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Traffic Challans in Bengaluru

The responsibility of the traffic department likewise grows as there are more vehicles on the road. One of the cities with considerable traffic is Bengaluru, and as a result, the traffic laws are equally stringent. Anyone attempting to violate a traffic law should be prepared to pay significant penalties and fines. Seat belts are required in autos, and it is illegal to ride without insurance, a license, or a registration sticker on a two-wheeler or as a pillion passenger.

The Karnataka Transport Department has revealed statistics showing that 686 people died and 4,129 were injured in traffic incidents in Bengaluru in 2018. Officials have publicly stated that two of the main causes of such high numbers are careless driving and traffic infractions.

When the entire of India is taken into consideration, the numbers become worse. The government recently updated the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 to reduce the high incidence of traffic fatalities and instill a feeling of responsibility among drivers.

Important Traffic rules in Bengaluru That Every Vehicle Owner Should Know

Here are the traffic rules in Bengaluru that every vehicle owner should know.

  1. Never drive after drinking. It poses serious risks to other drivers on the road in addition to being dangerous for you.
  1. Transport all of your papers. Even if your vehicle is registered, you could still be charged with driving an unregistered vehicle if you do not have sufficient documentation. Maintain possession of all necessary documents at all times, and be prepared to show them upon request.
  1. Avoid using your phone while you are driving. Distractions from your phone for a brief period could cause you to lose focus and cause a serious accident.
  1. Extend cooperation with other cars by delivering and receiving hand and motor signals correctly. Always drive defensively and carefully.
  1. Always wear a seatbelt when you are in the car’s driving seat.
  1. While riding your bike, you must carry your driving license, Insurance Papers, RC book, regular PUC certificate, and tax document.
  1. Do not forget to wear a properly fitting helmet while riding a motorbike or scooter.

List of Traffic Challan/Fines in Bengaluru

There have been updates with information on the fines the Bengaluru traffic police have assessed. Let’s examine the most recent penalties issued in compliance with the law regarding traffic:

ViolationRevised Traffic Penalties in Bengaluru
Driving/Riding Without a LicenseRs. 5000
Over SpeedingLVM: Rs. 1000- Rs. 2000MPV/HPV: Rs.2000- Rs.4000 (and Seizure of license)
Driving/riding while on the mobile (handheld)Rs. 5000
Driving with no seatbelt onRs. 1000
Racing and SpeedingRs. 5,000, For repetitive violation Rs. 10,000
Driving without insuranceRs. 2000, For repetitive violation- Rs. 4000
Drunk DrivingRs. 10,000, for repetitive violation- Rs. 15,000
Obstructing while an emergency vehicle goes byRs. 10,000
OverloadingRs. 2000 and disqualification of license
Driving/riding after being disqualifiedRs. 10,000
Juvenile offencesRs. 25,000 cancelling registrations for a year, will be ineligible for a driving license till 25 years of juvenile’s age.
Bribe OfferingDouble the total payable penalty of a roadside violation
Driving with no requisite ticketRs. 500
Aggregator with no driving licenseRs. 25,000- Rs. 1,00,000
Honking in a silent zoneRs. 2000, For repetitive violation- Rs. 4000
Operation of oversized vehicleRs. 5000- Rs. 10,000
Not adhering to the order of authoritiesRs. 2000
Riding without a helmet (both rider and the pillion rider)Rs. 1000

What Documents Do I Need to Carry to Avoid Traffic Fines?

Here is the list of the documents that you should carry the following documents to avoid traffic fines in Bengaluru:

  • Driving Licence
  • PUC Certificate
  • Registration Papers (RC)
  • Insurance policy papers.

How to Pay Bengaluru Traffic Challan Online?

People in Bengaluru can pay the e-challan online by following the steps given below:

  • Go to the Bengaluru Traffic Police’s official website.
  • Select the option to pay a traffic ticket.
  • Decide which infraction the traffic challan was issued for.
  • Type the notice number or the vehicle registration number.
  • Enter the driver’s information once the challan amount is available.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Select an online payment option and complete the transaction.
  • Following successful payment of the challan amount, a payment confirmation will be received.


Bengaluru residents frequently use Paytm to pay traffic fines online. You can pay the fine right away thanks to this cashless approach to fine payment. Here are the three steps to take:

  • Visit your Paytm profile.
  • Type the city’s name in.
  • Type the challan or vehicle number.
  • Select a payment option. You can use a debit or credit card, Paytm, or net banking to pay the fine.

This service is offered around the clock. A confirmation of the payment will be sent to your registered phone number and email address as soon as it is made.

Via Offline:

What should you do if you receive a challan but are unsure of how to pay it? Look below.

  1. Go to the regional transport office (RTO) in your area to pick up a copy of the challan.
  1. Complete the transaction at a bank that has been authorised. A list of these banks is available on the RTO website.
  1. Hand over the paid validated challan to the RTO.
  1. After the challan has been verified, you will receive a receipt as proof of payment.

Note: The fine amount varies depending on the offence.

Frequently Asked Questions

A vehicle owner can pay an e-challan offline at any of the city’s traffic police stations.

The authority to collect such a fine rest with a branch office in the traffic maintenance division above the ASI’s rank which has been given a traffic fine receipt book.

As long as you have the digital version downloaded, you don’t need to carry your original RC papers.

Proceed with the following steps to check traffic fines in Bengaluru.

Step 1 – Visit the traffic police department’s webpage in Bengaluru.

Step 2 – Open the e-challans payment section.

Step 3 – Choose the appropriate violation type for an e-challan issue under the heading “Traffic Violation Payment.” The SMS sent to you regarding challan issues will include information about the violation kind.

Step 4 – Next, input the e-challan number or the registration number for your car.

Step 5 – After entering it, the screen will display how many challans have been issued for your car.

Once you have finished reviewing the Bengaluru traffic fine online, pay the amount to avoid the inconvenience of non-payment.

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