Health Insurance for Spinal Cord Tumours

Health Insurance for Spinal Cord Tumours

An irregularity in cell growth that results in the production of lumps in or around the spinal cord is what causes a spinal cord tumor. An intradural tumor is the term used when this mass spreads into the spinal cord or near the location where it is covered. A vertebral tumor is the term used when this development affects the spinal bones. This tumor is divided into many categories according to where it is located.

However, like any other serious ailment, it’s important to be well-prepared financially in order to ensure that proper treatment is feasible. Although the probability of developing a spinal cord tumor has significantly increased, what is more, concerning is the parallel rise in the cost of such treatment. Treatment for spinal cord tumors is very pricey in the country. Consequently, having health insurance that covers spinal cord tumors is now crucially necessary.

How Much Does The Treatment of Spinal Cord Tumors Cost in India?

Tumors can lead to different complications. Therefore, the cost of a spinal cord tumor can depend on various factors, especially the health condition of the patient. In India, the cost of it varies from one state to another. Usually, the treatment costs nearly Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs, which is certainly expensive and can dig a hole in one’s pocket. So, it is recommended to opt for a comprehensive health plan that offers coverage for spinal cord tumors so that you do not have to worry about finances in the hour of a medical emergency, and can get the best treatment available.

Does Health Insurance Cover Spinal Cord Tumors?

Yes, spinal cord tumor is usually covered by almost all the comprehensive medical plans offered by health insurers. Some insurers also consider this health condition as a critical illness. Therefore, this coverage can be found in the inclusions of a dedicated critical illness policy. Some of the insurers also offer it as an add-on cover. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go through the policy details, its inclusions, and exclusions carefully, then opt for one if you want your health insurance plan to cover spinal cord tumor benefits.

What Are The Benefits of Health Insurance for Spinal Cord Tumors?

The benefits are mentioned below.

Pre and post-hospitalization Cover:

The health insurance plan for spinal cord tumors offers you the benefits of covering the medical expenses that occur due to pre and post-hospitalization care.

Ambulance Care:

As this cover falls under the category of critical illness, there might be the need to shift the patient from one hospital to another. For this emergency transportation of the patient, the transportation expenses (ambulance charges) are borne by the insurer. 

AYUSH Treatment:

Apart from allopathy, if you want to try other valid ways of treatment for spinal cord tumors, then your health plan will back you up financially if it includes a spinal cord tumor cover. 

Health Check-ups:

Most of the insurers that offer medical plans with spinal cord tumor coverage offer free health check-ups once a year. 

Financial Cover:

Having financial cover at the time of a medical emergency is quite important. As the patient is already fighting disease, financial problems shall not be another battle to fight. Health insurance plans that have spinal cord tumor coverage provide much-needed financial aid.

Hospitalization and Other Expenses:

Apart from the basic hospitalization expenses, a health plan with a spinal cord tumor also covers doctor’s fees, the cost of the surgery, pharmacy bills, etc. 

Daycare Treatment:

If you require treatment for your spinal cord tumor at a hospital that does not require a stay at the hospital for the entire 24 hours, then your insurance plan will also provide cover for that. 

Cashless Benefits:

With the facility of the network hospitals, you need not carry cash with you when rushing to the hospital. The insurance provider settles the bills with the hospital without your interference.

Tax Benefits:

Health insurance plans are also liable to tax benefits under the Income Tax Act.


Spinal cord tumors can develop inside the vertebrae of some people, or they can spread from other body areas and start to grow inside the spinal cord. It is a deadly condition that can lead to neurological issues or permanent impairment. Hence, early diagnosis is prudent. If you have medical coverage with critical illness insurance from a good insurer, you won’t have to worry about expensive medical bills if you are ever diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor. Consider getting a medical insurance plan that covers this ailment in order to secure adequate financial savings against this. A good medical plan satisfies all of the insurance requirements, providing the best protection without breaking the budget. To find out more about such plans, you can get in touch with an insurance expert or search the plans that cover spinal cord tumors online.

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