How To Check PLI Status?

How To Check PLI Status?

PIL or Postal Life Insurance is a profitable scheme offered by the government to offer you higher returns on your life insurance plan premium. Only employees of the Central and State Governments, Public Sector Enterprises under the State and Central Government, Universities, Local Bodies, and Government Aided Educational Institutes are eligible for a PLI or Postal Life Insurance Policy, in contrast to the standard Life Insurance Policy. The rapid advancement of technology has allowed for the addition of numerous facilities that make it simple for policyholders to monitor the status of their policy.

Thus, read this page further to learn how to track the status of your Postal Life Insurance policy.

What Are The Benefits Of A Postal Life Insurance Policy?

Here is the list of the potential benefits of choosing the PLI policy. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Superlative Returns: When compared to other Indian insurers, PLI delivers the highest insurance coverage and the best bonus while requiring the lowest premium payments. This is one of the biggest advantages of choosing PLI.
  1. Nominee Appointment and Modification: PLI allows for the nomination of a nominee for the policy. Additionally, during the course of the policy, the insured may change the nominee.
  1. Policy Pledge: In order to obtain a loan, the insured person may pledge the policy to the Heads of the Circle. After the endowment assurance insurance has been in effect for three years, the policyholder may use the service. This period of time is 4 years for the whole life assurance policyholder.
  1. Assignment Facility: By assigning his or her insurance to any financial institution, the policyholder is also allowed to take out a loan.
  1. Restoration of a Cancelled Policy: After a policy has expired, the insured is allowed to bring it back into effect. A policy will expire if an insured person with less than three-year-old insurance misses 6 consecutive premium payments. If the policy is older than three years, it will be cancelled if 12 consecutive premiums are not paid.
  1. Issuance of Duplicate Policy Documents: Duplicate policy documents may be issued if the originals are lost, burned to the ground, frayed, or otherwise damaged.
  1. Policy Conversion: A whole life insurance policy can be changed into an endowment insurance policy by the policyholder. According to the established guidelines and standards, a change may be made between different endowment assurance programs.

How To Check Your Postal Life Insurance Status?

Now, you can easily check the status of your postal life insurance policy using three different methods:

  1. Via their Postal Life Insurance online account

To check your Postal Life Insurance policy status online, follow the steps shown below:

  • Visit the India Postal Life Insurance official website
  • After that, you will need to Log in to your account using your customer ID and password.
  • When you have successfully entered the id and password, simply click on the ‘Proposal Track’ button
  • Enter your Proposal Number
  • Click on the ‘Check Status’ button
  • The status of your policy will be displayed on the screen.
  1. Via Website

If you want to check the status of your policy, you can also use the website method.

  • Visit the Indiapost official website page.
  • On the homepage, you will need to click “insurance” >postal life insurance.”
  • After that, simply click the “login” button and enter your customer ID and password.
  • Next, enter the captcha code and select the login button. Make sure you enter the correct captcha code to avoid re-enter.
  • Once you log in, you can trace your policy status by giving the policy number details on the page.
  • The system will generate status based on the policy selected.
  1. Via Email

To know the status of their Postal Life Insurance policy, policyholders can write to either

Other ways to check the status of your policy

  1. Call

If you want to call India post, make sure you dial the following toll-free number. Toll-Free No. – 18002666868 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Except Sundays & Gazetted Holidays)

  1.  Office Visit

To check the status of your policy, you can even visit their branch office that deals with all kinds of insurance-related queries.

Office Address:

Directorate of Postal Life Insurance,

Chanakyapuri Post Office Complex,

1st Floor, New Delhi – 110021

Forgot Password and Customer ID of PLI Account? Here’s What To Do


In case you have forgotten your password, you can easily recover it by following the steps shown below:

  • Visit the India Postal Life Insurance official website
  • Click on the ‘Login’ button
  • Select ‘Forgot Password
  • Enter your registered mobile number, email address and customer ID
  • Enter the captcha
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button
  • You’ll receive an email on your registered number wherein you’ll find a link and click on it to set a new password.

What if You Forget your Customer ID?

If you have forgotten your customer ID, you can recover it by following the steps shown below:

  • Visit the India Postal Life Insurance official website
  • Click on the login button
  • Select ‘Forgot Customer ID.’
  • Enter your Policy Number, Sum Assured, First Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Mobile, Number and Email Address
  • Enter the captcha
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button


So, finding out the status of your insurance is a very easy and hassle-free task. All you need is a mobile phone or laptop with a secure internet connection. Customers of Postal Life Insurance can monitor their policies through the aforementioned processes, as well as check the dates for their premium payments and the projected payout they will get at the conclusion of the term.

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