SBI General Car Insurance Vs. Tata AIG Car Insurance

SBI Car Insurance Vs. Tata AIG Car Insurance

One of the most common mistakes people make in getting their car insured is to make haste in choosing a car insurance product. It is very crucial to invest some time and effort in evaluating requirements and analyzing whether or not the insurance can fulfill them.

Cheap car insurance may save the policyholder’s money in the interim, but it may not offer adequate coverage against costly damages and liabilities. Whereas good car insurance products, like SBI Car Insurance and Tata AIG Car Insurance, offer 360-degree protection, a cashless facility, rider benefits, and many more. However, selecting any one of the two can be quite confusing, given the gamut of features and benefits they offer to car insurance holders.

If you also have confusion in choosing between SBI Car Insurance or Tata AIG Car Insurance, then the following information will assist you in making a wise decision.

Comparison Of SBI Car Insurance & Tata AIG Car Insurance

ParametersSBI Car InsuranceTata AIG Car Insurance
Cashless Garages6000+5400+
Incurred Claim Ratio (Motor Insurance)93.58% (2021-22)74.51% (2021-22)
Note: The ICR value has been taken from the latest IRDAI report.
Number Of Add-Ons13Up To 17
NCB (No Claim Bonus) BenefitUp To 50%Up To 50%
Personal Accident Cover
  • Rs. 15 lakhs for individual owner
  • Rs. 2 lakhs per person for occupants
Rs. 15 lakhs
Enhanced Personal Accident Coverage

Available as an add-on cover.

Death or disablement of the insured/unnamed passenger/paid driver of the insured vehicle will be covered under the add-on.

Available as an optional cover of ‘Liability to Unnamed Passengers’, with the personal accident cover.

Covers liability to unnamed passengers.

Third-Party LiabilitiesCoveredCovered
Accidental DamagesCoveredCovered
Quick Quote FacilityAvailableAvailable
Mobile App SupportAvailableAvailable

About SBI Car Insurance

Car Insurance by SBI General is a type of motor insurance that aims to offer monetary coverage to the owner/driver against unpredictable losses or accidental damages. Since SBI is one of the oldest enterprises and has transparent operations, many people trust its insurance products, including SBI Car Insurance.

The product offers personalized pricing based on the customer’s profile and also allows customization so that it can fit the provisions and necessities required by the policyholder. In addition, the insurance comes up with some of the most exceptional add-on riders to enhance the coverage.

Details On Tata AIG Car Insurance

Car Insurance from Tata AIG is designed to cover the insured car against several unanticipated incidents, including theft, accidents, fire, and more. The insurer understands that every customer’s needs differ from one another, so it offers a range of car insurance products to address the diversified needs of car owners.

Furthermore, if a policyholder has purchased comprehensive Car Insurance from Tata AIG, then he/she can leverage 17 add-ons. These covers can enhance the coverage and provide extensive protection to the insured car in worst-case scenarios.

How SBI Car Insurance Is Class Apart?

Some of the key features and benefits that make Car Insurance from SBI General distinct and useful are mentioned below:

Strong Network Garages:

Since SBI has more than 6000 certified garages in India, policyholders can conveniently obtain cashless repair services for their cars at any one of them. Located all around the nation, these garages offer higher accessibility and convenience.

Mobile App & WhatsApp Support:

The insurer also has a mobile app, which can be downloaded from the play store. The app is designed to offer a one-stop solution to almost all car insurance needs, including claim intimation, document submission, and status tracking. One can also send “Hi” to the insurer’s WhatsApp number, 919136233331 and request the SBI team to solve his/her issue.

Personal Accident Cover:

The Car Insurance by SBI general provides the owner/driver with a mandatory personal accident benefit of Rs. 15 lakhs. Additionally, pillion riders may be insured for up to Rs. 1 lakh in maximum benefits.

No Claim Bonus:

In case the policyholder does not make any claim during the entire insurance period, he/she is eligible to receive NCB or No Claim Bonus. This bonus can go as high as 50%.

Covers Accidental Damage:

The product offers coverage against fire, explosion, self-ignition, unintentional damage, and a variety of other man-made or natural disasters that result in loss or damage to the car or its accessories.

Covers Third-Party Liability:

The insurance also offers coverage against third-party liability in the event that the insured vehicle causes harm to a third party or their property or if a third party is injured or dies.

Add-On Benefits:

By paying an additional premium, the policyholders can choose any of the following add-on covers to enhance their SBI Car Insurance:

  1. Depreciation reimbursement
  2. NCB protection
  3. Return to invoice
  4. Key replacement
  5. Inconvenience allowance
  6. Loss of personal belongings
  7. Basic and additional roadside assistance
  8. Engine guard
  9. Cover for consumables
  10. EMI protector
  11. Hospital daily cash cover
  12. Enhanced personal accident cover
  13. Bi-fuel kit

PAN India Presence:

Since SBI has more than 23000 branches across 140+ locations in India, it is very easy for car insurance-seekers and existing policyholders to connect physically with the team. Moreover, the insurer has a strong digital presence that offers unrivaled accessibility to its customers.

Voluntary Excess Discount:

In case a policyholder selects voluntary excess along with compulsory excess, he/she will receive a ‘Voluntary Excess Discount’.

Why Should One Go For Tata AIG Car Insurance?

The Car Insurance by Tata AIG has many incredible features and benefits that entice customers. Some of them are mentioned below:

3-Step Online Savings:

Tata AIG Car Insurance can be purchased in 3 simple steps. Just browse the car product, select one as per the requirements, make payment, and the insurance will be activated without any delays.

Once the payment is made, the insurer will send the policy document to the registered mail address, which can be printed out if required. Moreover, by buying Tata AIG Car Insurance online, the insurer claims to give up to a 75% discount on insurance premiums, subject to some terms and conditions.

Strong Claim Assistance:

A delay in claim settlement is something that the majority of policyholders struggle with. Since Tata AIG has around 650 claim experts spread across the nation, the policyholders can rest assured of experiencing a quick and hassle-free claim settlement process.

Cashless Repair Facility:

With over 5400 network garages across the nation, Tata AIG claims to deliver a seamless experience to car insurance holders in receiving cashless repair services. In addition to enabling stress-free driving, the insurer makes sure that customers can access the service, especially in the event of a roadside mishap.

Three Essential Car Insurance Types:

Since Tata AIG understands that every customer has different needs, it offers three types of car insurance products, naming ‘Comprehensive Car Insurance’, ‘Stand Alone Own Damage Car Insurance’, and ‘Stand-Alone Third-Party Car Insurance’. All these products are designed to cater to the diversified needs of the car owners.

High Customization With Add-Ons:

To enhance the protection given by Tata AIG Car Insurance, policyholders are offered various add-on options, including NCB protection, roadside assistance, and many more. They need to pay an extra premium for selecting any of them.

Easy Claim Process:

The insurer offers an easy and speedy online claims process when the policyholders file a claim against their Tata AIG Car Insurance. To complete the online claim form, simply go to the insurer’s website and select the “Claims” section located on the upper right-hand side of the car insurance page.

Then enter a few basic information, including policy number, contact information, and more. Following that, Tata AIG will start the claim procedure immediately or without any delay.

Self-Service Options:

After choosing Car Insurance from Tata AIG, customers can take advantage of various self-service options available on the insurer’s website. These services include registering claims, tracking claims, making changes in policy, updating contact details, viewing renewal notices, locating network garages, and downloading policy documents.

NCB Benefit:

If the policyholders manage not to raise a claim against Tata AIG Car Insurance, he/she will obtain NCB benefits. The bonus amount can be up to 50%, provided that the insurance holds 5 consecutive claim-free years.

SBI Car Insurance Vs. Tata AIG Car Insurance: Deciding Between The Two!

There is no denying the fact that both SBI Car Insurance and Tata AIG Car Insurance offer almost similar benefits. For instance, both products provide enhanced personal accident coverage, mobile app support, add-on covers, NCB benefits, and many more. However, there are some key differences between them that one should be aware of before selecting between the two.

Tata AIG Car Insurance offers great online purchase discounts of up to 75%, ensures a smooth claim process, and offers a wide range of self-service options. SBI Car Insurance, on the other hand, boasts unique add-ons, a strong technical team of approximately 373 SBIG members, and a powerful digital as well as physical presence across India.

No matter what product you are choosing out of the two, it is important to consider some factors, like claim settlement ratio, digital presence, garage networks, and brand reputation, to name a few. This will help you out in choosing car insurance that can satisfy your coverage needs and expectations regarding protection.

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