Diseases Covered by Royal Sundaram Health Insurance

List of Diseases Covered by Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Plans

Unexpected turns and twists abound in life. You can never know what will happen next in life. The only guiding principle is to be ready for life’s uncertainties. What happens if you receive a critical illness diagnosis? Unsettling, huh? That is the absolute last thing anyone would want.

Risks include hospitalisation, accident disability, serious disease, and death are more common today. As a result, you must consider more than just the necessity of having health insurance.

To look after you and your family, Royal Sundaram Health Insurance offers a variety of benefits. Royal Sundaram health insurance plans are adaptable and provide clients with a variety of alternatives for the covered sums, which may be used to meet each individual’s healthcare needs.

Importance Of Royal Sundaram Health Insurance

More and more young adults are being affected by lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Due to the shift in lifestyle and decreased physical exercise, such illnesses are common. Nowadays, kids spend much of their time in front of a computer. A rise in the consumption of processed, fast, and junk food is another trend. Due to the expanding prevalence of these disorders, healthcare costs are rising. Additionally, several of these illnesses require lifetime therapy, which can be exceedingly costly.

Through their associated TPA, Royal Sundaram’s health insurance cashless network hospital list offers you an internal locator that makes the process simpler during busy times. Under your medical needs, you can select a network hospital. Because the firm will be responsible for paying the bills, you won’t have to worry about having to pay for medical crises regularly and may enjoy seamless operations and high-quality medical treatment.

Wide Range of Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Policies

Royal Sundaram provides a variety of health insurance products to protect against a range of ailments. These plans consist of:

  • Royal Sundaram’s Lifeline Classic Health Insurance Plan
  • Royal Sundaram Hospital Benefit Plus Insurance Plan
  • Royal Sundaram’s Lifeline Supreme Health Insurance Plan
  • Royal Sundaram Smart Cash Plan
  • Royal Sundaram’s Lifeline Elite Health Insurance Plan
  • Royal Sundaram Hospital Cash Insurance Plan
  • Royal Sundaram Surgical Shield Plan
  • Royal Sundaram Secure All Plan
  • Royal Sundaram Critical Illness Lump Sum Plan
  • Royal Sundaram Surgicare Plan
  • Royal Sundaram Family Health Floater Policy
  • Royal Sundaram Top-up Insurance – Health XS and Super Health XS
  • Royal Sundaram Health Forever Insurance Plan
  • Royal Sundaram Lifeline Insurance Plan
  • Royal Sundaram Family Plus Insurance Plan

List of Diseases Covered by Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Plans

Let’s check out the list of diseases covered by Royal Sundaram health insurance plans:

  1. Cancer

Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases that are currently widespread in the world. People of all ages can develop cancer due to changes in modern living and a long medical history. To assist the survivors financially, several insurance companies offer coverage for all stages of cancer. In addition, clinicians will assist you in getting a second medical opinion to help with the diagnosing process.

  1. Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition when the patient’s blood sugar levels are elevated. Although there is typically no long-term treatment for the illness, if it is not prevented, it can result in more serious problems like heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and many others if left untreated. A diabetic patient can receive the necessary care without facing any financial burden with the aid of a Royal Sundaram health insurance plan, which is offered with comprehensive coverage.

  1. Cataract

A cataract is an eye condition that causes a person’s eyesight to become hazy. The operating expenses for cataract surgery may deplete the patient’s financial reserves. As a result, you can improve your vision quality without worrying about money thanks to health insurance policies.

  1. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (BP), also known as hypertension, is a medical disease when there is a lot of pressure exerted by the blood against the arterial wall. Significant health issues like heart disease and stroke can be brought on by high blood pressure. The costs paid when receiving treatment for hypertension may be covered by the Royal Sundaram Insurance plan.

  1. Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are cardiovascular conditions that result from problems with your heart’s normal operation. These illnesses have a high mortality rate and a protracted course of treatment. Fortunately, Royal Sundaram Health Insurance’s cardiac Insurance plan and Heart Mediclaim coverage will cover the medical costs associated with treating certain cardiac conditions.

  1. Newborn Baby Birth Defects

Birth problems like Down’s Syndrome and cerebral palsy can occur in some newborns. Their medical care may be costly and prolonged. However, the expense of treating your babies for these birth abnormalities will be covered by the Royal Sundaram insurance plan.

  1. Mental Illness

Today, people are more likely to suffer from mental diseases like depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dementia, etc. These illnesses require lengthy, potentially costly treatments. You are protected by Royal Sundaram Health Insurance policies from the cost of receiving treatment for mental diseases.


The dynamic health plans provided by Royal Sundaram Health Insurance are renowned for being tailored to the needs of the people. You can look at the insurance company’s plans if you need coverage for one of the ailments indicated above.

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