Health Insurance for Spinal Cord Tumours

Health Insurance for Spinal Cord Tumours

The medical condition called spinal cord tumour is becoming more common day by day. When a cell grows irregularly and produces masses which look like lumps in or around the spinal cord area, then it is called spinal cord tumour. Depending on the location of the production or growth of the lumps, it is called by different names. While having spinal cord tumours is alarming, at the same time the skyrocketing medical expenses for the treatment of spinal cord tumours are giving headaches as well. Not all the health insurance policies available in the market offer spinal cord tumour treatment coverage. Doing health check-ups at regular intervals is important at the same time, having a comprehensive health product with spinal cord tumour cover is equally important so that you do not have to dig your pocket while doing the treatment.

How Much Does The Treatment of Spinal Cord Tumors Cost in India?

The expense of the treatment of spinal cord tumour depends on various factors such as the age of the patient, pre-existing diseases, the location of the tumour, the number of tumours, etc. On top of that, if the spinal cord tumour is raising other complications in the body then the expenses go higher. The treatment cost also varies from one state to another, and it depends on the factor of what type of medical you like to opt for. Usually, the treatment cost is between Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs, which is expensive for many Indian families. Therefore, having a health plan with a spinal cord tumour benefit is recommended.

Do The Health Insurance Policies in India Cover Spinal Cord Tumours?

As this medical condition is increasing among individuals, therefore, many health insurers have started offering spinal cord tumour cover. The basic health policy does not offer this cover. However, if you have a comprehensive robust medical plan, you can get this cover under the critical illnesses section. Or else, many insurance providers have started to provide this cover as an additional benefit so that you can purchase this cover according to your necessity by paying a little extra premium. Therefore, it is very important to read the inclusions and exclusions of a policy, and only then choose the one which is the most suitable for your needs.

What are the benefits of having a health policy for spinal cord tumours?

Here are the important mentions.

  • Apart from the hospitalisation expenses, there are several costs that are related to pre and post-hospitalisation of the patient. Health insurance policies offer cover for the expenses of pre and post-hospitalisation expenses as well.
  • Many people opt for AYUSH treatment instead of allopathy for spinal cord tumour treatment. In that case, health policies with spinal cord tumour benefits cover that as well.
  • Health insurance products with spinal cord tumour cover offer financial help at the time of emergency so that the patient can get enough coverage without worrying about his/her finances.
  • Free health check-up once in a year is one of the important features of the health policies so that the insured person can keep a tab on his/her health regularly.
  • If the insured person has to be taken to another healthcare provider or hospital for treatment of a spinal cord tumour, then the road ambulance cover is there to help him/her out.
  • Hospitalisation expenses coupled with other costs such as pharmacy bills, doctor’s fees, and surgical costs are covered under health policies. However, depending on the insurer, there can be a certain limit of the benefit.
  • After the COVID-19 pandemic, health insurance providers have included Covid-19 coverage under their health policies.
  • One is eligible to avail of the tax benefit up to a certain limit under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of India.
  • The treatment of the spinal cord tumour may not require hospitalisation of a full 24 hours. In that case, daycare treatment procedures are also included in the policy schedule.
  • If you have the cashless hospitalisation benefit, then at the time of the medical emergency, you do not have to burn your pocket initially as the insurance provider will compensate the expenses of the spinal cord tumour treatment.


Spinal cord tumours can grow around the area of the spinal cord or it can spread inside it, which can be fatal for the individual. The spinal is an important and sensitive body part. Therefore, it can lead to different issues in the body, even giving birth to different neurological conditions. For that, it is highly recommended to do regular medical check-ups to detect the ailment at the beginning. Also, having a good health plan with certain critical illnesses benefits (including spinal cord tumour) is another important aspect if you want to have a worry-free life from the perspective of finances. The treatment of spinal cord tumours is expensive. Having a good medical policy can save you from financial constraints.

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