Diseases Covered By Care Health Insurance Plans

List of Diseases Covered by Care Health Insurance Plans

No one can avoid disease or illness, no matter how healthy he/she is. What comes with it is the pile of medical bills that can exhaust one’s savings in no time. keeping in mind the pace of inflation, medical expenses are skyrocketing daily. Fortunately, Care Health Insurance (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance) has developed several health insurance policies that can cover several diseases and medical procedures, including some unique and rare ones. It is a specialized health insurer offering products in the retail segment for Health Insurance, Top-up Coverage, Personal Accident, Maternity, International Travel Insurance, and Critical Illness, along with Group Health Insurance and Group Personal Accident Insurance for Corporates, Micro Insurance Products for the Rural Market, and a Comprehensive Set of Wellness Services. With its operating philosophy being based on the principal tenet of consumer-centricity, the company has consistently invested in the effective application of technology to deliver excellence in customer servicing, product innovation, and value-for-money services.

Importance of Care Health Plans

The health insurance policies offered by Care Health Insurance Company not only offer a wide range of health products but also provide coverage against a bundle of illnesses, diseases, and medical procedures, including Covid-19, general diseases, psychiatric disorders, diabetes, unique health hazards, and many more. Considering the nature of medical expenses, it can be said that the costs will keep rising in the coming days.

Therefore, this company has designed its products in a customer-friendly way so that the policy-seeker can customize the plan(s) according to his/her needs. This insurer also offers top-up plans so that the insured person can get some extra coverage, as the top-up plans act as a cushion to the existing medical insurance policy.

Care Health Insurance has a wide range of network hospitals, so customers can avail of the cashless claim facility without any hazard. It is one of the leading health insurance providers in the country, having a claim settlement ratio of 95.2%. The company’s health plans come with a pile of benefits and facilities to keep the insured persons protected and secure health-wise and financially.

What Are The Health Insurance Policies Offered By Care Health Insurance Company?

Care Health Insurance Company has come up with a sack full of health insurance plans that can cater to the varied needs of various individuals to protect their health and finance against multiple diseases. Some of the important mentions are as follows.

  • Family Health Insurance
  • Individual Health Insurance
  • I Crore Health Insurance Plan
  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance
  • Maternity Health Insurance
  • Health Insurance for Diabetes
  • Heart Health Insurance 
  • Super Top-up Health Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Health Mediclaim 
  • Operation Mediclaim

A list of covered diseases by Care Health Insurance

This company offers protection and security against a wide array of illnesses, diseases, and medical procedures. Some of the important mentions are as follows.

Serial numberName of the diseases/illnesses and procedures covered
1.Chemotherapy and radiotherapy
2.Dialysis coverage
3.Major organ replacement
4.Paralysis, blindness, major burns, stroke
5.Pulmonary thromboembolism
6.Benign brain tumor
7.Implantation of the pacemaker of the heart
8.Balloon valvotomy or valvuloplasty
9.Heart valve replacement or repair
10.Maternity cover and newborn baby cover
11.Congenital diseases cover
12.Coronavirus treatment
13.AYUSH coverage
14.Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
15.Medical and non-medical coverage for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high BMI conditions
16.Primary (idiopathic) Pulmonary Hypertension
17.Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator
18.Aplastic anemia
19.Major organ transplant
20.Surgery to place ventricular assist devices or total artificial hearts

Benefits of Care Health Insurance Plans

Once a policy-seeker opts for a Care Health Insurance Policy, he/she is going to avail of a sack full of benefits and facilities. The important ones are mentioned below. Have a look.

Cashless Hospitalization:

The company has come up with more than 1200 network hospitals spread all over the country so that the insured person can find out the most suitable one within his/her vicinity. These network hospitals help one enjoy the company’s cashless claim facility.

Online Facilities:

To keep pace with the growing demand of digitalization, Care Health Insurance Company has presented a number of online facilities including renewal, buying a product, calculation quotation, general updates, filing claims, etc. through which an insured person can do multiple insurance related work at his/her own pace. This not only saves time and energy but also has made the performance smoother and easier.

Number of Products:

This company serves more than ten health insurance policies. So, a policy-seeker can find many health policies under one roof and can choose according to his/her convenience. 

Dynamic Products:

The health insurance policies offered by Care Health Insurance Company are dynamic and flexible. The insured person can customize the policy such as selecting policy tenure, premium payment term, and add-on covers as per his/her needs. 

Easy Claim Settlement Process:

For most health insurers, the claim settlement process is a lengthy and complex process. However, fortunately, Care Health Insurance has kept its claim settlement procedure very simple and customer-friendly so that one can get the claim amount within the stipulated time period without any hassles. 

Lifetime Renewability:

Most of the health plans of Care Health Insurance Company have come up with the facility of lifetime renewability. This enables an insured person to avail of the benefits of the coverage for the remainder of their life. 

Wide-spread Customer Care Services:

The company is well-connected to its consumers through more than 158 official branches, registered and licensed agents, insurance brokers, and a huge number of employees. Therefore, whenever the insured needs any assistance from the company, their customer executives will be always there 24×7.


To keep oneself protected and secure against the health risks that one is exposed to, purchasing a health insurance policy is very important as it acts as a guard against diseases, illnesses, and different health hazards. And, when it comes to health insurance plans, Care Health Insurance is an important mention. However, before buying a health insurance policy, it is recommended to go through the plan brochure thoroughly for a better understanding of the inclusions and exclusions to avoid future complications.

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