Niva Bupa Health Insurance Vs. HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Company

Niva Bupa Vs. HDFC ERGO Health Insurance

Be it protecting your health against medical bills or saving your hard-earned money, health insurance has come a long way forward. Niva Bupa Health Insurance and HDFC ERGO Health Insurance are two of the best and most reputed names in the industry, offering health insurance to people looking to protect their health against medical emergencies.

Even though you and your family members may be in good health right now, nothing can be taken for granted. To ensure that any kind of medical emergency in the family can be easily handled, it is crucial to think practically and have reliable health insurance in place rather than discounting such possibilities.

The fact of the matter is when these health insurances are so important, how can someone make their decision between Niva Bupa and HDFC ERGO Health Insurance?

Let’s find out the basic information, features and benefits, and comparison of both health insurance by Niva Bupa and HDFC ERGO in detail!

Information on Niva Bupa Health Insurance

Niva Bupa Health Insurance guarantees to meet everyone’s medical needs, whether they are individuals, families, or senior citizens, and offers policies that give customers comprehensive coverage. Customers can access cashless treatment at more than 10,000 hospitals on Niva Bupa’s network of hospitals. Inpatient hospitalisation costs, pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization costs, domiciliary hospitalisation costs, daycare treatments, emergency ambulance costs, and costs associated with organ transplants are all covered by Health Insurance by Niva Bupa for sum insured options up to Rs. 1 crore.

Next, what is HDFC ERGO Health Insurance?

HDFC ERGO General Insurance offers a wide range of benefits to the clients under its health insurance, such as cashless hospitalization, pre-and post-hospitalisation, preventive health check-ups, tax savings under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, and no-claim bonus. With 12,000+ cashless network hospitals across India, there is no need to worry about not getting the best treatment. When there are so many hospitals, it gives a sense of relaxation to the customers that they can easily get the right treatment without any difficulty.

Salient Features and Benefits of Niva Bupa Health Insurance

Listed below are the salient features and benefits of choosing Niva Bupa Health Insurance.

  • Cashless Benefit

More than 10,000 hospitals are part of the extensive network of Niva Bupa Health Insurance. If the insured person’s medical expenses are covered, they can receive cashless treatment at these hospitals without having to pay anything.

  • Coverage against Medical Expenses

The major healthcare expenses, such as inpatient hospitalisation costs, pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization costs, daycare costs, road ambulance costs, domiciliary costs, organ donor costs, etc., are all covered by Niva Bupa’s health insurance.

  • Tax Benefit

In addition to several coverage advantages, Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961 allows you to take advantage of tax advantages on the premium paid for Niva Bupa health insurance. Please be aware that the tax benefits are only available if the payment is made in a method other than cash.

  • Additional Benefit of Free Health Check-ups

Free annual or every two to four terms health check-ups are included in Nia Bupa’s health insurance. Customers can monitor and maintain their health thanks to this benefit.

  • Lifelong Renewal

The lifelong renewability of the Niva Bupa health insurance protects you from the financial strain and stress brought on by a medical emergency and keeps you well-equipped to handle any situation.

  • Health Application for Effortless Tracking

Customers can book cashless OPD appointments with doctors or labs using the Niva Bupa Health App, which was created specifically for them. Users of this application can also monitor the progress of their policies’ renewals.

  • Customer-Friendly Products and Services

A direct claim settlement option, 24-hour customer service, and pre-authorization of cashless claims within 30 minutes are all features of Niva Bupa Health Insurance that put the needs of the customer first. The Health Insurance by Niva Bupa manages the claim settlement processes for the clients through a “point of care” desk at the top hospital.

What Features and Benefits Does HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Offer to its Customers?

Here are the major features and benefits of considering HDFC ERGO Health Insurance.

  • Waiting Period

The initial WAITING PERIOD for HDFC ERGO health insurance is 30 days. Pre-existing conditions, maternity benefits, bariatric surgery, and some other conditions, however, may have a waiting period of one to four years.

  • Critical Illness Coverage

The Health Insurance by HDFC ERGO provides coverage for 15 critical illnesses, including life-threatening conditions, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, paralysis, and kidney failure.

  • High Claim Settlement Ratio

The claim settlement ratio for HDFC ERGO is impressive at 97.47%. This indicates that the Health Insurance by HDFC ERGO has currently settled 97.47% of all claims made by customers. 

  • Cashless Treatment

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance has more than 12000 cashless network hospitals network. Therefore, in the event of a medical emergency, you can receive the best care at a network hospital without being concerned about the cost. All of your hospital expenses will be paid, except any out-of-pocket costs and required deductibles.

  • Tax Benefits

You can receive tax benefits for the premium you paid for healthcare up to INR 25,000 under section 80D of the Income Tax Act. A senior citizen can receive an annual tax benefit of up to INR 50,000 for the premium they pay for health insurance.

  • Lifelong Renewability

Health insurance by HDFC ERGO offers lifelong renewability. Therefore, keeping your healthcare current and avoiding the hassles of having to purchase new health insurance every few years are two benefits of timely renewal.

  • No-claim Bonus

Every year without a claim is rewarded with a no-claim bonus by the HDFC ERGO insurance. The health insurance by HDFC ERGO offers a cumulative no-claim bonus of 5% on the insured amount for each year without a claim.

An In-Depth Comparison of Niva Bupa Health Insurance and HDFC ERGO Health Insurance

Let’s take a look at the in-depth comparison of Niva Bupa Health Insurance and HDFC ERGO Health Insurance.

AspectsNiva Bupa Health InsuranceHDFC ERGO Health Insurance
Cashless Network10,000+Nearly 12000+
Happy Customers1 crore +1.5 Crore+
Claim Settlement Ratio 62.12 (FY 21-22) from the IRDAI report.97.47 (FY 21-22) from IRDAI report
Claim Approval Time Within 30 minsWithin 38 Minutes
Critical Illness Covered20 critical illnesses15 Critical Illnesses
Mobile App “Niva Bupa Health”“Here” App
Premium Starting₹20/day₹ 19/Day
Pre-and Post Hospitalisation ExpensesCoveredCovered
Preventive health-check upsCoveredCovered
No Claim BonusAvailableAvailable
Tax Savings
  • For self, spouse, and dependent children, claim a deduction of Rs. 25,000.
  • For parents who are not senior citizens, claim an additional deduction of Rs. 25,000.
  • For senior citizen parents, boost your deduction to Rs. 50,000.
  • If both you and your spouse are senior citizens, enjoy a combined deduction of Rs. 50,000.
Up to Rs. 1 Lac
Recognition and Rewards
  • The Health Insurance Company of the Year Award – Awarded at the U.K. Health Insurance Awards 2009
  • Best International Private Medical Insurance Provider 2008 – Awarded at the U.K. Health Insurance Awards.
  • Best Medical Insurer Company (2008, Bupa Arabia) – Awarded at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry Health Committee Awards.
  • Best Healthcare Provider of the Year – Awarded at the U.K. Corporate Adviser Awards 2009.
  • Best Individual Private Medical Insurance Provider – Awarded at the U.K Money Marketing Awards 2009
  • BFSI Leadership Awards 2022
  • ETBFSI Excellence Awards 2021
  •  FICCI Insurance Industry Awards September 2021
  • SKOCH Order-of-Merit
  • ICAI Awards 2015-16
  • Best Customer Experience Award of the Year (Financial Sector)

Which Health Insurance Should You Pick: Niva Bupa or HDFC ERGO?

Though both health insurance seem to be ideal picks, choosing the right one may seem a potentially daunting task. If you are looking for health insurance with a higher cashless network hospitals and claim settlement ratio, then choosing HDFC ERGO health insurance is an ideal choice. Health Insurance by Niva Bupa, on the contrary, could be a lucrative choice for those looking for dedicated insurance that can cater to the basic health needs of the customers.

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