How to Add Extra Protection in Between Your Policy Period

How to Add Extra Protection in Between Your Policy Period!

Sometimes, life throws unexpected surprises, and you might realize that your current coverage isn’t cutting it. That’s when you need something extra!

To tackle this issue, adding more coverage to your Health insurance policy while it’s still active is a smart move. It gives you extra protection and peace of mind, so you’re ready for anything. Plus, it fills any gaps in your current coverage, making sure you’re fully protected in different situations. You can also customize the added coverage to fit your needs, whether it’s for your home, car, health, or something else entirely.

This post will highlight what are the prominent ways in which you can upgrade your coverage while the policy is still active.

Types Of Ways In Which You Can Add More Coverage

Let’s explore seven ways you can supercharge your insurance and ensure you’re covered when you need it most!

Increase Your Sum Insured:

Did you know you can make your insurance even stronger by increasing the sum insured? By raising your coverage limits, you’ll have more financial backup in case of emergencies or accidents.

Think of the sum insured like a safety net in your insurance. When you increase the sum insured, you are basically making that safety net bigger. So, if something bad happens, like a big accident or a major disaster, you’ve got more coverage to help you out.

Adding Riders:

What if you can customize your policy and add some more powers to it as per your needs? That’s what riders do!

Each rider is like a little bonus that covers things your regular insurance might not. For example, if you add a “critical illness” rider to your health insurance, it means you will get extra money if you’re diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer.

If you choose “roadside assistance cover” along with your auto insurance, you will get immediate help, whether it’s receiving technician services or a towing facility. So, by adding riders, you are adding more layers of coverage to make sure you are protected in different situations.

Add Top-Up & Super Top-Up Plans:

Imagine your coverage is like a bucket of water. Sometimes, you might use up all the water in your bucket before the day is over. Adding top-up and super-top plans is like having extra buckets of water ready to pour into your main bucket when it runs low.

So, top-up plans add extra coverage when your medical bills go beyond your main health insurance limit. Whereas, a super top-up plan works like a top-up plan but kicks in when your yearly medical expenses exceed a certain limit, called a deductible. It’s an enhanced version of the top-up plan. It’s like a safety net for when your total yearly medical bills stack up unexpectedly.

Converting Plans:

Some insurance plans are like shape-lifters. They can enhance your existing insurance policy to a better one.

For example, if you start with a basic insurance plan, you can later convert it to a more comprehensive one that offers more benefits and coverage.

This helps ensure that you’re better prepared for unexpected events and medical expenses.

Switching Policies:

Switching policies between insurance providers can also help enhance your coverage in two primary ways. Firstly, you may find a policy that better suits your needs, offering more comprehensive coverage or additional perks at a similar or even lower cost.

Lastly, it can also give you access to better customer service or claims-handling processes. If you’ve had issues with your current insurer’s service, switching to a provider known for excellent customer support can improve your overall insurance experience.

Bundle Policies:

Who doesn’t love a good bundle deal? Bundle policies enhance coverage by combining different types of insurance into one package.

Suppose you have a separate insurance plan for your car, health, and home. Bundling means you will get all these coverages from one insurer in a single package. This often comes with advantages like discounts and simplified documentation processes.

Plus, if something happens that affects multiple areas, like a fire damaging your car and home, a bundled policy can help cover it all. It’s like getting a combo deal that not only saves money but also provides broader protection for your various needs.

Premium Insurance Solution:

Using premium insurance solutions can enhance your coverage by offering more comprehensive protection and additional benefits.

They typically come with higher coverage limits, meaning they can pay out more in case of a claim. They may also include additional features like coverage for specialized treatments, access to better healthcare facilities, or services like worldwide emergency assistance.

While premium plans may come with higher costs, they can offer greater peace of mind and better financial protection against unexpected events.

Real-Life Examples Of Loading More Coverage To An Active Policy

To understand how adding more coverage will help you, lets’ go through the following examples!

Example 1:

Suppose Mr. X has basic car insurance that covers only accidents on the road. But then, he realizes he wants more coverage because he lives in an area prone to theft. So, he contacts his insurance company and asks to add extra coverage for ‘theft protection’ to his existing policy.

Now, if someone steals Mr. X’s car, his insurance will help him get a replacement or pay for the damages.

Example 2:

Let’s say Mr. Y has a basic health insurance plan that covers only regular doctor’s visits and some medicines. But then, he realizes he wants more coverage because he’s worried about expensive hospital bills if he gets seriously sick or injured.

So, he talked to his insurance provider and asked them to add a top-up plan to his existing health insurance. After a few months, he has to go to a hospital for surgery and the bill exceeds the coverage limit of his basic plan. In such a case, his top-up plan will help cover the extra amount that his regular insurance doesn’t pay.

Tips While Upgrading Your Coverage

Let’s talk about some tips while you are upgrading your coverage:

Talk To Experts:

First off, if you’re not sure what to do, don’t worry! You can talk to people who know all about insurance, like agents or brokers. They’re like guides who can help you figure out what’s best for you.

Check Out Different Prices:

You don’t have to stick with the first insurance company you find. Look around and see who has the best prices for what you need.

Keep An Eye On Discounts & Offers:

Some insurance companies give discounts to people for different reasons. Maybe you’re a good driver or you have a safe home. Don’t forget to ask about discounts – they can save you some money!

Keep Your Information Up-To-Date:

It’s important to make sure your insurance company has the right information about you. If anything changes, like your address or your car, let them know. This helps avoid any mix-ups later on.

Know What Your Policy Says:

Your insurance policy brochure is like a rulebook. It tells you what your insurance covers and what it doesn’t. Take some time to read it and understand it. That way, you won’t be surprised if something happens.

Watch Out Costs:

Loading additional coverage can sometimes change how much you pay each month (that’s called premiums) or how much you have to pay if something bad happens (that’s called deductibles). Make sure you are comfortable with the prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the frequently asked questions related to the Add Extra Protection in Between Your Policy Period!.

If you find that your current coverage isn’t enough to cover potential expenses, like medical bills or repairs, it might be a good idea to add more.

Yes, you can! If your circumstances change and you no longer need the extra coverage, you can talk to your insurance company about adjusting your policy again.

Nope! That’s the cool part – converting plans is usually easy and doesn’t require a ton of paperwork.

Yes, you can! When you switch your policy, you can keep the same coverage you had before, just with a new insurance company.

Yes, usually you can! Premium plans often let you pick from a network of top-tier doctors and hospitals, so you can get the best care possible.

Yes, usually you can bundle lots of different types of insurance, like home and auto or renters and health insurance. Just ask your insurance company what options are available.

It depends on your insurance company and your specific policy, but usually, there’s some flexibility to add more coverage if you need it. Just ask your insurance provider for more details.

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