How To Renew a Driving License?

Is the validity of your driver’s license expiring or soon to expire? Would you like to extend your driver’s license? It’s crucial to understand how to renew a driver’s license or how to conduct a DL renewal if you wish to apply for one after it has expired. Under “The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988”, having a current driver’s license is deemed necessary. It is an official document that the Indian government has approved as legal evidence allowing you to use your car on public highways. It is not sufficient to only have a license; you also need to update or renew it as soon as it expires. 

If you are seeking guidance on renewing your driver’s license, your search ends here! This post will guide you step-by-step through the driver’s license renewal process.

Driving Licence (DL) Renewal: Is It Necessary?

A driving license is a document granted by the state government, allowing an individual to run vehicles on the road. Drivers must carry the license while driving, serving as both an authorization and proof of identity. However, a driving license is not for a lifetime; its validity is determined by the applicant’s age. Upon expiration, it is important to renew to avoid running into hassles later. 

It is no secret that timely renewal of your driver’s license is important, as driving a vehicle with an expired or invalid license is illegal. Violators may face penalty charges or even imprisonment if caught driving without a valid license. Thus, it is important to adhere to the renewal process to ensure legal compliance and road safety. 

The positive aspect is that a driving license can be renewed within 30 days after its expiration. Even if the expiry date surpasses the grace period, renewal is still possible by paying a nominal fee. Now, many individuals may be curious about the process of renewing their driving license online. The steps for driver’s license renewal are simple and easy. Let’s dive into them!

Process to Renew Driving Licence Online

If you want to renew your driving license online, here are the steps you will need to follow.

  • Go to the official website of Parivahan Sewa (The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ designated portal).
  • Locate the “Online Services Tab”.
  • From the drop-down menu, you will need to select “Driving License Related Services”.
  • Choose the state for which you want to renew your license.
  • Upon redirection to a new page, close the “Contactless License Services” pop-up window. Then, select “Apply for DL renewal” from the available options.
  • In the next step, review the provided instructions on the new page for online license renewal. Click on the “Continue” button located below after going through the process.
  • Fill in the necessary details such as Driving License Number, Date of Birth, and Captcha Code. After entering the information, click “I accept to have read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for processing my personal data into the system.” Proceed by clicking the “Proceed” button.
  • Then, upload the required documents, digital signatures, and passport-size photographs.
  • Complete the process by making the payment using UPI, Net Banking, or Credit/Debit Card.
  • Once you have completed these steps, you will be issued an application ID and all the application details will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS. These are steps that you will need to follow for the online renewal of your driving license.

Renewal of Driving Licence Offline

Not interested in the online renewal of your DL? Here are the steps you will need to follow.

  • Go to your nearest RTO office.
  • Obtain Form 9 and complete all the necessary details, including your Name, Date of Birth, and DL number.
  • Gather all the necessary documents and submit them, along with the duly filled and signed Form 9.
  • Then, you will need to pay the prescribed fees for the DL renewal.
  • By following these steps, you can easily apply for the renewal of your driving license through the offline process.

Documents Required for Renewal of Driving Licence after Expiry

Here is the list of the documents needed for the renewal of your driver’s license after its expiry.

Whether you opt for offline or online driving license renewal, you should have all the documents. Ensure you have all of these documents ready before applying for the renewal of your driving license. Let’s take a look at the following documents.

  • Expired Driving License
  • Form 2 is the application for driving license renewal. You can easily obtain it via your local RTO or online.
  • Address proof (Passport, Aadhaar Card, Ration Card, Voter ID)
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • Age proof (Birth, Certificate, Education Certificate)
  • Form 1A
  • Medical Fitness Declaration (For Transport Vehicle Drivers and seniors)

Note: The specific documentation requirement may vary based on your location and rules set by the respective Regional Transport Office (RTO). It’s advisable to check the official RTO website or contact them directly for any location-specific requirements.

How to Check Driving Licence Renewal Status?

Here is the complete list of steps to check the status of your driving license renewal.

  • Visit the official website of Parivahan Sewa.
  • On the home page, navigate to the “Online Services” tab and select “Driving License Related Services”
  • After that, select the state’s name. Close the pop-up window. Then, find the “Application Status” in the top right corner in the yellow-color box.
  • Then, you will need to enter the application number, and date of birth, and then enter the captcha code. After that, click on the “submit” button.
  • After entering the necessary information, you will be able to view the present status of your driving license application.

When you follow these steps, you can easily check the status of your driving license application through the official website.

Points to Remember About the Renewal of a Driving License After Expiry

The following are the points to keep in mind about the renewal of your driving license after expiry.

  • To renew your driver’s license, ensure it’s done within 30 days of the expiry to avoid fines, which may vary based on the type of DL you have.
  • The renewed DL for a non-transport vehicle is valid for 5 years, while for a transporting vehicle, it’s valid for 3 years.
  • When applying offline, you will need to bring all required documents to avoid any complications in the renewal process.

Rules and Guidelines to Follow When Renewing Your Driving License

Whether you are considering an online or offline process to renew your license after expiry, vehicle owners must adhere to certain rules and regulations to complete the procedures in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

  • Ensure all documents (scanned copies for online applications) are easily accessible when applying for the DL renewal online.
  • For online applications, you can book a slot according to your preferences.
  • Ensure a fast and stable internet connection.
  • Exercise caution when entering your details during the payment procedure.
  • Provide a valid mobile number for communication and updates.
  • Stay informed about your state’s regulations as some states are considering moving entirely to online processes for driving license renewals.


Renewing your driver’s license is a simple process, offering the flexibility of either online or offline process. Opting for the online method is convenient and helps applications renew their driver’s license at their own pace. This approach eliminates the need for a physical visit to a center, streamlining the entire process. It is crucial to note that driving without a valid license on public roads is not advisable and can lead to legal consequences. Regularly monitoring the validity of your driving license is essential to prevent any issues in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be an annual fine of Rs. 1,100 for an individual whose driving license expires within a year. He or she will also need to pass a license competency exam. In that scenario, the applicant will be required to pay a session cost of Rs. 50 along with the learner’s fee of Rs. 300.

Yes, you can! Within 30 days, you must notify the Regional Transport Office (RTO) if you want to make any adjustments to your driver’s license. An NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the present RTO is required if you are moving to a different state.

Both private and business license applications follow a similar procedure. The paperwork that must be submitted is the only distinction. A Driver Refreshing Certificate must be submitted by the applicant for heavy motor vehicles.

A renewed driver’s license has a specific validity which is determined by the kind of vehicle it is allocated to. For drivers of private automobiles, a renewed driver’s license is good for five years. On the other hand, for the drivers of commercial vehicles, the validity period is 3 years.

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