Navi General Two Wheeler Vs. Liberty General Two-Wheeler Insurance

Navi General Vs. Liberty General Two-Wheeler Insurance

For those who commute in cities, towns, or even villages, two-wheelers provide an economical personal transportation option. Having a two-wheeler makes sense in places where driving a car or bus is difficult because of poor road conditions. In addition, compared to four-wheelers, they are much more affordable. The Motor Vehicles Act, however, mandates that you obtain two-wheeler insurance.

Many would prefer to accept the least expensive insurance on offer. Even if you might initially save a little money, you might come to regret your choice. When it comes down to buying two-wheeler insurance, Navi General Two-Wheeler Insurance and Liberty General Two-Wheeler Insurance are the two popular options that one can consider to protect their vehicles against natural and man-made disasters. Since both insurers are incredible in their own ways, choosing the right one could be a potentially daunting task.

If you want to make the right investment, let’s understand each two-wheeler insurance by these two insurers in detail!

Differences Between Navi General Two-Wheeler Insurance & Liberty General Two-Wheeler Insurance

Let’s take a look at the comparison between Navi General Two-Wheeler Insurance and Liberty Two-Wheeler Insurance.

ParametersNavi General Two-WheelerLiberty General Two-Wheeler Insurance
Claim Settlement Ratio (2021-22) IRDAI ReportThe claim settlement ratio is 117.97% (Motor Insurance).On the other hand, Liberty General’s two-wheeler insurance has a claim settlement ratio of 62.84% (Motor Insurance).
Cashless Network GaragesUnder two-wheeler insurance by Navi General, there are 1000+ cashless network garages.There are 4300 network garages under Liberty General’s two-wheeler insurance.
Personal Accident CoverThe personal accident cover under Navi General’s two-wheeler insurance is Rs. 15 lakhs.With Liberty General’s two-wheeler insurance, the amount of personal accident cover is Rs. 15 lakhs.
Damage to vehicle by fire explosion, self-ignition or lightningAny damage to your vehicle by fire, explosion, or lightning is covered under the Navi General two-wheeler insurance.It is Covered under Liberty General’s two-wheeler insurance.
Add-onsThere are multiple add-on covers under Navi General’s two-wheeler insurance.Yes, there are add-on covers under Liberty General’s two-wheeler insurance.
Third-Party LiabilityNavi General two-wheeler insurance offers maximum protection against third-party liabilities.Liberty General bike insurance covers third-party liability.

What is Navi General Two-Wheeler Insurance?

Navi General Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for the insured vehicle during unfavourable life events, giving two-wheeler insurance (also known as Navi Two-Wheeler package Insurance) total protection against such occurrences. Many man-made and natural hazards on the road can wreck your vehicle and cost a lot of money to fix. Your finances are safeguarded during the trip with Navi General bike insurance.

Navi General Insurance offers three major two-wheeler insurance products: comprehensive, own damage, and third party. Bike insurance from Navi General Insurance Offers the policyholder financial and legal support if the insured two-wheeler is damaged or third parties are held responsible.

What are the Features and Benefits of Navi General Two-Wheeler Insurance?

Listed below are the key features and benefits of two-wheeler insurance by Navi General Insurance.

  • Provides Affordable Premiums

Selecting the best coverage is not as important as selecting bike insurance that fits your budget. Your Navi General bike insurance premiums may be reduced with the aid of incentives like the no-claim bonus.

Navi General Insurance offers bike insurance coverage for a meagre price to those who would like to purchase it for a year. If you choose long-term insurance over the “super safe option,” you may save money.

  • Coverage Options

With two-wheeler insurance by Navi General, you might not be able to get comprehensive bike insurance. Your bike insurance can be customized to fit your unique needs by adding extra coverage. There are 12+ add-on covers to increase the coverage of your Navi General two-wheeler insurance.

  • Consumables Expense

Brake oil, fuel filters, nuts and bolts, and other consumables are expensive to repair and are covered by bike insurance. Through this add-on, you can obtain coverage for them.

  • Roadside Assistance

If your bike breaks down unexpectedly in the middle of a ride, you can call for immediate assistance using the roadside assistance add-on feature. There are also other services available, such as fuel loading, towing, battery jump-starting, etc.

  • Zero Depreciation Insurance

For new and high-end bikes, this zero depreciation bike insurance add-on is a fantastic option. Bikes under five years old are eligible for a settlement equal to the full retail value of the vehicle.

  • Claim for Theft

You can register for a Navi bike insurance claim in the event of theft or total loss, up to the full value of your new vehicle.

  • EMI Protector

As is well known, regardless of the circumstances, one must pay the EMIs. But if you are unable to make the payments, you can use this protector to cover three months’ worth of EMIs.

  • Cashless Network Garages

One of the most beneficial services that the insurer can provide is cashless claims. The insurer’s network garages perform the repairs without charging you a dime. It’s quick and easy because the insurer evaluates the damage and covers the costs of repairs directly. Because more than 1,100 garages participate in the Navi General Insurance network, you can settle your claim without using cash.

Liberty General Two-Wheeler Insurance: What Is It?

Liberty General Two Wheeler Insurance provides the bare minimum of coverage mandated by law. It offers comprehensive protection against third-party liabilities as well as against personal injury to the insured’s bicycle. It gives the policyholder a sense of security regarding their finances. If the insured’s bike causes any damage, loss, or injury to a third party, the insurer provides the policyholder with both financial and legal support to handle third-party liabilities.

The insurer’s obligation to pay compensation is determined by a court of law. Some of the covered natural and man-made disasters are floods, earthquakes, landslides, riots, strikes, fires, terrorist activities, etc.

What Features and Benefits Does Liberty General Two-Wheeler Insurance Offe

Here is the list of the key features and benefits of considering two-wheeler insurance by Liberty General Insurance.

  • Access to Network Garages

With a nationwide network of more than 4300 garages, two-wheeler insurance by Liberty General is always nearby in the event of an accident. You can get the best repair services at a network garage, and they also offer a cashless option.

  • Efficient Customer Care

The customer service staff at Liberty General Insurance is amiable and effective. You can contact the insurer with any questions you may have about your insurance, and they will try to get back to you as soon as possible. There are several ways to communicate with the business. You can get in touch with them by phone, email, or by asking for a callback.

  • Easy Online Procedures

With an effective web portal, you can complete all insurance-related tasks online. Almost everything can be easily done through the portal, including figuring out the premium, purchasing the insurance, renewing the insurance, filing a claim, and finding out the status of your claim, among other things.

  • Hassle-Free and Quick Claims

Liberty two-wheeler insurance has an easy-to-use claim resolution process. The business is renowned for quickly resolving the majority of claims. Little paperwork is needed to initiate the claim, which can be done online.

What are the Add-Ons Available Under Liberty General Two-Wheeler Insurance?

There are many who wish to keep their cherished bike safeguarded from all kinds of damage. If you want, there are more ways to enhance the cover over your bike. By paying a little extra amount, you can include add-on covers to your two-wheeler insurance. Some popular add-ons are:

  • Depreciation Cover

Paying for depreciated parts is avoided when you include a Zero Depreciation in your Liberty General bike insurance.

  • Consumable Cover

In case of an accident, if the bike parts such as fuel filter, nuts and bolts, vehicle oil, coolants etc. are damaged, they would be covered.

  • Roadside Assistance

You will be provided with roadside assistance in the event that your insured two-wheeler breaks down. This assistance will cover things like flat tire assistance, lost key assistance, transportation to a safe location, and more.

  • Gap Value Cover

It covers the difference, in the event of a vehicle’s loan default or theft, between the amount owed on the loan and the bike’s actual cash value. You can be compensated with this amount if the bike is completely lost.

  • Engine Safe Cover

Your bike’s consequential damages would be covered in accordance with the specified terms.

Navi General Two-Wheeler Insurance or Liberty General Two-Wheeler Insurance: Who is the Winner?

To determine the better option between these two insurers, you should consider the factors aforementioned. Compare their coverage options, premium costs, claim settlement ratio, add-on covers, customer service, network of garages, terms and conditions, financial stability, online tools and services, and any recommendations or advice from insurance professionals.

If you want two-wheeler insurance with a higher claim settlement ratio, then Navi General Two-Wheeler insurance is an ideal choice. On the flip side, if you want two-wheeler insurance with higher network garages, then considering Liberty Two-Wheeler Insurance can help you out!

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