Lost Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Documents? Here Is What You Need To Do!

Lost Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Documents? Here Is What You Need To Do!

According to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, it is mandatory for every two-wheeler owner to purchase two wheeler insurance coverage. You must always keep this important document with you in your vehicle as it includes registration details, insurance details, etc. However, in case you have lost your two-wheeler policy documents, the quickest and most important thing to do is to apply for a duplicate copy of your insurance document.

Possible Things That Can Happen If You Lose Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Documents

All bikes, scooters, and other two-wheeled motor vehicles must be equipped with two-wheeler insurance documents. If the traffic police discover that you do not have your insurance documents, you could face quite high fines. Additionally, you will receive numerous traffic fines up until you have a license.

It’s a good idea to put a stop to utilizing your two-wheeler until you can find your insurance papers. There will be no one to support you financially or legally if you or a third party are engaged in accidents. So, if you don’t have bike insurance, you can’t file a claim or use the advantages of your coverage.

What To Do If You Have Lost Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Documents?

Initial Measures

  • You must first thoroughly examine your home, workplace, and the vehicle itself for your two-wheeler insurance documentation.
  • Stop using your two-wheeler until you have found the documents.
  • Before you can start riding your bike or scooter, you must apply for a duplicate copy of the two-wheeler insurance and wait for the documentation.
  • Utilizing a soft copy of the insurance paperwork is one of the preventive steps that individuals use today. A lot of insurance providers offer two-wheeler insurance renewals as well as soft copies online, virtually immediately. You may therefore easily take your digital copy with you wherever you go.

Application For Duplicate Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

The best course of action if you cannot locate the policy documentation is to file for a duplicate insurance policy. To request a duplicate copy of your insurance policy document as soon as possible, take the following actions:

File An FIR

For the same reason, file an FIR at the local police station. Mention all pertinent information in the complaint copy if you have kept the insurance document’s details, including the policy number. Take a copy of the written complaint form and send it, along with the request for a duplicate policy copy, to the insurance provider.

Submit Written Application

Send a written application to your insurer requesting a duplicate copy of the two-wheeler insurance policy and stating your justification for doing so. Mention the specifics of the policy, such as the policy number, policy type, and date of issuance if you and the other policyholder are joint owners of your insurance, sign and submit the FIR document. You will have to provide a copy of the FIR.

Publish An Advertisement

You must legally issue an advertisement in a widely read local newspaper announcing the loss of your two-wheeler insurance document in the event that it is lost. When publishing the advertisement, be sure to include the following information:

  • The policyholder’s name
  • Policy number for insurance
  • The insurance provider’s name
  • Vehicle’s registration number

You should pay the whole cost of printing the advertisement. You are expected to give the insurance company a copy of the published advertisement following its publication.

Sign An Indemnity Bond

Lastly, the indemnity bond must be signed and sent to your insurance company on non-judicial stamp paper. You must formally and legally request the issuance of a duplicate policy document in the bond, and you must also state that you will hold the company harmless in the event that a claim is filed against you or your nominee by a third party. Your full name, the name of the other policyholder (if the insurance is a joint one), and the policy number must be included on the indemnity bond.

The bond must be affirmed in front of a notary public and signed in the presence of two witnesses who are not associated with the policyholder. You must pay a charge and a stamp fee in order to obtain the indemnification bond. The insurer could also request documentation of your financial situation at the time you signed the bond to show your capacity to make up the difference if necessary.

After you submit your application successfully, the insurance provider will look into the situation and confirm your claims. The insurer will issue you a duplicate copy of your two-wheeler insurance policy if, after verification, it is determined that your application is valid.

Quicker Ways To Get Duplicate Two-Wheeler Insurance

You can also try these quick ways to have a duplicate copy of your two-wheeler insurance:

  • Contact Customer Care: If your insurance provider offers email support, send an email describing the loss to the customer support email address. Mention your mail ID and registered mobile number. The specifics of your insurance policy will be sent to you via mail if your insurer’s corporate policy permits it.
  • Call The Insurance Agent: Call the insurance agent if you have taken his/her assistance in applying for your two-wheeler insurance and let them know about the loss. Your insurance documents may be on file with the insurance agent. Ask to receive a PDF copy of the paper in the mail if they have it.
  • Download A Copy: Check to see whether your insurance provider offers an online policy download or renewal option. If so, go into your account and download the policy documents from the website.

If none of the measures suggested above proves successful, get in touch with your insurance provider right once and request additional two-wheeler policy documents. Just keep in mind that duplicate policy documents may be issued for a small price.

Final Take

A bike insurance coverage handles both the legal responsibilities and the damage. It provides you with financial security and guards you against paying a fine for breaking the law. It will be advisable to avoid losing your bike insurance policy altogether. However, if it has been lost, taking the above actions as soon as you can be beneficial.

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