List of Diseases Covered by TATA AIG Health Insurance Plans

List of Diseases Covered by TATA AIG Health Insurance Plans

Many people today are afflicted with lifestyle disorders such as thyroid, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and others. This is partly because of the increased pressures in our environment and our indulgence in substances like smoking, drug use, and excessive alcohol consumption that exacerbate these illnesses.

Everyone can become ill at any time. You must be prepared to spend all of your savings if you are told you have a sickness that needs long-term care. After all, the cost of healthcare has reached an all-time high. Health insurance is the only option to safeguard your savings during treatment.

Continue reading for more information if you’re thinking about purchasing a Tata AIG health insurance policy.

Importance of Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans

In recent decades, medical volatility in India has not only managed to keep up with but much beyond that of retail inflation. The price of prescription drugs, physical exams, hospital stays, and procedures is continually rising. Instead of paying those outrageous medical expenditures out of your pocket, it makes more sense to pay the basic health insurance premium for the Tata AIG health insurance plan and become insured. To ensure your financial security both during and after a medical emergency, it is essential to enroll in a health insurance plan.

Tata AIG health insurance plans cover medical costs incurred while treating an injury or illness. It guarantees that the insured’s medical bills for hospitalization, surgeries, critical diseases, daycare operations, ambulance costs, maternity costs, AYUSH therapy, OPD consultations, etc., are paid by the Tata AIG General Insurance Company. The insured amounts offered by the policies range from Rs. 50,000 to 3 crore rupees.

List of Health Insurance Plans Under TATA AIG

Everyone, including individuals, families, and seniors, can get Tata AIG health insurance coverage. Also, some plans are specifically designed for maternity, COVID-19, critical sickness, etc. Check out the many Tata AIG health insurance packages available to you:

  1. Tata AIG Medi Care Plan
  2. Tata AIG Medi Care Plus Plan
  3. Tata AIG Medi Care Premier Plan
  4. Tata AIG Criti Medi Care Plan
  5. Tata AIG Medi Care Protect Plan
  6. Tata AIG Home Guard Plus Plan
  7. Tata AIG Corona Kavach Plan
  8. Tata AIG Sakhi Maternal Care Plan
  9. Tata AIG Sakhi Maternal Care Micro Plan
  10. Tata AIG Aarogya Sanjeevani Plan
  11. Tata AIG Personal Accident and Loss of Job Plan

Diseases Included in Tata AIG Health Plans

Below are some popular yet lethal diseases covered under Tata AIG health insurance plans.

  1. Critical Illnesses 

These illnesses could affect you as a result of your bad lifestyle choices. Blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, and cardiovascular diseases are all brought on by stress. These health issues, which may require lengthy therapy, currently impact even the nation’s younger population. Your funds may therefore run out after a while. But you may protect yourself against many serious illnesses, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, heart attack, stroke, etc., with the Tata AIG Criti Medicare insurance or the Tata AIG Home Guard Plus policy.

  1. Cancer

Cancer is a fatal condition in which the body’s cells grow out of control and wreak havoc on the tissues around them. Cancer therapy costs a lot of money and takes a long time. However, if you hold the Tata AIG Criti MediCare policy or the Tata AIG Home Guard Plus policy, the Tata AIG General Insurance Company will cover your medical bills.

  1. Cataract 

In this specific type of eye illness, the eye’s normal lens turns opaque. Another possibility is total blindness. The only way to prevent it is through surgery. The expense of cataract treatment is covered by insurance policies like the Tata AIG Aarogya Sanjeevani policy or the Tata MediCare policy.

  1. COVID-19

If not properly treated, this new illness is quite contagious. Elderly folks and those with weakened immune systems may experience severe problems due to it. For some people, receiving medical care at a hospital may also be necessary. Moreover, the cost of treating COVID-19 is substantial. All of your coronavirus treatment costs are covered by the AIG Corona Kavach plan.

  1. Congenital Anomalies 

Diseases or medical disorders that are present in a child from birth are referred to as congenital anomalies. Such defects may necessitate lengthy therapy, which may include surgery, depleting all of your funds. But, if you have a Tata AIG Sakhi Maternal Care plan, the insurance provider will cover your medical expenses. Additionally, both the Tata AIG MediCare and Tata AIG Criti Medicare plans include coverage for congenital internal disorders.

  1. Heart Diseases 

A heart that isn’t working properly can lead to heart problems. Without pricey treatments, many conditions could prove fatal. Health insurance plans like Tata AIG Criti MediCare and Tata AIG Home Guard Plus will cover the whole cost of your medical care.

  1. Brain Tumor 

The brain can be killed by this condition, and surgery may be required. The entire cost of treating a brain tumour is covered by the Tata AIG Criti Medicare coverage.

  1. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation 

You might develop abnormal blood clots in your body if you have this condition. You won’t have to worry about anything with the Tata AIG Sakhi Maternity Care coverage because all of your medical expenses are covered.

What Are The Advantages of Purchasing TATA AIG Health Insurance Plans?

Here are the potential advantages of buying Tata AIG health insurance policies.

  1. Benefits of Free Health Check-ups

A free check-up is included with each of TATA AIG’s health insurance plans. These examinations are permitted once a year or every two to four policy years, up to a certain limit. Individuals may maintain their health and receive routine check-ups at no cost, thanks to free health checks.

  1. Cashless Benefit

Cashless claims are available through TATA AIG’s network of hospitals. The list of networked hospitals is available on the firm website, and if you receive treatment at one of these hospitals, you won’t be responsible for paying for it. The insurance itself would take care of and pay for your expenses.

  1. Coverage against Medical Expenses

TATA AIG’s health plans have some of the best coverage features. There are special coverage benefits in addition to the standard benefits of inpatient hospitalization, day care services, ambulance fees, in-home services, pre- and post-hospitalization, etc. Some of the company’s premium plans include coverage for bariatric procedures, maternity costs, OPD costs, and other fees.

  1. Tax Benefit

If the premiums for health insurance policies are paid, a tax credit of up to Rs. 55,000 (Rs. 25,000 for individuals and Rs. 30,000 for senior persons) may be claimed under Section 80D.

  1. Additional Protection over Employer Coverage

People can choose TATA AIG health insurance policies even if they are currently enrolled in a group health plan provided by their employer. These health plans allow people to supplement their corporate health insurance. People can select plans according to their needs for coverage and increase their insured sum to cover all of their medical expenses.

The Tata AIG General Insurance Company offers a wide selection of all-inclusive policies that offer protection against many diseases. Nevertheless, not all health insurance policies offer coverage for every illness. Determining the list of diseases covered by a Tata AIG health insurance policy requires carefully reading the policy paperwork.

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