Balika Samridhi Yojana

Balika Samridhi Yojana

The Government of India introduces many schemes every year for the welfare and benefit of the different sections of society. Some schemes or plans target the poor, rural areas, and economically vulnerable groups. One such similar program for girls is “Balika Samriddhi Yojana”. The scheme aims to improve the lives of girls by providing better education opportunities at the primary and secondary levels to those from financially weak families. 

Launched in 1997, the scheme offers financial support to all girls born after Independence Day in 1997. Families with girl children in both rural and urban areas of India are eligible for this program. Additionally, it seeks to prevent female infanticide and reduce the stigma associated with the birth of a girl in many parts of the country.

Read on to learn more about the Balika Samridhi Yojana. 

Eligibility Criteria for Balika Samridhi Yojana

Here is a list of Balika Samridhi Yojana’s eligibility criteria. 

  • Urban dwellers, including families living in slums, will be included in the BSY program, regardless of their official identification.
  • Families engaged in occupations such as selling vegetables and fruits, collecting recyclable materials, and handling payments will also be eligible for coverage.
  • It includes girls born on or after August 15, 1997, from economically disadvantaged families, who will receive benefits.
  • Each family, regardless of the number of children they have, will receive benefits for two girls.

Interesting Highlights of the Balika Samridhi Yojana

Listed below are the interesting aspects of the Balika Samridhi Yojana. All the eligible girl children will likely receive the following benefits;

  • A Rs. 500 grant at birth.
  • Annual scholarships for girls born on or after August 15, 1997, who are registered under BSY.
  • Scholarships of Rs. 300 per year for Classes I-III.
  • Rs. 500 for Class IV and Rs. 600 for Class V.
  • Rs. 700 per year for Classes VI-VII and Rs. 800 for Class VIII.
  • Rs. 1,000 per year for Classes IX-X.

What are the Key Features and Benefits of Balika Samridhi Yojana?

Here is a list of the key features and benefits of Balika Samridhi Yojana. 

  • Unmatched Financial Assistance 

One key benefit of the scheme is that it offers financial help to families to support the education and well-being of their girl children. This aid covers costs such as tuition fees, books, and uniforms, making it easier for families to send their daughters to school. As a result, more girls enrol in school and attend classes regularly.

  • Discourage the Practice of Child Marriage 

Another major benefit of the Balika Smaridhi Yojana is that it encourages education for girls, which helps delay marriage. By focusing on their studies, girls are less likely to get married at a young age. Thus, it gives them the opportunity to make better decisions about their lives and future.

  • Financial Inclusion 

One of the major scheme’s benefits is that it motivates families to open bank accounts for their daughters. This promotes financial inclusion and teaches the value of saving money. Having a bank account helps ensure that girls can manage their finances independently when they grow up.

  • Skill Development 

Another major highlight of the scheme is that it also supports programs that teach girls practical skills. These skills make them more employable and self-reliant, helping them to find jobs and support themselves. This initiative aims to break the cycle of poverty in many communities.

  • Empowering Families

Last but not least, the Balika Samriddhi Yojana provides financial aid and promotes education for girls, which improves families’ economic and social status. Thus, it would ultimately disrupt the cycle of poverty and promote gender equality, leading to a more balanced and fair society.

How to Apply for Balika Samridhi Yojana?

If you are interested in applying for the scheme, the steps listed below are what you will need to follow.

In the first step, you will need to obtain the Application Form.

  • Urban Areas: Collect the application form from Health Department functionaries.
  • Rural Areas: Obtain the application form from Anganwadi workers.

Alternatively, download the application form from the official BSY website. Note that there are separate forms for rural and urban residents.

In the second step, you will need to complete the application form with accurate details to avoid any confusion and delays.

When it comes to submitting the application form-

  • Urban Areas: Submit the filled application form to the Health Department functionaries.
  • Rural Areas: Submit the filled application form to the Anganwadi workers.

Disbursement and Withdrawal of Benefits

The process for depositing and withdrawing benefit amounts under the Balika Samriddhi Yojana is as follows:

Release of Payments:

The Department of Women and Child Welfare of the Indian Government releases the payments.

Reception by State and Union Territory Governments:

The State and Union Territory governments receive the released amounts.

Disbursement to Implementing Agencies:

  • The State or Union Territory administrations release the payments to the respective implementing agencies.
  • The agencies, using the ICDS scheme’s infrastructure, disburse the amount to the beneficiaries in both rural and urban areas

Documents Required for Balika Samridhi Yojana

The following are the documents required to apply for the scheme. 

  • Proof of Identity and Residence: Aadhar card, Passport, Voter ID, Utility bills (for residence verification)
  • Proof of Age: Birth certificate/School certificate
  • Income Certificate: BPL (Below Poverty Line) card, Income declaration from a competent authority
  • Bank Account Details: Bank account passbook, Account holder’s name, account number, and IFSC code.
  • Photographs: Provide passport-sized photographs of the girl child along with her parents or guardians.
  • Occupation Proof (if applicable): If parents work as rag-pickers, payment vendors, or vegetable/fruit sellers, provide proof of their occupation.
  • Caste Certificate (if applicable): If applicable, submit a caste certificate for verification of caste-based reservations and benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the frequently asked questions related to the Balika Samridhi Yojana. 

A girl child born into a Below Poverty Line (BPL) family or an Economically Weaker Section (EWS) family.

At birth, the eligible girl child’s mother receives a one-time payment of Rs. 500.

Up to two girls from a single eligible family can receive benefits.

No, there is no deadline. You can apply for the Balika Samriddhi Yojana at any time.

No, post-paid mobile bills can only be used as proof of address. You need to provide a government-authorized document as proof of identity.

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