Bike Insurance Claim

Bike Insurance Claim- Important Things To Know About It

The moment you get yourself your favourite bike, it is your responsibility to buy a bike insurance policy. This policy will bring to you multiple benefits including legal rights to drive on the roads, financial coverage in case of mishaps, and ultimate peace of mind. But you will be able to enjoy all these advantages only when you know the claim filing process from the inside out. If you do not abide by the claim process as mentioned by the company in the policy papers or miss out on something important out of anxiety then your claim may get rejected. This page discusses the step-by-step claim filing process so that no policyholder ever gets confused or commits a mistake while filing a claim. Scroll down and read on to know the details!

Types Of Bike Insurance Claims

First of all, you need to know the two types of bike insurance claims as offered by your insurer. These are-

Cashless Claims

In the case of a cashless claim, the policyholder needs not pay for the expenses from their pocket. One simply has to take the damaged bike to a nearby cashless network garage, and the insurance company will make the payment for the repair works. 

Note: You will have to pay for the deductible amount which is not payable by the insurer as per the policy.

Reimbursement Claim Facility

If you are opting for a reimbursement claim for your bike, then you have to get it repaired by yourself. And then you can go on to submit the invoice and other necessary documents to get the amount reimbursed by the bike insurance company.

Step By Step Process For Claiming Your Bike Insurance Policy

For own damage claim, you are required to follow the below-given steps:

  • Suppose your bike has got damaged because of an accident, any external means, natural or man-made disaster, you will have to inform your bike insurance company at the earliest. Intimating the insurer within the stipulated time frame is necessary. Otherwise, your claim may get rejected.
  • Next, you have to file an FIR at the nearest police station where the accident or man-made disaster took place. Do not forget to obtain a copy of the FIR.
  • A surveyor will be appointed by the insurance provider, who in turn, will investigate the damage to your bike. Only after his approval, your bike can be sent for repairing.
  • If you have opted for a reimbursement claim facility, the amount will be reimbursed after you have submitted the necessary documents and invoice and followed the protocol.
  • If you have gone for a cashless claim facility, you need to take your bike to a network garage and get it repaired free of cost. The insurer will settle the amount with the network garage directly.

For the third party claim, follow these below-mentioned steps-

  • Suppose you have met with an accident and your bike has unintentionally hit another property or vehicle. In that case, you have to inform the police as well as your insurance provider immediately.
  • If you have been hit by the other party, you must note down their insurance details. In that case, you should go for a claim under third-party liability.
  • After claim registration, you will have to wait for the verdict of the Motor Insurance Claim Tribunal court.
  • The court decides the amount that has to be paid by the insurer to the policyholder as compensation.
  • The same procedure takes place in case the fault is yours.

For theft claim, follow the below-given steps-

  • The moment you realise that your bike has been stolen, you are required to inform your insurance provider.
  • Next, you need to file an FIR at the nearby police station, where the burglary took place.
  • Do not forget to submit the necessary documents such as the driving license, copy of FIR, RC and so on.
  • If the bike is still not traceable after a specific period, a non-traceable certificate gets issued by the police.
  • It is this certificate that will make your claim strong and reliable. The insurer will then pay up the IDV amount as per the total loss category of your policy.

Important Documents Needed For Filing A Bike Insurance Claim

Documents play a crucial role in facilitating your bike insurance claim process. If the policyholder fails to submit even one of the documents, the claim may simply get rejected. Here are the lists of documents that you will require to file a claim for your bike insurance under different circumstances:

For third-party claims

  • Completely filled and signed claim form
  • Policy paper
  • Copy of FIR
  • Copy of the driving license
  • Stamp with original documents (in case the bike is used for commercial purposes)
  • Copy of the registration certificate

For two-wheeler theft claims

  • Original policy paper
  • Completely filled claim form
  • Original RC 
  • Set of service booklet/keys/warranty card
  • Original first information report of the theft
  • Letter of subrogation
  • Copy of acknowledgement letter to the RTO. 
  • Claim discharge voucher which is signed across a revenue stamp
  • Form 35 duly signed by the financier (in case you have bought the bike on loan)
  • Form 28/29/30 duly signed by the policyholder
  • Consent by the financer and the policyholder regarding the claim amount to b settled by the insurance company
  • NOC from the financer in case the claim amount has to be paid to the policyholder alone.

For accidental claims

  • Copy of the first information report
  • Proof of bike insurance
  • Copy of tax receipt and registration book
  • Driving license of the rider
  • An estimation of the total expense at the garage
  • Discharge cum satisfaction voucher given by the garage. It has to be signed duly by the policyholder with a revenue stamp
  • Original bike repair invoice
  • Payment receipt

Note: Your insurer may ask for additional documents for further verification. Approach the customer care executive of your insurance company to know the details.

Things To Avoid If You Do Not Want Your Bike Insurance Claim To Be Rejected

  • If you were not carrying a valid driving license when the accident took place, your claim will get rejected.
  • If you provide false information or keep any information discreet, then your claim will not be entertained.
  • If the rider is inebriated during the time of the accident, the claim will be rejected straightaway.
  • In case the policy was not renewed at the time of the mishap, the claim will go void.
  • If you have not changed the ownership of the bike in your name then also your claim can get rejected.


Above mentioned are all the details that will make your claim filing process convenient and hassle-free. Simply follow the process step-by-step and get hold of all the necessary documents, and you are done! So, next time, if any mishap takes place, keep calm and follow this guide to file the claim with your bike insurance provider.

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