Diseases Covered By Digit Health Plans

List of Diseases Covered by Digit Health Insurance Plans

Any disease can strike anyone at any time in today’s unprecedented times. Not to mention that the majority of people are leading unhealthy lifestyles, which is only causing the number of ailments to rise.

Therefore, purchasing a health insurance backup plan is extremely crucial to avoid a substantial financial load in the event of illness or disease. There are many health insurance options available on the market right now, but Go Digit Health Insurance provides one of the top health insurance plans in India.

Digit is a general insurance firm founded by Kamesh Goyal with headquarters in Bangalore and financial support from the Fairfax Group. Fairfax Financial Holdings, Faering Capital, A91 Partners, and TVS Capital Funds have all invested in the company. The policyholders are completely protected against medical crises if they choose any Digit health insurance. 

This article will discuss the details regarding the diseases covered by the company’s health insurance plans!

Relevance Of Digit Health Plans

Everyone wants to live a healthy life, but with rising medical inflation, it’s becoming more and more difficult to do so. Only taking precautions to lead a healthy lifestyle is not enough, but preparing yourself for any medical emergency is also important. In India, Digit provides comprehensive health insurance products that enable the insured to maintain good health as well as be financially prepared for medical treatments.

Being one of the top health insurance companies in India, Digit has a significant network of hospitals and service providers. The organization always strives to finish the insured’s treatment on time to preserve his life or the lives of his dependents because they are aware that even a brief delay in treatment can have catastrophic repercussions.

Top Health Insurance Plans Offered By Digit Health Insurance

Here are various health insurance plans offered by Go Digit:

  • Digit Healthcare Plus Policy
  • Digit Complete Care Policy
  • Digit Total Protect Policy
  • Digit Group Total Protect Policy
  • Digit Illness Group Insurance Policy
  • Aarogya Sanjeevani Policy
  • Corona Kavach Policy
  • Corona Rakshak Policy
  • Digit Group Hospital Cash Policy
  • Digit Group Janata Personal Accidental Policy
  • Digit Group Complete Protect Policy

Diseases Covered By Digit Health Insurance Plans

Here is the list of diseases covered by the health insurance plans offered by Go Digit:

Sl. No.Diseases Covered
4.Psychiatric Illness
6.Heart Diseases
7.Brain Tumour
8.Plastic Surgery
9.Dental Treatments
10.Stem Cell Therapy
12.Bronchial Thermoplasty
13.Robotic Surgeries

Why Should One Invest In Digit Health Plans?

When an individual chooses Digit’s health insurance plans, he/she can expect the following benefits:

  • Strong Hospital Network: The top cashless hospitals in India may be found on Digit, which provides coverage for patients of all ages. One can easily locate his nearest hospital where he may receive all of his treatment on a cashless basis thanks to the network of over 10500 hospitals and clinics it has secured around the nation.
  • Simple Online Processes: From choosing a health insurance plan to filing claims, everything is paperless, simple, and hassle-free!
  • No Co-Payment Based On Age OR Zone: With Digit health insurance, there are no co-payments based on age or zone. This means that there is no cost involved in making a medical insurance claim.
  • No Room Rent Restriction: Digit is aware that every person has individual tastes. Because of this, rent for hospital rooms is not restricted. Any hospital room is available for the insured’s choice. They are not required to pay any additional fees to choose a private room.
  • SI Wallet Benefit: The company will replenish the policyholder’s Sum Insured if he uses it up within the term of the insurance.
  • Wellness Benefits: Exclusive wellness benefits are available on the Digit App thanks to the company’s partnerships with reputable health and wellness companies.


There is no denying the fact that Digit Health Insurance is one of the top insurance companies in the healthcare sector and their pandemic-specific insurance plans further appeal to the common person. A variety of diseases are covered by Digit’s health insurance policies, enabling patients to receive prompt medical attention. 

However, some diseases may only be covered after the mentioned waiting period. Make sure you carefully read the policy documents before purchasing the plan to determine the waiting period for various conditions as well as the diseases not covered by the policy.

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