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Founded in 2008, Canara HSBC Life Insurance Company Limited is a collaborative venture primarily supported by Canara Bank, which holds a 51% stake, and HSBC Insurance (Asia Pacific) Holdings Limited, which owns 26% of the company. Additionally, Punjab National Bank is a significant shareholder, possessing a 23% stake. This partnership brings together substantial banking and insurance expertise to offer comprehensive financial products.

Among its diverse offerings, Canara HSBC specializes in a variety of pension plans designed to provide a stable source of income for individuals in their later years following retirement from active employment. Canara HSBC’s pension plans are crafted to address these needs, offering retirees the financial security necessary to enjoy their golden years with peace of mind and without financial stress. 

With a Canara HSBC pension plan, individuals can look forward to a future that is both relaxed and worry-free, knowing that their financial requirements are well taken care of.

Benefits of Pension Plans by Canara HSBC

Here is a list of the key benefits of Canara HSBC Pension Plans. 

  • Guaranteed Pension/Income

One of the key benefits of Canara HSBC pension plans is that they provide a reliable and steady income after retirement. Depending on your investment choice, you can opt for a deferred plan, which begins payouts after a specified period, or an immediate plan, which starts providing income right after you invest. This ensures financial independence post-retirement. To better plan your retirement needs, you can use a retirement calculator to estimate the amount you’ll require.

  • Tax Efficiency

Many of Canara HSBC’s pension plans offer significant tax advantages. Under the Income Tax Act of 1961, specifically Sections 80C, 80CCC, and 80CCD, you can receive tax exemptions on your investments in these plans. Additionally, the power of compounding allows your retirement funds to grow substantially over time, helping to build a sizeable retirement corpus.

  • Long-term Savings

Another major benefit is that these pension plans by Canara HSBC encourage long-term savings by allowing individuals to contribute consistently over their working years. The assets in the plan grow through investment earnings, which lead to compounded savings. This disciplined approach ensures a substantial amount of savings available upon retirement.

  • Multiple Investment Options

Canara HSBC provides flexibility in both payment methods and payout options for pension plans. You can choose to invest a lump sum and receive monthly annuity payments or opt for a deferred annuity plan that accumulates interest until the payouts begin. This flexibility allows investors to select options that best suit their financial needs and goals.

  • Death Benefit

Last but not least, Canara HSBC pension plans include a death benefit provision. If the policyholder passes away while the plan is still active, their family or designated beneficiaries may receive a death benefit. This feature ensures that your loved ones have financial support when needed and that they continue to benefit from the pension plan even in your absence.

Top Canara HSBC Pension Plans

Here is a list of the top Canara HSBC Pension Plans that you can consider to ensure you can enjoy golden years of retirement.

1. Smart Guaranteed Pension

The Smart Guaranteed Pension offered by Canara HSBC Life Insurance is a guaranteed annuity product. It is a Non-Linked Non-Par Individual Deferred Annuity plan that provides flexibility in premium payments, allowing you to pay in instalments. This plan ensures a regular guaranteed income stream, which assures a comfortable retirement.



Entry Age (Age as attained on last birthday)

30 years to 80 years


Minimum: Will be subject to minimum annuity Installment

Maximum: No Limit

Premium Payment Term (PPT)

4 to 10 years

Deferment Period

PPT, PPT+3, PPT+5 years

Premium Payment/ Annuity Installment Frequency

Annual, Half-yearly, Quarterly and Monthly

Key Features & Benefits: 

These are as follows:

  • Guaranteed Lifelong Income

One of the major benefits of the plan is that it offers secure guaranteed lifelong income by locking in your annuity rate today, ensuring financial stability throughout your retirement.

  • Wide Range of Annuity Options

Choose from a variety of annuity options tailored to meet your specific financial needs and preferences.

  • Flexible-Premium Payment Term (PPT)

Different Premium Payment Term options offer policyholders flexibility, allowing them to select a payment schedule that aligns with their financial planning.

  • Annuity Payout Frequency

Simply select your preferred annuity payout frequency according to your financial requirements. Options include annual, half-yearly, quarterly, and monthly payouts.

2. Secure Bhavishya - Unit Linked Pension Plan

The Canara HSBC Life Insurance Secure Bhavishya Plan is designed to offer a unique blend of equity participation and capital protection aimed at enhancing your retirement corpus while safeguarding it. This product enables you to benefit from potential growth in equity markets, thereby boosting your retirement savings. The plan is structured to provide a balanced approach, which allows you to capitalize on market opportunities while maintaining the security of your retirement assets, ensuring a stable and secure financial future.



Minimum Age 

25 Years 

Maximum Age 

70 Years 

Minimum Policy Term

10 Years 

Maximum policy term

Less than 80 Years 

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Guaranteed Maturity (Vesting) Benefit

One of the major highlights of the plan is that the policyholder shall receive a guaranteed maturity benefit equivalent to 101% of all premiums paid, including any top-up premiums, provided all due premiums are paid as per the plan terms. This ensures that your investment is protected and grows over time.

  • Unlimited Top-Ups

Depending on your retirement needs and financial goals, you have the flexibility to make unlimited top-up payments. This feature allows you to enhance your retirement corpus as per changing circumstances and market conditions.

  • Customizable Vesting Age and Premium Payment Term

The policyholder can customize the plan to suit your specific requirements by choosing the vesting age and premium payment term that best aligns with your retirement goals and financial situation.

  • Flexible-Premium Payment Modes

Furthermore, it enables you to choose between annual or monthly premium payment modes based on your convenience and cash flow preferences. This flexibility ensures that the plan adapts to your financial planning needs over time.

3. Pension4life Plan

The Canara HSBC Life Insurance Pension4life Plan offers a smart solution for securing a regular guaranteed income stream tailored to your post-retirement needs. This plan operates as an annuity product, ensuring that you receive consistent annuity instalments in exchange for a Purchase Price.

By opting for the Pension4life Plan, you can plan your retirement with confidence, knowing that you will receive a predefined level of annuity payments regularly. This financial certainty allows you to maintain your lifestyle and meet ongoing expenses without worrying about market fluctuations or financial volatility.



Minimum Age

30 Years 

Maximum Age

80 Years

Speaking of Option 4 (Immediate Life Annuity with Return of Purchase Price) & option 6 (Deferred Life Annuity with Return of Purchase Price (Single Life))

All other options- No Limit 

Purchase Price (Single Premium) & Annuity Instalment

Minimum Purchase Price: Rs.2,00,000

Minimum Annuity Instalments may include; 

  • Rs.12, 000
  • Rs.6,000
  • Rs.3,000 and 
  • And Rs.1,000 respectively 

for Yearly, Half-Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly mode.

Maximum Maturity Age

Not Applicable

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Wide Range of Annuity Options

The policyholder can choose from a diverse array of annuity options that suit your financial goals and lifestyle preferences, which ensures flexibility in how you receive your income post-retirement.

  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Another major benefit is that you can enjoy the assurance of a guaranteed lifetime income stream directly credited to your bank account, which provides financial stability and caters to your ongoing needs throughout retirement.

  • Joint Life Annuity Option

The policyholder can opt for regular payments that continue for as long as either you or your partner is alive, ensuring financial support for both spouses during their lifetimes.

  • Immediate or Deferred Annuity

The policyholder can easily select between immediate annuity payments, which start soon after the purchase, or deferred annuity payments, which begin at a future date of your choosing. This flexibility allows you to align your income with your retirement planning timeline.

4. Saral Pension

The Canara HSBC Life Insurance Saral Pension offers a dependable solution for securing a regular guaranteed income stream tailored to your post-retirement needs. This plan operates as a Single Premium Non-Linked Non-Participating Individual Immediate Annuity Plan, ensuring simplicity and reliability in managing your retirement finances.

With Saral Pension, you can ensure financial security during your retirement years with a predetermined income stream that starts immediately after the single premium payment.



Minimum Age 

40 Years

Maximum Age

80 years

Annuity Term

Whole life

Annuity Options

Option 1 – Life Annuity with Return of 100% of Purchase Price

Option 2 -“Joint Life Last Survivor Annuity with 100% Return upon Last Survivor’s Death”

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Safety Net for Family

One of the major highlights of the plan is that it provides financial security to your family with the option of returning the purchase price in the event of your death. This feature ensures that your loved ones receive the initial investment amount, offering them a safety net during challenging times.

  • Option to Surrender in Case of Critical Illness

Another major benefit is the flexibility to surrender the policy and receive benefits in case of critical illness, which provides financial support when you need it most.

  • Flexible Annuity Installment Frequency

It enables you to personalize your annuity payments to suit your financial needs by choosing from instalment frequencies such as Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, or Yearly. This flexibility allows you to manage your cash flow efficiently and align your income with your expenses.

  • Enhanced Annuity Amount

The policyholder can easily secure a higher annuity amount by opting for a higher purchase price. The plan incentivizes higher investments with better annuity rates, which ensure that you maximize your retirement income.

How Does the Canara HSBC Pension Plan Work?

Mr Suresh Dangwal, who works in a manufacturing business, decides to invest in this Canara HSBC Pension4Life Plan as he approaches retirement. He pays a lump sum premium to the insurance company, and in return, he selects an annuity option that suits his needs. 

If Mr Suresh opts for the immediate annuity with a return of purchase price, he begins receiving regular payments immediately after retirement, which ensures a stable income. Upon his death, the purchase price (initial lump sum) is returned to his nominee. This plan provides financial security for Mr Suresh’s retirement years and ensures that his family is supported after his demise.

Buying Process: How to Buy Canara HSBC Pension Plan

If you are interested in buying the Canara HSBC Pension Plan, listed below are the steps to follow. 

  • Visit the official website of Canara HSBC Life Insurance.
  • After that, you will need to hover over “Life Insurance Plans” and then go to “Retirement Plans”. On the right-hand side, click on the “View All” option. 
  • When you scroll down a bit, you will then see a list of the pension plans. Suppose you want to buy a “Pension4Life Plan”. Simply click on the “Know More” button. 
  • The moment you click on it, you will need to find the “Meet Our Advisor” section. Under that, simply enter your first name, email ID, mobile number, Pincode, select your city, and select the source (Where did you find out about us?)
  • Once you are done entering all the details, simply click on the “Submit” button. 
  • After that, the company’s representatives will contact you and help you in buying the pension plan from Canara HSBC. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the frequently asked questions related to the Canara HSBC Pension Plans. 

You can visit your nearest branch in person with your policy documents and a filled surrender form. Once accepted at the counter, your policy will be cancelled, and refunds will be directly credited to your bank account.

No, rider benefits are not available for Canara HSBC pension plans.

Canara HSBC pension plans offer various premium-paying terms, such as Single Pay, Limited Premium Payment, or Regular Premium Payment.

Yes, policyholders can make an early withdrawal from their pension plan by surrendering the policy, subject to certain terms and conditions.

The nominee can choose to receive the entire death benefit proceeds or use partial or entire proceeds to purchase an immediate annuity plan from the insurance provider.