Health Insurance For Malaria Fever

Health Insurance For Malaria Fever

In India, the six primary Anopheline vectors are responsible for transmitting malaria in diverse geo-ecological paradigms. According to WHO (World Health Organization) estimates, India is responsible for around 75% of all malaria cases in South-East Asia. Moreover, 1.7% of the world’s malaria cases and 1.2% of the world’s malaria deaths occur in India.

Though there was a drastic decrease in malaria-related deaths across the nation, from 562 deaths in 2014 to 50 deaths in 2022, it is still a disease that can re-emerge as a major health problem for the nation. A mosquito bite may hurt you for a second, but the hefty medical expenses arising out of the treatment of malaria will hurt you even more. Thus, it is highly crucial to not only take preventive measures against the disease but also choose adequate health insurance products for malaria fever. By doing this, one can be assured of receiving necessary financial support in times of medical emergencies. 

This article will highlight some of the most crucial aspects of malaria health insurance that one should be aware of and also list the best health insurance products covering malaria treatment.

Malaria Health Insurance: Meaning Explained!

Malaria Health Insurance is specifically designed to give the benefit of receiving the best medical treatment for malaria by offering policyholders a lump-sum amount of compensation on diagnosis. Such insurance products would primarily cover hospitalization costs, OPD consultation fees, ICU charges, and costs of diagnostic tests during the treatment and are cheaper than most comprehensive health insurance products.

One can also choose the family floater version under health insurance products for malaria that offers coverage for oneself as well as the dependent family members. These specialized products or covers are usually independent of any regular health insurance product, which means that one will not lose their NCB (No Claim Bonus) in health insurance if one files a claim against malaria. In general, these insurance products either come as a separate insurance product or as a cover under a basic health insurance product.

Importance Of Malaria Health Insurance

When monsoon runs around the corner, a host of vector-borne diseases like malaria lurk around. Even if one takes some precautionary measures to prevent malaria, they are still somehow susceptible to it. The treatment can cost between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 5 lakhs and for many people, the cost of medical check-ups alone is substantial rather than small. 

Nevertheless, because medical costs are skyrocketing day by day, regular health insurance cannot offer comprehensive coverage for malaria treatment. Therefore, it is highly prudent to get malaria coverage or insurance along with regular health insurance products so that the insured members can receive enough financial and medical assistance during times of dire need.

Estimated Premium Amount For Malaria Health Insurance

Since malaria health insurance is a single-disease health insurance product, its premium cost is quite lower as compared to other health insurance products. However, for an estimation, the annual premium for individual insurance may start from Rs. 1200; and for family floater products, it may start from Rs. 3000. These costs vary from one insurer to another as well as according to the needs of going-to-be-insured members.

List Of Best Health Insurance Products For Malaria Fever

Some of the best health insurance products for covering malaria are as follows:

Name Of Insurance ProductEligibility DetailsKey Features
Bajaj Allianz M-Care Health Insurance
  • Minimum Entry Age: 18 Years (For Adults), 0 Years (For Children)
  • Maximum Entry Age: 65 Years
  • Policy Term: 1 Years
  • Sum Insured Options:
  • INR 10000
  • INR 15000
  • INR 25000
  • INR 50000
  • INR 75000
  • Lifetime renewal option
  • 20% discount
  • Individual and family cover is available
  • 15 days free look period
Shriram Vector Care Insurance
  • Minimum Entry Age: 91 Days
  • Maximum Entry Age: 65 Years
  • Sum Insured Options: From Rs. 10,000 To Rs. 75,000
  • Lifelong renewability
  • Available as individual and family floater
  • Instant purchase with minimal paperwork
  • 3-step claim process
IFFCO Tokio MOS-BITE Protector Policy
  • Entry Age For Individuals: 18 To 65 Years
  • Entry Age For Dependent Members: 91 Days To 23 Years
  • Sum Insured: Up To Rs. 1 Lakh
  • Policy Term: 1/2/3 Years
  • Lump sum payment
  • Higher sum insured options
  • No need for medical tests to purchase the product

General Coverage Details Of Malaria Health Insurance

Though the coverage specifications differ from insurer to insurer, the following expenses are generally covered under health insurance for malaria fever:

  • Pre-hospitalization (60 days) and post-hospitalization (90 days) expenses
  • Doctor’s consultation fees
  • ICU charges
  • Ambulance charges
  • OPD consultation fees
  • Blood transfusion
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Annual health checkup
  • Second opinion

What’s Not Included Under Malaria Health Insurance?

The list of exclusions under malaria health insurance also varies from one insurance provider to another. However, the following are some of the expenses and conditions that are generally not covered under the insurance:

  • Treatment availed outside the geographical limits of India
  • Hospitalization costs arising out of any illness or disease other than malaria
  • Home hospitalization
  • Treatment for malaria before the completion of the waiting period
  • Symptomatic therapy in the absence of a positive malaria report
  • Unproven treatments
  • Any test or diagnosis that is not recognized and approved by respective authorities

What To Consider When Choosing Health Insurance For Malaria?

There are several things to keep in mind while purchasing malaria health insurance from any insurer. Here are some of them:

Check Waiting Period:

It is very important to know the waiting period of health insurance for malaria fever since any ignorance regarding this can create huge hurdles during claim settlements. Therefore, make sure to check whether or not the insurance has a long waiting time. In case it is present, one can decide not to purchase the product.

Make Wise Selection Of Sum Insured:

We all know that medical inflation is rising day by day and breaking the banks of many. As a result, it is highly advisable to select the sum insured of malaria health insurance wisely so that one may have great financial and medical assistance after diagnosis. 

Compare Benefits:

Before purchasing any malaria health insurance, one should always go through the details and brochures of all the wish-listed products to have a better understanding of their benefits. This comparison will help the insurance seekers to choose the one product with the maximum advantages and features. 

Look For Discounts:

Many malaria health insurance providers offer various discounts to their policyholders, such as online discounts, no-claim discounts, discounts for adding family members, cumulative bonuses, and rewards for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, to name a few. Therefore, one should do thorough research on which insurer is giving what types of discounts to lower the insurance costs.

The Bottom Lines

Vector-borne diseases like malaria are very common in India; and when neglected for timely and quality treatment, it can lead to serious health complications and even death. In such emergency conditions when each breath counts, one must rely on health insurance for malaria to bear the costs and avail adequate treatment. 

Therefore, before putting your hands on any health insurance, make sure to check whether or not it covers vector-borne diseases like malaria. In case it is not covered, it is recommended to purchase a separate malaria cover along with basic health insurance. Also, always remember to compare the products and choose the one that best aligns with your requirements.

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