Restoration And Recharge Benefits In Health Insurance

Restoration and Recharge Benefits in Health Insurance

It is needless to say how much a health insurance plan is necessary for life as it offers protection and security against health risks. But if you have a family floater or group health policy or a plan with an insufficient sum insured option, it might be possible that your sum insured amount gets exhausted during the medical treatment or you have already used the entire limit of your health plan. In case you need a second-time hospitalization in the same year, you will be left with no coverage amount. Here, the recharge benefit of a health plan comes as a saviour and enables the health plan of the insured to take care of the healthcare expenses. So, today we are going to talk about every detail related to the recharge benefit in a health insurance plan. Have a look at the below mentions.

Know Everything About Recharge Benefit

A recharge benefit is a benefit that enables the insurance company to recharge or refill the original sum insured after the insured person has fully exhausted the sum insured for the treatment of the illnesses. Therefore, even if you have consumed the entire sum insured, you need not worry anymore because your insurance company can recharge the entire amount and you can use it in the future, only if your health insurance plan has this benefit. For this, you do not even have to pay any extra fees. 

Let us simplify this with an example, for your better understanding. Suppose, Mr. Verma has bought a health insurance plan of Rs. 5 lakhs with recharge benefit. Now, during his recent hospitalization, he has used the entire sum insured. If he again needs medical attention in the same policy year, the entire sum insured amount will automatically be reinstated to be used for a future claim, as Mr. Verma’s policy has this recharge benefit included. But, in the case of a standard health insurance plan, once you have exhausted your entire sum insured, you will have to wait until the next policy year to use the cover of your plan.

The next important and common question regarding this recharge benefit is whether it is costly or not. Remember, nothing comes free of cost. So, certainly, a health plan with recharge benefits is slightly more expensive than a standard health insurance policy. But here you are getting double benefits and you no longer have to worry about the exhaustion of your sum insured. So, when it comes to your health, it would be always wise to choose a plan with this recharge benefit.

Why Should You Opt For Health Plans With Recharge Benefits?

It would be always advisable to go with those health plans that have the recharge benefit. Want to know why? Here are the reasons.

  • When your sum insured is exhausted it will get automatically reinstated, and you can avail of the coverage of your policy.
  • You do not have to wait for the next policy year to enjoy the benefits and facilities of your health plan.
  • You no longer have to worry about the limitation of your sum insured amount.
  • You can even receive the medical attention twice a year.
  • The recharge benefit will offer you peace of mind as it relieves you from the financial worries incurred due to medical emergencies.
  • This benefit is always beneficial for the group or family floater health policies or the people who have medical histories.

Factors To Remember Before Availing Of Recharge Benefit

Before opting for the recharge benefit, you need to keep in mind certain factors that may put an effect. Here are the mentions. 

Know when the recharge benefit will be in effect

The recharge benefit may only be in effect once your entire sum insured gets exhausted. In simple words, some insurers might not recharge your sum insured until the entire limit provided under the policy is utilized. Do not forget to understand the terms and conditions of your policy to avoid future complications. 

Coverage for the same ailment

It might be possible that your insurer will not offer the recharge benefit for the same illness or ailment. This implies that if you get hospitalized for the same illness twice in a year, you might not be allowed to use the renewed sum insured. However, a few insurers allow using this benefit for the same disease. 

Type of your health insurance plan

You need to understand what type of health plan you have or you require. If you are willing to opt for a family floater or group health insurance policy, the recharge benefit will be more beneficial for you as the sum insured amount will be used by multiple people insured under that policy. Whereas in the case of an individual policy, the recharge benefit might not be that useful as the insured person has enough coverage.

Type of health conditions

If you have a medical history or if you are suffering from an ailment that requires frequent medical attention, you should opt for a health insurance plan with a recharge benefit. Not only does it keep you worry-free, but also with this benefit, you can battle against sky-rocketing medical expenses.


To sum up, it can be easily said from the above discussion that you can never apprehend the health risks and the uncertainties of life. At any time, you may require the medical attention, even multiple times in a policy year. In that case, the recharge benefit kicks in as it helps you to fight against the risk of exhausting your sum insured limit. So, it would be advisable that you understand your needs and limits, your health, and the protection that you require, and only then you decide to choose a health plan with recharge benefits.

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