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Your health is your most valuable possession. Your overall health affects every part of your life. Health problems have gotten worse as a result of shifting lifestyles, which has put an additional financial strain on the family. Therefore, it becomes essential to have health insurance in place to ensure that, regardless of how serious your disease is, it does not jeopardise your financial security.

A combined health and critical illness plan, the HDFC Life Easy Health Plan offers the greatest level of defence against hospitalisation, critical illness, and surgical operations. The coverage will be offered for a maximum of five years. You can choose to pay one-time or recurring premiums. Critical illnesses can be anything from cancer to cardiac arrest to paralysis to organ transplant to coronary artery bypass surgery to renal failure to stroke.

Read on to know more about the HDFC Life Easy Health plan, its eligibility criteria, inclusions, exclusions, and more.

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the eligibility criteria for choosing HDFC Life Easy Health Plan.

Minimum Entry Age (last birthday)18 years
Maximum Entry Age (last birthday)65 years
Minimum Maturity Age (last birthday)23 years
Maximum Maturity Age (last birthday)70 years
Policy Term (minimum)

Critical Illness –

Regular Pay: 2 years; Single Pay: 1 year

Hospitalization/ Surgical Procedures –

Regular/ Single Pay: 3 years

Policy Term (maximum)5 years
Premium Payment FrequencySingle / Regular Premium
Premium Payment ModeOne-time / Yearly
Premium**Single Pay

Minimum: Rs. 428

Maximum: Rs. 4,04,279

Regular Pay

Minimum: Rs. 633

Maximum: Rs. 1,22,068

Coverages Available Under HDFC Life Easy Health

Here is the list of important information about HDFC Life Easy Health.

Daily Hospital Cash Benefi­tAvailable
Surgical Benefi­tAvailable
Critical Illness Benefi­tAvailable
Daily Hospital Cash Benefi­t + Surgical Benefi­tAvailable
Surgical Benefi­t + Critical Illness Benefi­tAvailable
Daily Hospital Cash Benefi­t + Critical Illness Benefi­tAvailable
Daily Hospital Cash Bene­fit + Surgical Bene­t + Critical Illness Bene­tAvailable
Surgical Benefi­t and Daily Hospital Cash Bene­fitAvailable
Coma of Speci­fied SeverityCovered
End Stage Lung FailureCovered
Major Head TraumaCovered
Multiple Sclerosis with persisting symptomsCovered
Parkinson’s DiseaseCovered

Features & Benefits of HDFC Life Easy Health

The following are the salient features and benefits of HDFC Life Easy Health.

  1. Flexibility

The PPT, or premium payment term, is adjustable under the plan. Depending on your advantage or convenience, you can select a single or regular premium.

  1. Benefit of Daily Hospital Cash

The plan provides a daily hospital cash benefit, under which you will get a specific benefit each day. Depending on your demands and requirements, this monetary advantage may range from Rs. 250 to Rs. 5,000.

  1. Surgical Bene­fit

The plan provides its members with a surgical benefit in which a lump-sum payment is made if they are diagnosed with any of the 138 medical procedures listed in the policy.

  1. The benefit of Critical Illness

In the event that a policyholder is diagnosed with one of the 18 critical illnesses listed in the policy, the plan provides a lump-sum payout as part of its critical illness benefit.

  1. Avail Multiple Claim

In the event that you or a member of your family needs to be admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), the plan will offer a twofold benefit. You can utilize the HDFC Life Easy Health Plan’s Multiple Claims functionality as well.

  1. Tax Advantage

According to Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961, you may be eligible for tax benefits on the premiums paid for the plan.

What Is Not Covered Under HDFC Life Easy Health?

Here is the list of the things not covered under HDFC Life Easy Health.

  1. The policy does not provide coverage for the treatment of congenital illnesses or deformities, including physical flaws that are present from birth.
  1. The hospitalization and/or surgery were not necessary for the condition for which they were needed, as determined by the diagnosis and course of therapy;
  1. Any condition related to the benefits that are covered for which the insured had symptoms or signs, was diagnosed, or sought medical attention during the waiting period.
  1. Elective surgery or other non-essential treatments;
  1. Losing weight or gaining weight, whether due to a medical condition that is the direct or indirect cause;
  1. Research into and care for sleep apnea;
  1. Regular eye exams, any aesthetic dental work, extraction of impacted teeth, orthognathic surgery, or therapy for tempero-mandibular joint disorders, unless they are required by an accident that requires hospitalization
  1. Non-hospital care
  1. Hospitalization or surgery linked to infertility or impotence, sex change or other related treatments, abortion, sterilisation, or contraception, including any problems related to any of the aforementioned procedures;
  1. Hospitalization and/or surgery for treatment of pregnancy-related issues, including births or miscarriage, and complications;
  1. Hospitalization is primarily used for any procedure that ordinarily might have been done as an outpatient and that isn’t followed by active therapy or intervention while the patient is in the hospital.
  1. Hospitalization for treatment under any system other than allopathy; experimental or unproven operations or treatments, equipment, or pharmacological regimens of any sort (not approved by Indian Medical Council);

Premium Illustration of HDFC Life Easy Health

Let’s take an example to understand!

A man, named Mr Rahul Dika, who is 30 years old, working as a content writer at Accenture looking to buy an HDFC Life Easy Health. Earlier, he was tensed and after asking his relatives, family, and friends, someone suggested him buy HDFC Life Easy Health to protect against the alarming medical issues.

Here’s what he will get under different circumstances.

AgeDaily hospital cash benefitSum insured-Policy termPremium
30 YearsYesRs. 5,00,0005 years

Rs. 11, 817

(Including Taxes and Levies as applicable)

30 YearsYesRs. 3,00,0005 years


(Including Taxes and Levies as applicable)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of the frequently asked questions related to HDFC Life Easy Health.

The policy term is set at five years. Additionally, you may only pay premiums for benefits if the full payout for those benefits has not yet occurred. Only at the time of policy creation will the mediclaim policyholder have the choice to select one of the aforementioned plan options.

You have two payment options for your premiums: yearly (regular premium) or one-time (Single Premium).

During the term of the insurance, customers cannot change the plan selections or the Sum Insured.

Service taxes and other fees will be charged when purchasing this package, yes.

Yes, this policy does cover total glossectomy.