Bike Insurance Add-On Covers

Bike Insurance Add-On Covers

It is crucial to have a bike insurance plan to guarantee the critical financial protection required in an emergency. By paying a small additional payment, a policyholder can choose add-on covers to extend the coverage of the basic two-wheeler insurance plan

Bike insurance add-on covers are extra protections that are available with both comprehensive and standalone own-damage two-wheeler insurance plans. Although the bike insurance add-on covers come at an additional cost, they are well worth it because they greatly enhance the coverage of a basic plan.

List Of Bike Insurance Add-On Covers

Each two-wheeler insurer has a different selection of two-wheeler insurance add-ons. A general insurance company offers its clients the following additional two-wheeler insurance cover:

  • Consumable Cover

A consumable add-on cover in bike insurance offers additional coverage to the consumable items of a bike, such as nuts, bolts, pipes, grease, engine oil, etc. that are not covered under a basic bike insurance policy. Consumables are the components or elements of the bike that, upon usage, are entirely consumed. These cannot be replenished again and are not reusable. 

A bike insurance’s consumable add-on cover provides supplemental coverage for consumables that are excluded from a standard bike insurance policy. No matter how tiny the consumable products are, the add-on protection enables the insured to save money on them all. The normal bike insurance policy, which can be either a solo own-damage bike insurance policy or a comprehensive bike insurance policy, can optionally include this add-on cover.

  • Roadside Assistance Cover 

When a policyholder’s two-wheeler breaks down in the middle of the road, the roadside assistance add-on protection offers them immediate assistance. Even if a minor accident occurs, this add-on policy provides the insured with services like tyre puncture, jump start, etc. By paying a small additional premium on top of the premium for your bike insurance plan, a policyholder can obtain this add-on cover.

When you venture outside to explore, a roadside assistance cover serves as a dependable ally. In the event that you become stranded in the middle of the road, the insurance provider will offer towing, on-the-spot repairs, a different mode of transportation, emergency lodging, along with the key replacement with the help of this cover. This service is offered even if your car is involved in an accident and needs to be towed to the closest service facility or network garage for repairs. 

  • Zero Depreciation Cover

Depreciation is the decrease in a two-wheeler’s value brought on by normal wear and tear over time. You must choose a zero depreciation to enhance your normal bike insurance plan if you want to receive the full bike insurance claim settlement amount without having any reductions.

“Zero Depreciation” cover is also known as “Nil Depreciation.” This coverage is available with both a comprehensive and a standalone own-damage two-wheeler insurance policy. It provides 100 percent depreciation for all of your two-wheeler’s parts, except tyres, batteries, and tubes, which are covered at 50%. 

  • Personal Accident Cover 

A two-wheeler insurance policy’s personal accident cover provides the policyholder with compensation in the event of bodily injuries, permanent disability, or death resulting from an accident or other disaster. According to the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, the coverage cap is set at Rs. 15 Lakhs. 

A policyholder is only eligible for PA insurance if they have a current driver’s licence. The policyholder can purchase this add-on insurance by paying a small premium amount because it provides additional coverage. The insured must pay an additional premium to obtain this add-on insurance, which provides additional coverage.

  • Return To Invoice Cover

Return to Invoice is an optional add-on that covers the difference between the bike’s invoice price and the insured declared value, or IDV, as well as any relevant registration fees and other taxes. The policyholder may purchase this additional coverage along with either a standalone own damage policy or a complete bike insurance policy. 

If the bike of the policyholder is severely damaged and rendered useless, this insurance coverage is valid. This add-on is not valid for minor loss or damage, though. In the event of a total loss or theft, this add-on, which costs about 10% more than a normal comprehensive and standalone own-damage coverage, enables the policyholder to recover registration fees, depreciation amounts, and road tax fees in addition to the bike’s selling price.

  • Key Replacement Cover

When you purchase a new bike, you might not wonder what will happen if the keys of your bike are lost or get misplaced. It is, after all, a really difficult and stressful position. It takes a lot of time because you have to wait a while before your bike maker sends you the new keys. Moreover, a bike key replacement is also more expensive now.

Therefore, you should choose a two-wheeler insurance add-on called key replacement cover that provides coverage for the costs associated with replacing or repairing the covered bike’s keys. A policyholder can add a key replacement cover to a standalone own damage or comprehensive bike insurance plan by paying a little higher premium amount.

  • Engine Safe Cover

Engine safe add-on insurance provides coverage for losses or harm to your bike’s engine that results from lubricating oil leaks, water intrusion, physical damage to gearbox or differential components, or engine failure brought on by trying to start a wet engine. Both a standalone own damage two-wheeler insurance plan and a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan allow for the purchase of this add-on policy. 

All bike owners are recommended to purchase the engine-safe bike insurance add-on. For those who live on or close to streets that frequently flood during rainstorms or in flood-prone areas, it is strongly advised. It is also recommended for owners of high-end motorcycles with expensive engine components.

  • Daily Allowance Cover

When your bike is being repaired, you can commute in a private vehicle with the help of a daily allowance or downtime allowance add-on policy. If your bike is in the shop for longer than two days, this bike insurance add-on protection gives you a daily allowance of up to Rs 500, for up to two weeks. The amount of the compensation and the number of days can, however, change between insurance carriers. Only those who have comprehensive bike insurance and whose bikes are being repaired at authorized shops are eligible for this coverage.

  • Tyre Damage Cover

A bike insurance plan’s tyre protection cover is an add-on that provides coverage for the cost of the bike’s tyre’s replacement or repair. This insurance provides coverage for cuts of any kind, unintentional losses, and damages to tyres, as well as labour costs incurred when tyres need to be replaced or repaired. With a comprehensive or standalone own damage bike insurance plan, a policyholder can choose this add-on for a slightly higher premium cost.

  • Accessories Cover

You might wish to get them insured as well if your bike includes high-end non-electrical and electrical accessories. A policyholder can guarantee coverage against any loss or damage to those pricey accessories with the use of this add-on cover. When purchasing a bike insurance policy, you must estimate the entire cost of the extras your bike is outfitted with in order to qualify for this additional protection cover.


Bike insurance add-on covers come in handy in enhancing the basic policy coverage and providing assistance at the time of contingencies. By paying just a little extra amount, you can ensure extra protection with such add-on covers. It is always recommended to analyze your needs before zeroing down on any bike insurance add-on cover.

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