United India Car Insurance Vs Shriram Car Insurance

United India Car Insurance Vs Shriram Car Insurance

Choosing the right car insurance plays an important role in protecting you and your vehicle from unpleasant damages that have a negative financial impact. Thus, this is where the importance of United India Car Insurance and Shriram Car Insurance comes into play! Both car insurance products offer both comprehensive and third-party insurance that offers financial protection against the damages and losses caused to the vehicle in the event of an accident of the insured vehicle.

If you are still in a dilemma about what to choose between both, let’s discuss them in a detailed manner.

Comparison Between United India Car Insurance and Shriram Car Insurance

Let’s discuss the fine comparison between United India Car Insurance and Shriram Car Insurance.

ParametersUnited India Car InsuranceShriram Car Insurance
Cashless GaragesUnder the car insurance by United India, there are 200+ cashless garages across IndiaWith Shriram car insurance, there are more than 500+ cashless garages across the country.
Claim Settlement Ratio (Incurred Claim Ratio as per IRDAI report)98.90% (of Motor Insurance)72.97% (of Motor Insurance)
Third-Party CoverageUnder United India Car Insurance, there is third-party coverage, also known as a liability-only policy.Shriram Car Insurance also offers third-party coverage.
Coverage AmountIt also offers coverage amount, although, the amount is not mentioned.Shriram Car Insurance will offer compensation up to Rs. 750,000/- in the case of private cars and Unlimited personal liability coverage.
Vintage Car DiscountWith United India Car Insurance, a 25% discount on the OD charges is available.There is no such discount under the Car Insurance by Shriram.
Loss due to Nuclear/Radioactive ElementsCar insurance by United India doesn’t cover any damage/loss due to Nuclear/Radioactive ElementsIt excludes the loss due to Nuclear/Radioactive Elements.
Special Discounts
  • A discount of 25% on the OD rates is available.
  • A no-claim bonus discount is available ranging from 20% to 25%.
  • Discount of 5% on the own damage premium.
  • A discount of 2.5% on anti-theft devices.
  • 50% discount on the OD premium on the vehicle for blind and handicapped people.
Under the Shriram car insurance, there are no discounts available.
Additional Coverage

Under the United India Car Insurance, the additional premium will be payable if;

  • You want to extend the geographical area by paying an additional Rs. 500 premium in case of package policy and on the other hand, Rs. 100 in case of liability only policy.


  • Electric/Electronic Fittings


  • CNG/LPG Bi-Fuel Kits


  • Fibre Glass Fuel Tanks


  • Change of Vehicles
There is no coverage extensive benefit on the payment of additional premiums available under Shriram car insurance.

Understanding United India Car Insurance

United India car insurance protects you against a variety of damages/risks that your car may be subjected to. It offers comprehensive coverage at a very affordable price and handles monetary losses brought on by unforeseen circumstances. The United India car insurance has all-inclusive coverage, which is made to assist consumers in times of need by offering all of their demands for car insurance. United India car insurance works to protect the policyholders’ ability to pay during emergencies by covering third-party liability, own damage, and other crucial factors.

United India Car Insurance Offer Special Features & Benefits

Here is the complete list of the salient features and benefits of considering car insurance by United India.

Claim Settlement Process:

The fact that United India Insurance provides a rapid and simple claim settlement process is one of the main benefits of purchasing car insurance from them. In the least amount of time possible, the insurer resolves the car insurance claim.

24*7 Customer Service:

The insurer has a committed customer service team that offers round-the-clock assistance so that no query of any customer is left behind.


United India Car Insurance offers customers simple and transparent services. From choosing the car insurance to the claim settlement process, the complete process is delivered effortlessly.


On the amount of premium due, a variety of discounts are offered under United India Car Insurance. Customers may benefit from the following discounts:

Vintage Car Discount:

A 25% discount on the OD charges is available if your vehicle was purchased before December 31, 1940, and has received the proper certification as a vintage vehicle.

No Claim Bonus:

Depending on the number of claim-free years, a No Claim Bonus between 20% and 50% is available.

Automobile Association Membership Discount:

A 5% discount on the damage premium amount, up to a maximum of Rs 200, is available to members of the Automobile Association.

Discount for Anti-Theft Devices:

If your vehicle has an ARAI-approved anti-theft device installed, you are eligible for a 2.5% discount on your own damage coverage, up to a maximum of Rs 200.

If a vehicle is built or adapted to be used by someone who is blind, disabled, or mentally challenged, they are eligible for a 50% discount on their own damage premium.

Extension of Cover:

Under package and liability-only insurance, additional protection is available upon payment of an additional premium in the following circumstances:

  • Geographic expansion of the areas covered by car insurance in nations like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives
  • Personal injury protection for passengers in the insured vehicle, both named and unidentified
  • By adding a 4% premium on top of the value of such fittings, you can separately cover electrical and electronic fittings.
  • By paying an additional 4% premium equal to the cost of these fittings, you can extend the coverage for CNG / LPG Bi-Fuel Kits.
  • When the insured car is taken to the shop for repairs, courtesy car coverage is provided. This insurance provides up to Rs. 1000 in daily reimbursement for costs associated with renting a car for a maximum of 3 days, 5 days, or 7 days.

Medical Expenses:

The medical costs that could accrue in the case of hospitalisation due to an accident involving the insured vehicle that injured the occupants are covered by this plan.

What is Shriram Car Insurance?

Shriram Car Insurance offers the policyholder financial security in the event that the insured car sustains damages as a result of unforeseeable events like a fire or theft.

Shriram Car Insurance protects your car from damage brought on by theft, riots, floods, accidents, and other calamities while also offering financial security from third-party liabilities. It provides a variety of add-on covers so you can enhance and adjust the insurance coverage of your covered car to meet your demands. By paying additional premiums, the policy also covers your car’s electrical and electronic devices, such as music players, LCD small TVs, and others, as well as emergency roadside assistance.

Features and Benefits of Choosing Shriram Car Insurance

Listed below are the major features and benefits of Shriram Car Insurance.

Cashless Garages:

Through its network of garages spread out around the nation, the corporation provides cashless services to its clients. The clients don’t have to spend anything out of pocket during a time of need, thanks to this perk.

Multiple Plan Options:

It offers several plans, including Own Damage Cover and Third-Party Liability Cover, to meet the various demands of its policyholders. Both items are reasonably priced and give your car total security.

Personal Accident Cover:

The Personal Accident Policy provided by Shriram Car Insurance provides coverage for up to Rs. 15 lakhs for the car owner, the hired driver, and extra passengers (depending on the vehicle’s seating capacity).

Add-on Covers

Customers can choose from a variety of add-on covers that the insurance provider offers to increase the extent of insurance coverage. The following are the add-ons covered under the car insurance by Shriram General Insurance.

Zero Depreciation Cover:

This coverage guards the car owner against the decline in value of the insured vehicle brought on by a variety of circumstances such as ageing, wear and tear, etc. When it comes time to replace the damaged parts after an accident, the zero-depreciation cover will pay the full cost of the replacement parts without charging any depreciation.

Return to Invoice:

This add-on cover covers the full cost of the car, including the registration price, the insurance amount, and the road tax, in the event of a total loss.

Personal Belongings:

This add-on will cover the loss if personal items like a laptop, automotive accessories, a mobile phone, etc., are damaged or stolen from the covered vehicle.

Emergency Transport and Hotel Expenses:

This special add-on insurance policy covers the expense of an overnight hotel stay as well as any taxi fares.

Key Replacement:

The cost of a new key will be paid in the event of a lost, broken, or stolen key.

Multicar Rebate:

As the name implies, this coverage will provide premium discounts when a single car owner has more than one vehicle covered by the Shriram Car Insurance.

What to Pick Up: United India Car Insurance or Shriram Car Insurance?

United India and Shriram Car Insurance are extremely well-liked in the Indian market because of their simple process and quick claim settlement. Both of them are well-liked insurance products due to their simple and hassle-free issuance and renewal procedures. Both offer their clients a sense of satisfaction and trust in a safe future in addition to a host of perks.

If you are interested in buying car insurance with a maximum number of cashless garages, then look further than Shriram car insurance. On the other hand, if you want to buy car insurance that can offer multiple discounts along with coverage expansion, then choosing United India Car Insurance will never disappoint you.

Ensure you conduct proper research before choosing the right car insurance so that your claims can be settled hassle-free and smoothly.

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