For Medical Emergencies:

Due to the rising costs of healthcare in India, some families are ill-prepared to confront a medical emergency. The Amma Health Insurance program takes steps to remove this barrier and provide access to expensive medical care.

  1. A Huge Number Of Network Hospitals:

Amma Health Insurance has empanelled a lot of hospitals to provide services. People benefit from this since it makes it easier for them to get to a medical center. As a result, treatment will be provided in an emergency at the appropriate moment.

  1. Multiple Treatments Are Covered:

Amma Health Insurance offers a wide range of therapies. By doing this, beneficiaries are less likely to pay out of pocket. They are free to receive any treatment that is covered by the coverage.

  1. Additional Coverages:

Follow-up care or diagnostic procedures are not typically covered by a standard health insurance policy. Nevertheless, Amma Health Insurance covers these. As a result, carrying out additional follow-up treatments or diagnostic procedures is not necessary.

  1. Cover for Sri Lankan Refugees

A Sri Lankan refugee may be insured by Amma Health Insurance regardless of their income. The ideal center offers convenient healthcare services.

Inclusions Under The Scheme

The insured is protected from the following costs under the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme:

  1. Hospitalisation: As long as the program covers that medical procedure, the policy protects policyholders from treatment costs spent while in the hospital.
  1. Diagnostic Procedures: The policyholder is protected by CMCHIS against costs brought on by diagnostic testing.
  1. Follow-Up Treatments: In contrast to commercial health insurance policies, which typically do not protect the insured against follow-up treatments, CMCHIS does. This lowers the insured’s financial burden.

What is The Claim Procedure for CMCHIS Scheme?

The Amma Health Insurance program has empanelled a large number of hospitals to provide care. Most claims will be of a cashless type. It implies that the recipient might not be required to cover the hospital expense out of pocket.

The recipient must provide the Maruthuva Kapitu Thittam Card or the smart card to the hospital during a medical emergency. When a recipient enrols in Amma Health Insurance, they are given this card. The Third Party Administrator (TPA) or insurance company will receive the pertinent information from the hospital administration.

The hospital and the insurance provider will deal directly to resolve the CMCHIS claim amount. Usually, the beneficiary doesn’t need to take any further action.

How To Enroll In Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme?

The process for enrolling in CMCHIS is simple. It can be completed fast if the applicant has all the appropriate documentation. Additionally, obtaining the documentation is easy. The following are the enrolment procedures:

  • Request a certificate of income from the administrative or revenue officers of the community.
  • Visit the registration center with the required documentation.
  • Request that the operator check the paperwork.
  • Your biometric data, including your fingerprints, photograph, eye scan, etc., will next be collected.
  • Following biometric scanning and verification, your e-card will be issued.

How To Link Your Aadhaar Card with a URN?

Sometimes, the beneficiary’s Aadhaar Card cannot be linked to the URN provided at the enrolment center. You (the beneficiary) can link your Aadhaar Card with the scheme’s URN, albeit it’s not a cause for concern. What you must do is as follows:

Step 1: Visit the CMCHIS website (

Step 2: Select Beneficiary and click on ‘Link Aadhaar to URN’.

Step 3: After that, you will be redirected to a new webpage. Enter your URN number.

Step 4: Check the box with the option to link your Aadhaar Card to the URN.

Step 5: Select ‘Enrol Now’.

Step 6: Enter your contact details as per the Aadhaar Card.

Step 7: Enter your Aadhaar Card Number and apply.

Step 8: Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number.

Step 9: By doing this, you can link your Aadhaar Card to the URN, and the screen will show a success message.

How To Search for a CMCHIS Member ID?

To search the member ID, the CMCHIS recipient must at the very least have their URN or ration card number. Follow these procedures to look for a member ID:

  •  Visit the CMCHIS website. It is the official website of Amma health insurance.
  • Click on the beneficiary.
  • A list of links for Member search/e-card and Member ID will be displayed.
  • Select the preferred choice.
  • You will come across a page that requests pertinent data, including the URN number and other specifics.
  • Fill out the form and click on ‘Search.’
  • The result for the corresponding member ID will be displayed.

Documents Required To Apply To CM’s Health Insurance

The following documents are needed to apply for the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme:

  •  Income Certificate
  • Ration card in original and copy
  • Self-declaration from the head of the family

Additionally, the following papers must be carried at the time of enrolment:

  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Pan Card
  • Aadhaar Card

How To Download the Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme Card?

To save several copies of the CMCHIS card, you can download it from the internet. You can download the Amma Maruthuva Kapitu Thittam card using the following methods:

  • Visit CMCHIS’s official website.
  • Select the “Beneficiary” option that will appear.
  • Select “Instructions” after selecting “Member search/e-card.”
  • Your CMCHIS member ID or URN number from the smart card must be entered in the field on the member search page. You can then verify the members who have signed up for this scheme and the available sum insured.
  • You can choose “Generate e-card” from here.

CMCHIS Toll-free Number And Address

The state-government initiative known as the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme aims to always be accessible. Various contact information is made public to maintain transparency and minimal hassle. The people on this list can assist you in finding answers to your questions.

Toll-Free number: 1800-425-3993

Use the following telephone numbers if you are experiencing trouble reaching a call center employee.

  • 7373004267
  • 7373004924
  • 7373002566

For queries or grievances use the following addresses:



Frequently Asked Questions

No, only cashless claims are available at a hospital that has been accredited. This lessens the financial strain placed on the health insurance plan beneficiary.

The spouse is regarded as the head of the family if the family head is not present at the time of enrolment. All present family members are nevertheless subject to the enrolment procedure.

Yes, the CMCHIS does cover a variety of dental procedures. Dental treatments fall under the category of outpatient care.

Yes, both benign and malignant illnesses qualify beneficiaries of the Amma Health Insurance plan for abdominal hysterectomy. The plan will pay for these expenses.

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