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Traffic Challans in Hyderabad

Being one of the fastest growing cities in India, there is a lot of traffic in Hyderabad as well as violations of traffic rules on the road. To overcome this, Hyderabad traffic police is doing a fabulous job in managing the traffic across the city.

Hyderabad traffic challans may now be given online while traffic is being remotely monitored. The traffic police can monitor and issue e-challans with the use of CCTV cameras that have been installed across the city.

Continue reading to learn more about the challans and traffic laws that the traffic police in Hyderabad have implemented in the city.

Important Traffic Rules In Hyderabad

The following are some crucial traffic laws and guidelines in Hyderabad to follow in order to avoid receiving a traffic ticket:

  • No matter if one is driving in the city or on a lengthy trip, always keep your vehicle’s documentation up to date. If the car is stopped for a routine check, the documentation will save the driver a lot of headaches. Hyderabad Traffic Police may issue an e-challan if the driver fails to submit the documentation.
  • Helmets should always be worn by two-wheeler drivers and pillions whether operating a motorbike, scooter, or scooty. Helmets shield the riders from potentially catastrophic head injuries in two-wheeler accidents, which can be lethal for both the rider and the passenger.
  • The use of cell phones while driving is one of the most frequent causes of accidents in India. Driving while talking on the phone or sending text messages might be risky and susceptible to fines also.
  • When changing lanes, turning, or making a U-turn, always use turn signals or turn indicators. Using turn signals is necessary whether driving a two-wheeler or a four-wheel vehicle. Accidents can be fatal when drivers suddenly change lanes without giving any warning.
  • Whether the driver is operating a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, or four-wheeler, overloading is a serious offense. Never put too many people or things in the car. If the car is found to be overloaded, the driver could face steep fines and perhaps have his license suspended by the traffic police.
  • It might be risky to pass a car from the incorrect side, especially for two-wheelers. If the driver is riding a two-wheeler, never pass a four-wheeler from the left side. Before attempting an overtake, give the driver the appropriate signals.

List Of Traffic Challan/Fines In Hyderabad

To reduce traffic offenses in the city, the Hyderabad Traffic Police has modified the fines and penalties for increasing violations. To deter people from breaking traffic laws, fines have been raised. For current Hyderabad e-challan or traffic fines and penalties, please see the table below:

Traffic Violation (Offence)Fine
Driving without a valid driving licenseRs. 500
Driving without a valid insurance policyRs. 1,000
Driving without a Registration Certificate (RC)Rs. 2,000
High-speed/Dangerous/Rash drivingRs. 1,000
Overloading of auto-rickshaws with school childrenRs. 100-200
Riding without a helmetRs. 200
Violation of No Entry/One Way/U-TurnRs. 200
The vehicle is driven by a physically/mentally challenged personRs. 200
Driving without a PUC certificateRs. 1,000
Driving on the wrong side of the roadRs. 1,100
Violation of stop line/laneRs. 200
Jumping the red-light signalRs. 1,000
Use of mobile phone while drivingRs. 1,000
Driving the vehicle under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and other intoxicating substancesCourt
Illegal parking of the vehicleRs. 1,000
Overloading a goods vehicleRs. 200
Carrying persons in a goods vehicleRs. 200

Documents Required To Avoid Traffic Challans/Fines In Hyderabad

In order to avoid traffic challan in Hyderabad, one must keep the following documents in hand while driving on roads:
  • A valid driving license
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate
  • Registration Certificate of the vehicle
  • Vehicle’s insurance policy documents

How To Pay Traffic Challan/Fines In Hyderabad?

There are two ways through which one can pay traffic challans in Hyderabad. They are as follows:

Online Payment:

In case one wishes to pay the challan through an online method, one must adhere to the following steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Hyderabad Traffic Police.
  1. Place the cursor on the “Services” menu.
  1. Now click on the “E-Challan Status” option.
  1. Enter the vehicle registration number, answer the verification question, and then press “Go”.
  1. Now verify e-challan details and make payment online via any online method available on the website.
  1. Once the challan payment is successful, save the print receipt for future reference.

Offline Payment:

One can visit the nearest branch office of Hyderabad Traffic Police and pay the challan amount via cash or any other available payment mode. It is also important to collect the payment receipt after doing the payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Traffic Police Officer will visit your registered address and collect the e-challan fee if you fail to pay the traffic challan in Hyderabad. You will be issued a summons by the court if you fail to resolve the Hyderabad traffic e-challan. Additionally, if you don’t show up in court, your license could be suspended.

In Hyderabad, pending traffic challans are limited to a total of 10. A person can spend a day in jail if they have more than 10 pending challans.

Yes, as long as the helmet is of high quality and displays the ISI certification mark, you are permitted to wear a half-face helmet in Hyderabad. It is risky to wear a helmet that isn’t up to par because it would not be able to resist the impact of a fall. Additionally, you can face consequences for donning a subpar helmet.

You could occasionally receive the incorrect challan as a result of a mistake in the traffic police database or for other reasons. For clarification in certain circumstances, call the Traffic Police Cell at (040) 2785 2721. To remedy the problem, you could alternatively go to the closest traffic police station.

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