Digital Health Incentive Scheme

Digital Health Incentive Scheme (DHIS)

In today’s tech-dominating landscape, every industry is contributing to a structured, sustainable, and scalable path to forge abundant revolutionary opportunities. And healthcare industry is not an exception. 

Thus, the National Health Authority (NHA) has announced a Digital Health Incentive Scheme (DHIS) as a part of the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission to enhance the digital healthcare system in the country. The initiative helps to provide attractive financial incentives to a multitude of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, diagnostic centers, clinics, laboratories, and multiple digital healthcare platforms. 

In this post, we’ll learn about the ins and outs of this popular scheme and its associated benefits. Let’s dive in!

Overview of Digital Health Incentive Scheme (DHIS)

Launched with effect from January 1st, 2023, the DHIS program encourages the adoption of transformative digitization in the healthcare industry, ensuring that medical services are accessible to all. The main purpose of the scheme is to ensure that the Indian population obtains digital health services and high-quality healthcare.

Under the initiative, if health facilities or hospitals are found eligible, they have the opportunity to earn financial incentives of up to Rs. 4 crores. Their eligibility criteria are based on the number of digital health records they generate and then link to ABHA (Ayushman Bharat Health Account). If you want to know whether you’re eligible to nor, let’s take a look at the following eligibility criteria;

  • Healthcare facility or a hospital with 10 or more beds located in-house.
  • Should have dedicated laboratory and diagnostic centers
  • Must be registered with ABDM’s Health Facility Registry

Did you know?

As per the reports from last year of June 2023, more than 1200 healthcare facilities and renowned facilities have already registered under the scheme, comprising nearly 600 public and nearly 638 private hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic labs. 

Furthermore, they have collectively gathered a massive incentive totaling Rs. 4.80 crores.

Some of the popular hospitals that have already earned incentives are:

  • AIIMS Delhi
  • AIIMS Raipur
  • AIIMS Bhopal
  • Lok Bandhu Rajnarayan Combined Hospital
  • KC General Hospital
  • KGMU (King George’s Medical University)

It is no secret that the scheme is committed to fostering transparency in treatment incentives for all the associated parties.

Benefits of Digital Health Incentive Scheme (DHIS)

Here are some potential benefits of the DHIS scheme:

Enhanced Healthcare Delivery:

DHIS makes it easy for everyone to access their health records, cutting down on the hassle of processes like signing up, making appointments, and IPD admission and discharge. This smooth process helps make healthcare work better for both patients and doctors by using resources wisely.

Incentives for Digitization:

The program provides rewards to all healthcare facilities and digital solution companies that spend on going digital. These rewards encourage people to take an active role in looking after their health using digital tools and platforms, creating a more involved and well-informed group of patients.

Elevated Quality of Care:

DHIS guarantees patients to enjoy better health care with easy access to electronic health records. Digital health incentives under the scheme are key in motivating people to embrace healthier habits, leading to overall improved health results. 

Creation of a Robust Digital Health Ecosystem:

DHIS helps create a strong digital health system in different healthcare places. It collects health data, which is useful for taking care of patients and doing broader research for public health. Looking at this data gives useful information to make healthcare better over time. Moreover, DHIS also boosts access to healthcare, especially in remote areas, using digital solutions.

What are the Incentives Under the Digital Health Incentive Scheme?

Type of EntityBase Level CriteriaIncentive
Hospitals/Nursing homes/Clinics100 transactions/month₹20 per additional transaction above the base level
Labs/Diagnostic Facilities/Pharmacies100 transactions/month₹20 per additional transaction above the base level
Digital Solution Companies

For hospitals/labs/clinics/nursing homes/pharmacies using their software

  • 100 transactions per month per facility
  • Minimum 10 associated facilities

For health locker/teleconsultation transactions

  • 500 transactions per month per facility
₹5 per additional transaction above the base level
Insurance ProviderFor every insurance claim transaction linked with the ABHA address filled by the hospital through the Health Claim Exchange₹500 per claim or 10% of the claim amount, whichever is lower

When to claim Incentives under the Digital Health Incentive scheme?

The total incentive amount for health facilities will be determined at the end of each calendar month, taking into account the digital transactions recorded in their HFR (Health Facility Registry) accounts by ABDM. In case of any calculation errors, health facilities or DSCs (Digital Solution Companies) can seek assistance by contacting

Each calendar month will be divided into two payment cycles. Claims that are submitted on or before the 5th day of the month will be processed during the first payment cycle. Claims entered after the 5th day but before the 20th day of the month will be processed during the second payment cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

ABDM, the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, is designed to create the foundational framework for maintaining an integrated digital health infrastructure in the country. DHIS is a part of the ABDM scheme, which primarily aims to promote the adoption and utilization of digital health solutions.

DHIS is open for Digital Solution Companies (DSCs) that are registered in ABDM’s Health Facility Registry (HFR), as well as health facilities such as hospitals and diagnostic labs.

Incentives will be calculated and provided for claim settlement every month, following the guidelines specified in the DHIS.

No. The scheme is exclusively applicable to healthcare facilities operating within India and transactions conducted within the country. However, it does include international teleconsultations if the consulting doctor or one of the consulting doctors is based in India, irrespective of the location of other participants in the group consultation.

For Health Facilities:

  1. If not registered, start by registering on the HFR.
  1. Use ABDM-enabled software to create health records. If you’ve already registered as a Health Facility in ABDM, log in and proceed directly to STEP 3.
  1. Register for DHIS by adding bank details through the facility login.

For Digital Solution Companies:

  1. First resgiter on ABDM sandbox.
  1. Integrate and go live with health facilities.
  1. Register for DHIS by adding bank details through the sandbox login.

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