How To Link Aadhaar Card with Voter ID

How To Link Aadhaar Card with Voter ID?

In India, possessing both a Voter ID and an Aadhaar card is imperative for identification purposes. Connecting the Aadhaar number with an individual’s voter ID card proves to be a robust measure against the existence of counterfeit or duplicate voter ID cards under a single individual’s identity.

To combat fraudulent and spurious voter ID cards, the Government of India has launched a new initiative, encouraging citizens to link their Aadhaar cards with their Voter ID cards. This initiative aims to monitor and deactivate any illegitimate or duplicate voter ID cards in circulation. The provided information outlines various methods for linking Aadhaar with a Voter ID or Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC), elucidates the advantages of holding a Voter ID card, and provides the latest news and updates on this integration process. Stay informed about the ongoing efforts to enhance the credibility and authenticity of the electoral system in the country.

Why Is it Important to Link Aadhaar with Voter Card?

The government’s push for citizens to link Aadhaar and EPIC (Election Photo Identity Card) is part of its broader strategy to minimize the prevalence of black money in the economy. While holding multiple Voter cards may not be a punishable offense, possessing more than one Voter ID card under an individual’s name is illegal.

The initiative to link Aadhaar with the Voter ID card serves as a preventative measure against such discrepancies. By connecting these two essential documents, individuals can steer clear of potential inconveniences and ensure compliance with the legal significance of both the Aadhaar card and the Voter ID. This alignment not only contributes to reducing the circulation of black money but also reinforces the integrity of the electoral system by curbing any unauthorized or duplicate registrations.

Both the Voter ID card and the Aadhaar card hold significant importance as KYC (Know Your Customer) documents, and establishing a link between the two can facilitate seamless access to various services in the future. If you have not yet linked your Voter card with Aadhaar, consider reading this comprehensive guide that outlines the step-by-step process to ensure a smooth and successful linkage. This proactive measure not only enhances the convenience of accessing services but also aligns with regulatory requirements, promoting a more secure and streamlined identification process.

How to Link Voter ID with Aadhaar Card?

If you want to link voter ID with your Aadhaar card, then there are many ways that you can do so. Let’s discuss each method in detail.

Via NSVP Portal:

  • Go to the official NVSP portal.
  • Click on the “Search Electoral Roll” option located in the top right section.
  • Upon proceeding to the next page, you will be redirected to an electoral search form. Here, you are presented with two options: “Search by Details” or “Search by EPIC No.”
  • For the former, you must provide your address information, assembly constituency, date of birth, name, age, and gender.
  • As an alternative, you can use the second option to search by state and EPIC number.
  • Once the necessary information has been entered, Enter the security code and select “Search.”
  • Your voter ID details will be displayed on the following page if the information you supplied matches the information in the government database.
  • On the left side of the screen, select the “Feed Aadhaar No.” option.
  • After that, a pop-up window will appear and ask for your EPIC number, Aadhaar card name, UID number, and registered email address or phone number. Here, click “Submit.”

You will receive a notification after completing the aforementioned steps confirming that the online Voter ID link registration with an Aadhaar card has been successful.

Via SMS:

You can link your voter ID and Aadhaar number by sending the following formatted SMS to 166 OR 51969:


Via Phone:

Another convenient method for linking Aadhaar with Voter ID is by calling 1950 on weekdays between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Follow these steps when making the call:

  • Call 1950 during the specified weekdays and hours.
  • Provide your Voter ID and Aadhaar card information to the customer care executive for linking.
  • Subsequently, furnish your Aadhaar number and EPIC (Election Photo Identity Card) number to the customer care executive.
  • The provided data will undergo verification, and once the verification process is completed, your Aadhaar and Voter ID will be linked.

This telephone-based method offers a simple and accessible way to ensure the linkage of your Aadhaar card with your Voter ID, contributing to the overall efforts to maintain accuracy and authenticity in the electoral system.

Voter Helpline App:

By installing the Voter Helpline App from the Google Play Store or App Store, you can link your Aadhaar card to your voter ID. To link your voter ID with Aadhaar on the Voter Helpline app, take the following steps:

  • Download the Voter Helpline App from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • After setting it up, select the ‘Voter Registration’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Electoral Authentication Form (Form 6B)’ and select ‘Let’s Start’.
  • Enter the official mobile number linked to your Aadhaar card.
  • Enter the OTP sent to the registered number and click on ‘Verify’.
  • Next, select ‘Yes I Have Voter ID’, and click on ‘Next’. Enter your Voter ID number (EPIC) and the required details.
  • Click on ‘Proceed’, enter the Aadhaar number, place of authentication, and registered mobile number, and click on the ‘Done’ button.
  • Check the details and click on ‘Confirm’ for the submission of your Form 6B. You will receive the reference number to track the status of your application.


This concludes the discussion on various methods for effortlessly connecting your Voter ID and Aadhaar. While the government emphasizes that linking these two documents is optional and not mandatory, doing so offers several benefits. It can safeguard you against potential fraud, serve as confirmation of your voter registration, and even function as evidence affirming your Indian citizenship.

Frequently Asked Questions

A deadline for connecting Aadhaar and Voter ID has not been announced by the government. As a result, you can do it whenever.

The government has made the linking of Aadhaar with voter ID optional. The decision to link your voter ID with Aadhaar is entirely up to you.

Your voter ID card number is your EPIC number. That’s the special number that appears on your voter ID card.

The application to integrate Aadhaar with Voter ID is free to submit. It is not expensive.

Form 6B is the “Aadhaar number letter of information for electoral roll authentication.” This form is used to link your voter ID to your Aadhaar number and share it with the Indian Election Commission.

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