Health Insurance for Thyroid

Health Insurance for Thyroid

There is a gland in our body, placed in the lower position of our neck, which is called the thyroid gland. Though it is a small gland, it influences different actions of our body such as metabolism, temperature control, growth and development. In the case of women, it controls menstruation, pregnancy and foetus development. The hormones that are secret from this gland play a significant role in the management and regulation of our body. Some people suffer from thyroid problems, and it is very common among individuals. This happens due to the abnormal secretion of the hormones. The main reason for this is our lifestyle. Our food habits, sleeping routine and lifestyle of the 21st century have made thyroid problems common among people. 

Treatment of thyroid can be costly. As thyroid problems have become very common, many health insurers have come up with different health insurance products that cover the thyroid and related ailments. Before the inception of a health policy, going through the pre-policy medical medical check-up was mandatory for most of the health plans, where thyroid can be detected. If you are already diagnosed with a thyroid condition, then you must disclose your health condition before buying any health policy. The policies that cover the expenses related to thyroid treatment are relatively costlier than the basic health plans.

Cost of Thyroid Treatment in India

Different government hospitals in India offer thyroid treatment free of cost or at minimum cost. However, in the case of private hospitals, the scenario is different. The thyroid treatment cost differs from one place to another. Usually, it ranges between Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 3 lakhs. But if the condition of the patient is severe, or if the thyroid is raising different other health issues, then the cost of the treatment goes up. In that case, it can really dig a hole in your pocket.

Do The Health Insurance Policies Cover Thyroid Treatment?

As this is a common health condition, most health insurance providers offer coverage for the expenses incurred due to thyroid. The insurance policies that are comprehensive and offer robust coverage offer this coverage. While the thyroid is covered, the medicines related to the treatment of the thyroid may not be covered by your health policy whereas the medicines can be costly as well in the long run depending on the severity of the condition. There are a handful of insurance providers that offer coverage for the medicines as well. Therefore, read the policy schedule carefully before choosing the health insurance product.

What Are The Advantages of Health Policies Having The Cover for Thyroid?

Here are the important mentions.

  • To keep the thyroid under control, one needs to go through long-term medications. These medicines, thyroid treatment and diagnostic tests are quite expensive and can put you in financial trouble. If you have a health insurance policy with thyroid cover then you do not have to worry about the treatment costs.
  • The medicines that are usually prescribed for the treatment of thyroid are moderately expensive. Since the treatment is a long-term process. Therefore, you have to continue the medicines for the long run. Certain health plans also offer coverage for these medicines so that there would be no hindrances in your treatment.
  • Many insurers offer cashless treatment for the conditions of thyroid as well. If a cashless benefit is there, you do not have to pay the bills initially. So you can start your treatment without worrying.
  • Thyroid can lead to lower blood pressure, obesity, depression, etc. It can also lead to different health conditions that can be treated without 24-hour hospitalisation. Under the Daycare Procedure section, you can avail of this benefit where you will be reimbursed for the treatment of the ailments caused by thyroid.
  • Your health insurance policy is eligible for tax benefit under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of India. Therefore, your policy with thyroid cover provides you the tax benefit too.
  • The medical costs are not immune to inflation. In fact, medical bills are skyrocketing. To combat this inflation, one should have a health insurance policy so that your thyroid can be treated with the best care and medications without digging a hole in your savings.
  • Outpatient medical consultation costs are known as OPD expenses. Many health insurance policies offer coverage for OPD expenses incurred due to the treatment of the thyroid.


The symptoms of thyroid can take time to show up. You may not even know that you are affected by thyroid. Therefore, timely and regular health check-ups are very important. This is a chronic health condition that requires long-term treatment. So, the cost of the treatment in the long run will be expensive as well. For that, one should have a health insurance policy that comes up with the cover against the expenses of thyroid treatment. Research the policies, read the exclusions and inclusions, compare the premium amount carefully, and only then go for a policy that can cater to your needs.

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