Health Insurance For Tuberculosis Patients In India
Health Insurance For Tuberculosis Patients In India

Health Insurance For Tuberculosis Patients In India

Tuberculosis or TB is a highly infectious and deadliest disease that has killed many individuals across the globe. According to WHO, approximately 1.6 million people died due to TB in 2021 alone and it is one of the top 13 causes of death worldwide. 

It is a lung or pulmonary condition caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium Tuberculi. The worst aspect of this illness is how easily it can spread to other bodily parts, including the brain. 

Though there has been a rapid advancement in the medical sciences over the past few years and diseases like tuberculosis are now completely curable, having tuberculosis insurance coverage is highly essential for availing best healthcare services. Additionally, it helps lessen the strain of financial obligations so that the policyholders can give their complete attention to getting healthier.

Let’s understand tuberculosis insurance cover in detail!

What Is Tuberculosis Insurance Cover?

Tuberculosis insurance coverage is specifically designed to provide financial help to patients with TB. It covers hospitalization expenses, pre-hospitalization expenses, post-hospitalization expenses, and various other expenses so that the policyholder does not feel the pinch of paying out of his/her pocket in case he/she has contracted the disease.

How Much Does A Tuberculosis Treatment Cost?

The treatment of tuberculosis can easily drain an individual’s life savings running from tens to lakhs. The average cost of treatment for TB is around Rs. 6.9 lakhs. According to a study conducted by Wiley Online Library, in a public health facility, the median total cost for treating drug-sensitive TB patients was $170.60, and the mean cost was $235.00. Due to hospitalization, frequent doctor visits for investigations, and medications for the diagnosis/symptoms, the direct medical cost is substantial during the pre-diagnosis phase. The biggest causes of non-medical costs are travel and food (special diets).

According to Asres et al and Tanimura et al’s reports for various contexts, the indirect cost is particularly substantial during the post-diagnosis phase. This may be brought on by the patient’s and the caregiver’s lost wages/jobs and lost time (during travel and waiting for drug pickup). 

Though the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme offers free testing and treatment, the average patient costs of tuberculosis care in public health facilities are still significant.

Best Health Insurance Plans For Tuberculosis Patients In India

Let’s take a look at a few insurance plans that certainly cover tuberculosis patients in India!

Aditya Birla Capital Activ Assure Diamond Health Insurance:

The plan is a comprehensive health insurance plan that also covers the costs associated with the treatment of TB. From hospitalization to ambulance cover, the plan is designed to offer a wide range of inclusions to its policyholders. The premium for the plan starts at only Rs. 7,149 per year. 

Tata AIG Tuberculosis Insurance:

Tata AIG’s Tuberculosis Cover helps its policyholders to beat TB without breaking their banks. The plan will help individuals to enjoy all the benefits in the fullest possible way, without even worrying about expensive treatment and premium costs. The insurance starts at just Rs. 15 per day.

Niva Bupa Group Health Insurance:

Niva Bupa Group Health Insurance is one of the most comprehensive group health plans offered by the company. It provides a special mix of fixed and indemnity benefits, allows customization, enlarges the safety net to incorporate corporate floater benefits and preventative healthcare, and increases optional coverage for non-traditional forms of treatment. The plan provides coverage for a number of diseases, including tuberculosis, malaria, dengue fever, and typhoid, to name a few.

Need Of Health Insurance For Tuberculosis

Receiving the appropriate medical care at the right time can mean the difference between life and death if you have succumbed to tuberculosis. However, more than 64% of TB patients did not receive the appropriate medical care, according to the National TB Prevalence Survey carried out by the Union Government of India in 2022.

The expense of tuberculosis medical treatments is one of the primary causes. You will undoubtedly feel the pain if you don’t have health insurance for tuberculosis and must pay out of pocket. Therefore, comprehensive health insurance programs that cover TB can help in this situation.

What’s Generally Covered Under Tuberculosis Insurance?

The following are often covered by a tuberculosis health insurance policy or a tuberculosis cover:

  • Pre-hospitalization expenses
  • Post-hospitalization expenses
  • Doctor’s fees before, during, and after the treatment
  • Diagnostic tests
  • ICU and room expenses

General Exclusions Under Tuberculosis Insurance

The following conditions are usually not covered under the plan:

  • Pre-existing illnesses are covered only after a waiting period
  • TB caused due to smoking

Final Words

One should always go for health insurance for tuberculosis as it can guarantee that the policyholders will receive the appropriate medical care when they need it. 

However, one must ensure that the health insurance plan they choose covers all of the costs associated with their tuberculosis treatment. Nowadays, purchasing such health insurance is relatively simple thanks to the internet’s ability to compare options.

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